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Hi Everybody…. In the past few topics most of us have written about their career and future plans… A lot of us are not satisfied or in a confused state… For this problem there is only one solution, just do what your heart says… As far as I am concerned, I have found my way… My Amway Business is on a great run…In today’s scenario whatever I do I get success… My customer base has grown so big that it is becoming difficult for me to manage… I am in search of a few people to join with me… The problem with me is not on career front…Its in my love life… Most of you know I am after a girl who is already committed…And the commitment is to the highest level…Its been 1 year and 8 months since the time I had first seen her…I still remember that day…In fact I remember all the time spent with her… I don’t know what is special in her that makes me crazy for her…I have been in contact with a large no. of girls but haven’t developed so intimate feeling as is the case with her… From day one I know she

Another VDO..

Guys I've taken some clips from college and put them together into a VDO. I'd reduce it's size to upload it, so bear with the quality of the VDO. njoy..

What Should One Do After Graduation?

Okay, this post is not really to lecture you folks about your career goals and paths. It's just that I happen to come across a few pretty noteworthy articles that spurred in me an urge to share my journey of thought processes right since the time I was old enough to decide on a career track for myself. Back to 2001, while I was preparing for my 10th grade board exams. Since I was supposed to decide what stream to take up, I thought I'd be a chef later in my life. I was always enthusiastic about culinary concoctions and loved to eat myself. Hence, commerce seemed to be the stream to go. However, I was already, kinda, a comp whiz. Moreover, almost everyone from my family took the path of Computer Science and the market was also pretty favourable. So, my dad said I could always take up Science then and later take up being a chef, if I wanted to. Alas, by the time I completed my Higher Secondary, he already managed to condition me to get into engineering and hence

another TWM on the web..

Hey guys I was just surfing for the past half hour and after feeling bored I ran a google search for 'the-wall-mag'. I got the following link as the first result; . See the TWM domain name is already gone. I was thinking if we can put our own site on the internet. Another plan!! what do u guys say??

Updates ,replies & masti !!!!

Guyysssssssss!!!!!!! Wanted to update you all that my family has finally moved to Mumbai now & guess what I am really really very happy for it. Maybe I wouldnt have been that happy had I got moved there alone 'coz living there alone is a struggle in itself but when your family moves there you have all the comforts of the world.As they say "Home Sweet home". By the way, we are now on Dr. Ernest Borgoes Road,Parel .So meet ya sometime there & also let's plan a trip sometime in Dusherra to Khandla,Daman ,Goa etc.It'll fun !!! @Rathz Thanks for the compliment..btw who gives a damn abt "Inappropriate content"..if someone finds it that way so he shouldn't visit it naa & btw this blog is OURS where we can freely write whatever we want..Right ?? @Dion Thanks man, it would have been much better had u joined us..Anyways, repeating it for the nth time can we have the pleasure of seeing some snaps from ur life there & btw any plans of comin'

Pics & videos uploaded

Hey guys I have finally uploaded the pics. Hope you like them.. Here's the link. So Jet Set Go & pics dekho!! .. Needless to say,please don't mind some of the quotes there.I hope u ll like them too!!! & guys, I've uploaded some of the videos also..You'll die laughing on seeing those videos. Since they have a lot of our indecent & obscene talk so I'll mail you all the link to them instead of giving it here. Jaate jaate here's something to lighten up ur moods .Meerut -The Legendary Rockstar of 2k3 came up wid the most bombastic analogy of all times!! What happned is that we were walking & suddenly Meerut blurted out with a very serious tone "I think Hitler used to listen to Black Metal & Death Rock" I said "uhhh ?wat is diz now ?" Again with a very thoughtful expression on his face ,he said "Ya , he was the one who was responsible for so much destruction & death on this ea

FollowUp Post To "A Humble Request To All Girls"

It was the day before yesterday that I once postponed commenting on Raj's post " A Humble Request To All The Girls " and couldn't write a single word after that, until today. Anyway, I guess it's better late than never.   While reading the post through, I was kinda processing quite a few things right within my head. Raj takes up a certain topic that's been talked, written and sung about, innumerable times in history...and that's "Love".   Seriously, despite being in a stable (I hope I could call it so) relationship for over 3 years now, I still can't define the oh-so-elusive feeling called "Love". Ohkay, this post is not about lecturing you lot on relationships, but rather as a follow-up to Raj's previous post.   1st and foremost, Raj says that " I guess on an average a girl might get proposed 5 times in her bachelorhood (I have no data on how much on married girls) ". Does that mean that your data on single gi


The one thing which I dread and am really afraid of is when a girl tells me " I cant look at you in that way ", wonder what that is supposed to mean. God I hate it, fear it. Next day I keep looking at myself in mirror while shaving, and wondering if that has got to do with the way I look, the way I smile, the way I have my hair or it has got to do with her vision. And in general girls don’t want to argue and discuss this subject, while it is so obvious to them, it seems Latin Greek to me and leaves me totally perplexed. The only thing that I get out of them is that I don’t appear to be that serious . But the problem is that if I start talking serious stuff then I don’t even get this far, I mean then girls will never be interested in me.Because girls like fun-loving easy-going guys. So you see it is vicious circle. And I think the key is to identify the point of transition when I have to change myself from easy-going to hard-tuff, from talking about food and the latest Johny