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"Hand of God"

People remember Maradona's famous world cup finals goal as Hand of God but today watching sachin i can say that God is having His hand more on Sachin ... I watched him playing today and i cant believe he escaped everything - LBW appeal, Stumping and 4 catches ... Unfortunately he couldnt get his hundred .. Probably God has left that special moment for the finals ... Btw we are lucky to be born in the genre when sachin is playing .... we would say the stories of his bravery to next generation and some of them wont believe if any cricketing God existed !!!
Watching match today was like so much of fun .... And what to say about facebook updates ... It was like 1.2 billion strong praying from their heart ... I loved it ...
All the best to Indian team for the finals ...

India is coming to a standstill today!

The whole country seems to be going crazy about the India-Pakistan match today. I can't remember any other match in the (long)span of 25 years I have been on this earth that any other match generated this much frenzy. The who's who of political and business world and many from the film industry are going to be at the match in Mohali.Almost the whole Times of India has only cricket news covering every aspect-on field, off field, political,economical,godwill gestures,fights for tickets- of this match and so is the case with other newspapers, websites, TV,radio and what not! Around 100 crores people are expected to watch this match worldwide-that means almost 1/6 of the world population will either be glued to their television sets or watching the match online.
Let's see who wins this "mother of all games". With the kind of batting line up India has, India seems to be the choice of bookies ,but you can't underestimate Pakistan. A TOI survey shows that 60% of cor…

Reign in Your anger!

It is a tough world out there. Enough injustice being done every day. There is rape happening every couple of minutes. A murder happening somewhere as I type this. Some one must have had a case of road rage today. And so and so forth.

Why are we facing so much? There has to be a problem somewhere. Why is it that most of the world is so frustrated with their lives. I know I am amongst that frustrated lot. I know that I get angry, at a drop of a hat. Ask Shayon he knows how easily I blow off my top.
But, does anger entitle me to go kill another person. Or rape some one, or because some one was stupid, go and run my car over him..
In a bout of anger, we end up doing stupid things. Things that we may regret later. One rash decision, action taken in anger can ruin your life and the life of the other person.

I just hope that, we all start learning the art of patience. Start being happier. And more importantly start being rational rather than rash..!!!

am I a butterfly who is hard to chase still so lovely a little peck on every flower may be just confused over the flavor no place to live but seems in this world on leave playing with the air least bother for the wind may be because not carrying things in the mind going with the flow is something she believe is the best to follow.

Nostalgic on Holi!

It's been 10 minutes since I have woken up to this great festival of Holi.As I am inside my blanket,I feel sad- really sad that the lovely set of events which was flashing through my eyes and mind sometime back was just a dream and not a reality. In the dream,I saw that us-college folks-have gathered and are celebrating holi the style in which we celebrated in the year 2004. I was so happy to see all of you there.Rathindra in his usual style was with his digicam with Sam saying "hamesha yeh digicam ko saath mein leke kyun ghumta hai?". Dion had also somehow returned from the US to be there and Shayon was wearing a torn off vest(thanks to the folks!) and I remember Premanand Tiwari had his usual grin on his face, with Chaki in his knee length brown shorts which he wore for probably all through his college years.Apart from that, there was Gandhi who seem to be very happily(at least till the time I saw him in my dream,don't know what happened after that to him;) ) Ther…

meri life ke updates ....

hi everybody .... thank God the blog has become alive again ...

First of all Congrats to Raths for moving to UK and I am gonna miss your company dude...
Being you in kolkata gave a kind of strength to me ... Unfortunately i couldn't come to say u bye...

Past 2 months have been hectically busy for me and the status msg on my gtalk shows that ...

Lets start with my professional life ...My business is on a run ... Getting huge returns ... But the best part is the publicity I am getting ... The scene is like if i stand anywhere in jsr for half an hour someone will definitely say me hi ...

Two weeks back I was recognized on stage .. I had given an ultimate speech that day ... People were like jumping on their seats ... till today i meet meet people who say "aapke speech ne hamare dil ko chu liya" or "your speech has motivated us a lot" . I was like shocked on hearing this ... moreover , I am the youngest in jsr to reach this level ....

But this is the start of the begin…

Happy Birthday To You.

So unlucky i am to wish u the way i am doing.. wherever you are i believe is the best place As God is taking care of you... Still i have pain in my heart that i would have lived with you more then i had.. with pain & love in ma heart smile & prayers on ma lips tears & hope in ma eyes wish to be with you as your birthday gift.

Miles to go..

