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Nostalgic on Holi!

It's been 10 minutes since I have woken up to this great festival of Holi.As I am inside my blanket,I feel sad- really sad that the lovely set of events which was flashing through my eyes and mind sometime back was just a dream and not a reality. In the dream,I saw that us-college folks-have gathered and are celebrating holi the style in which we celebrated in the year 2004. I was so happy to see all of you there.Rathindra in his usual style was with his digicam with Sam saying "hamesha yeh digicam ko saath mein leke kyun ghumta hai?". Dion had also somehow returned from the US to be there and Shayon was wearing a torn off vest(thanks to the folks!) and I remember Premanand Tiwari had his usual grin on his face, with Chaki in his knee length brown shorts which he wore for probably all through his college years.Apart from that, there was Gandhi who seem to be very happily(at least till the time I saw him in my dream,don't know what happened after that to him;) ) There was everyone there-almost each who had celebrated the holi of 2004 in Hostel A. Where have those days gone, I wonder ? Those days of sheer joy, friendship and togetherness.
I don't know why suddenly this dream has left me very sad. It only makes me aware that those times will probably never come again. Holi is a festival which signifies brotherhood and joy and how the fuck do we celebrate that joy.The true joy of holi is in celebrating with friends-and that too with a lot of crazy ones. I think that the celebration with family and relatives,though good, can never match the kind of joy and celebration you experience with a bunch of friends.With us all so busy in our lives, usually we don't get time to feel nostalgic but today it has hit me hard.It's a bad start(or rather nostalgic start) to a great day. Oh, how I wish, I could either go back in time and relive that day or conjure you all somehow at a place where we would get immersed in the celebrations of this great day. As goes the ad of mastercard, "there are somethings money can't buy,and for others you have mastercard". Indeed very apt here! Money can't buy really buy back moments and some types of happiness! Wish you all have a great Holi!


Unknown said…
holi ki shubhkaamnaayein mannu bhai aur sabhi ko bhi :))

True, have not played a crazy holi in years now..

ek meethi bhet hai nichey:
atri said…
Yeah I am really missing those days....
raj alakshendra said…
happy holi to all of u ...
frankly speaking, i havent played holi in full flow after final year in college ... miss those days ....
Sakshi said…
Happy Holi to you all! It was awesome waking up up to your phone call!!! Really great!
And trust me, it is much more mad with friends around!
But I hope you had some fun this year! :D
In an unusual twist of events, this dream really propelled me to celebrate Holi with full gusto. I called up Sakshi,surprised Shayon by going to his home. Then reached Premanand tiwari's place by picking up Deepesh Sharma(Electronics) midway. Incidentally, Abhishek Srivastav aka lala was also there. So we have a good time there. Did a lot of catching up. And most of the time we discussed who's getting or has gotten married. In the last one year, marriage seems to have become the hot topic everywhere in our batch circles.
Ankit said…
Happy Holi everyone! my plans to Jammu were shattered...thnx to indian railways...but had a gr8 time in delhi! the kapda faad holi always reminds of college of how i used to hide in vain..and then after initial hiccups would celebrate with full gusto & then the trip to kharkai was gr8..enjoy :-)
@ Mann.,
Thanks for that reminder. I still remember that day (not that vividly, but it's present there) and it brings back such amazing thoughts! We were dunking people in the garbage bins (I would like to think they were washed first, but something tells me they weren't). The stories about Nat. (I'll leave it at that)!
In the later years there was the visit to Kharkai and then coming back sooo hungry!
By the way, I'm going to reply to your mail (now)! The weekend was very busy- cleaning the house, laundry, etc. Living away from home isn't easy (especially without a dhobhi, a cook and a cleaner!) on a grad student salary (at least in the US)!

Unknown said…
Yeah, it was a nice little impromptu celebration. We had even planned to order for the pizza and watch the match at Land's place... but that didn't happen since almost every restaurant was closed on that day, and we were too hungry to wait.

@Dino: I do remember the incident with Nat. I was inside his room for a long time. So, I know how his pressure built up ;-)
raj alakshendra said…
@ dion
Did u remember the final year holi when I had spilled water in your room n u had come out shouting of your romm ... U were shouting all possible slang words in English dictionary .. :)

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