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Happy Independence Day

Shedding all the laziness,I have to take the initiative of posting something new coz it's been quite a while that the birthday post for me is still hanging on the website and making me a li'l uncomfortable,so I thought of shifting the focus from me to any random thing and thankfully didn't have to take too much pain of thinking a reason to post . A very happy Independence Day to you all! May we be truly free.I hope that we not only enrich our lives but contribute to our nation and giveback to our society. Anyway,here's something to add some more happiness and joy to your life.Got bored of your music collection?Have been listening to the same songs for quite a while,then here's a recommendation.Have been exploring new bands/artists recently and if I were to recommend you a band ,then you must check out James .They are not one of the much hyped bands.Rose to fame in the 90s.Plain songs,yet songs which give you a really great feeling.I feel like getting drunk or gettin

Happy Birthday- YO Man!!!

The poor guy is the king of tragedies... and even on his birthday when you give him a call to wish him all the good things in life... he is lost and sad no not because he is getting older and is still to find the girl he desires... but because his guitar decided to try diving in his room and thus now, on his birthday, our own Eminem is left without a guitar... and to top it all, he managed to get some transaction wrong on his credit card.. so he is 200 rupees poorer. But- then, the spunk of our own rock star is still there... and he is after all very gung ho about this new p hase in his life where its time to feel like the king of the world minus a boss dancing at his head...!!! Here is wishing Mannu the Mad-Yo- Eminem Man... lots and lots of girls... love... happiness , health and success on his birthday...!!! Love you Darl .. ;P

a journey ends & another begins

hi friends , today is my last day in office here are few of pics .. my dept people ... company ka bojh ... after college i found a great friend in rahul ..we have been together for past 1.5 years... people call us husband-wife ... at any situation we supported each other ...will definitely miss him a lot... my son ...its an italian m/c ... dead from past 10 years ... i worked hard & finally it got started... but still many work to be done... our canteen food ... its worse than our coll mess food .. few of GETs of 07 batch... its 7.30- punching time .. my farewell party... its from

Growing up with basketball..

It was a small mining town in the hinterland of Orissa. I was a young boy of nine years running after a small plastic ball. People used to say, 'you will be the next Maradona' !! Yeah, those were the glory days ;). May be if in our country there would have been a sports culture, I could have been running along with Baichung and scoring goals for the country. The plastic ball I was running after was the football for our customized game which we called "Funny football". We played it during our recess time. Why the plastic ball, coz we played it on the concrete turf of our school basketball court. So you see I have been having an association with the game of basketball since a very long time. The "Funny football" was a very popular game in school. So during recess time and the weekly two-hours games period, all the legs would be running after the plastic ball. The kids would often get hurt falling on the concrete turf. Yet, they would put a 'hansaplast'

Dosti Diwas ki Haardik Badhaai...!!!

Since I have lots of old pictures of you all, courtsey, Shayon's Birthday... I was planning to make a video of those pictures and get you all nostalgic. But, then, I just couldn't figure it out. Happy Friendship's Day guys...!! This day signifies us...and our bonds of love and friendship. Of the love that binds us across the continents and inside the country as well. We may not be meeting each other every day.. messaging each other every second... or even sending a courtsey e-mail to say hi. What the HECK... we don't even remember half the birthdays...!! But- We know... that when it really matters... we are there for each other. Standing in silent support all through our problems. And knowing that there is someone, gives us enough strength to carry on. So here is to US and to our friendship... Love you...