Friends, good news, I'll be flying to UK today. I am very excited about the trip and also very relaxed coz some known faces there. Yes, I'll be catching hold of Karma and make him write some posts. I think we have missed his posts in TWM since he moved there, though there were occasional glimpses in FB.
The plans for Ladakh and Tawang trips with Raj, Rajorshi & Raajesh(H) this year and to Sri Lanka as well, will have to wait. Yes, planmaster has lots of ideas in the kitty !! Last year, made good trips to Darjeeling, Gangtok, Bombay & Goa with these folks.
Aaisha, the Park Street treat now bears fruit..hahaha.
It had been a marriage season and thankfully I could attend Chax big day along with another at Vizag. Sadly, few still will be missed in the next couple of months.
That's all folks. Keep posting and enjoy.

Whats up with my life !!

Hello All.. I just logged in to write this post and was under the impression that Rathz's post would be on the front page, but happy to see that there are quite a few posts from some of the other guys .I know I dont have the right to make such a comment considering that my own record is pathetic here. I always read the blogs and after reading them I get the feeling that my story is gonna be boring (and of course the laziness in me too is a culprit). Its been more than a year since I wrote a post and the last time when I did that I was in another company and a different place, so I think its better for me to tell you bout whats been happening in my life since then. I was working in CSC and left the company last October(the same company where mannu was working earlier, but he left a year earlier). I enjoyed my stay in CSC, but the work got a bit too boring there and I did not see any growth there professionally, and the other thing was of course the urge to go back to banaglore after…

Its a BUSday !!

It is said that public transport is the best way to get the feel of that place.Well that is what i am doing from past few weeks. I take bus for my school which drops me there in 1-2 hours time including a bus transfer.So to begin with the journey, getting a whole day pass for $3.50 is better idea then paying $1.75 every time I take the bus. Usually after almost every half an hour a bus will pass the bus stop and i too have to wait :( Bus arrives and after swappin the pass in the machine i take my seat...did i forget to mention while entering in the bus the driver and the passenger will exchange greetings. No eating and drinking allowed inside so bus is really clean :) BTW i started learning Spanish too thanks to informative posters inside the bus both in English and Spanish which is kind of second language in united stated .whoa! my spanish vocabulary is growing !!! Every bus has got a number according to the ave and the direction and mine for school is 27 which after about 50 minutes t…

Happy Birthday-Raj

Here is wishing Raj, a very Happy Birthday!

A couple of days back, Raj got his big break! And, I am sure that he is gearing up to tell us all about his experience and exhilaration! I hope and pray that you grow bigger in all your dreams! :)
And, OH- Raj normally has 'Extremely Busy' on his Gtalk status message!!! Someone sure is working hard!

Happy Happy Birthday to you Raj! :)

Frustu Public

It's a pity that Blogger doesn't have a mobile app (like Wordpress) that would allow you to easily publish a blog post from a mobile device. The only option I got, is by sending an email to a unique email ID. That should explain the signature at the end of this blog post. I know it's been a while that we all have been blaming each other for putting up a post on this blog. But has any one noticed that people aren't too keen to even comment on the blog posts? We don't even end up having long conversations that we used to do, before. Time, they say, is a valuable commodity. And not many will understand the validity of that statement more than The Wall Mag. Frankly, I am surprised even by the fact that the birthday posts haven't stopped yet! What's the secret behind its secret? Our love for each other? Or does that gives us an excuse to convince ourselves that the blog is actually active? In the last post, Sakshi tried her best to congratulate Mainak and Dip, a…

Dear Uncles

This post is dedicated to the newest Uncles, by virtue of being promoted from being the 'Bachelors' to becoming 'Masters' as in getting Married!

Dear Mrs & Mr Mainak,

First, a personal apology from me, because I could not come to any of the four venues! I really wanted to, but I have fallen sick thrice in the span of 8 months of my new job, thus already out of holidays!
But, we hope that the struggle that you two went through for finding each other and then holding on to each other and then finally staring a journey of completely different magnitude was worth all the effort.

I saw the pictures- and the two of you are looking wonderful! Made for each other!

I wish we could solicit some advice to you, you know about the new married life et all, but I would rather that you share with us the newest experience of 'Marriage' to all of us!!! I am sure that there are stories and then there are stories that you would want and even if you don't want, we want to h…

Dead end ahead?

Long ago, a bunch of young minds rowed a seed. They were very excited at the beginning. In the process of taking care so that the seed germinates; they exchanged ideas and shared their experiences of joy and sorrow. The seed transformed into a healthy sapling, thanks to the contributions from the young minds.
Over time, the young fellas moved apart. Nevertheless, they still cared for the sapling. There was always somebody to look after and thus the sapling grew into a small tree giving delight to the young bunch and also to strangers.
Inevitably, the young bunch grew up and were caught in the intricacies of life. Priorities changed and the small tree became a neglected object. Sometimes though, it was remembered especially on anniversaries and special days.
At present the bunch randomly visits the full-grown tree and takes a break in the cool shade of the tree. Many birds and stranger humans have become it's regular visitors.
The neglect though may kill the tree eventually. The tree i…