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Happy Birthday - DINO!

I am writing this post from Goa, so only befitting that, I write this birthday post for you :) I wish you the best best birthday ever. Can't wait to see you. Another bonus will be Karma, who shall be returning back to India tomorrow! Lots of love & wishes!!

Dream of a Lifetime coming true!

Heading off to the Metallica concert. The band which we grew up listening to in college and the men whom we idolize will be out there on stage today. I don't know how will I react when I see James Hetfield, in flesh and bones belting out the hits and Kirk Hammleet driving his guitar insane and Lars Ulrich beating the percussions to glory. Phew! I feel like a child. Will update once I'm back from the show! A big day in the lives of metalheads in India! Off to Neverland.

Happy Diwali :)

India vs China-Race to the top of the world

While the western world is lamenting over the lack of growth in the economy, the story in Asia seems to be more sanguine than it has ever been. Being a keen observer of the developments in China, I feel quite fascinated with the usual India vs China topic. Since the media of any country can be too critical or optimistic about its own country, magazines/newspapers such as The Economist, WSJ seem to be more reliable and from what I perceive from there is that while Indians, like me , are obsessed with India and think about India,China in the same breath, the Chinese don't view India more than a regional player.While the Indian newspapers seem to be covering news on China from time to time, the Chinese media hardly find discussing about India as a topic of interest.Open the website of The Economist and any day, you'll find some or the other news related to China,as much negative as positive but still something the western world is fascinated about, while India finds a mention some

HeadPhone & FullScreen

Kartavya. Courtesy: NIT Jamshedpur

Set fire to your music

Thought that I'd share some good new music so that you guys can explore more if you're bored listening to your collection. Here's my first recommendation. Listen to "Set fire to the rain" by Adele-a song which I have become obsessed with listening ,singing these days.Reminds me of my crazy days, when I would go crazy listening to the same song infinite number of times,driving others nuts.Adele is running on top of my music list these days as she is on the billboard. Though I no more play music, exploring "new" music is something I do everyday and dwelling more into the music of the bands of which I had heard one or two songs is something I remain perenially obsessed with.If you're a great fan of alternative/new wave music of the 80s or want to check out some good bands apart from the usual stuff, The Cure, The Smiths,Crowded house, INXS, When in Rome,Eurthymics, Alphaville are some of the bands you need to have in your collection. If you're looki