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Formula 1 in India

After months of speculations,it has been confirmed a few days ago that the Formula 1 race is going to have its chapter in India this October from 28th-31st October. More than the excitement of getting to see the cars zooming at those crazy speed,I feel proud that India will now be among a handful countries to have an F1 track. It makes me feel proud of the emerging India and it is one of the testimonies of India having arrived on the world stage just as Terminal 3 of the Delhi Airport is, which supposedly outshines most of the airports of even developed countries as per the feedback I have heard from some people who have traveled abroad quite a bit .Currently, it's the eight largest airport in the world with an aesthetic appeal which I think only a few airports would be able to match. Whenever I go there, I feel incredibly optimistic about India's future. I have already booked the ticket for the race. In fact,I rejected my parents proposal to schedule a vacation during t

Quo Vadimus

This Latin phrase translates to “where are we going?” It is a question we must ask ourselves, where are we going? When I reflected on this, the recent case of Anna Hazare and his idealistic vision for India came to the fore. Colour me cynical, but I doubt anything good is going to come out of his “fast unto death”. Even the vaunted M. K. Gandhi (and do not get me started on him) took over 50 years of senseless fasts and constant vacillating between cooperation and non-cooperation to get India, her independence in 1947. It took us in total; 90 years to unite the country and gain independence (over 115 if you count Goa too). 60 years of wanton corruption does not come to a halt in two months or even two years. The deep ingrained disrespect for the law by the very lawmakers requires a purge the likes of which we have not seen in India (and I’m not talking about using Castor Oil or Milk of Magnesia which sends shivers down my body- the horrible memories of childhood). Laissez f

Advice needed for Goa trip!

Guys, I'm planning a 3 day Goa trip with my family from 31st Aug-2nd Sept. Wanted your inputs whether this is a good time to visit Goa. My parents have already booked the ITC Guest House there but we can cancel it if this season is not a good time to visit To be specific, my queries are 1. Will water sports be still on in this season ? I just don't want to return without having done water sports because of the rising seas ? Doing water sports is something which I have been looking forward to for quite sometime. 2. How much is the amount of rain towards the end of Aug in Goa and will I be able to enjoy the beaches or will the clouds be looming over the sky throughout the day. 3. Is it "safe" to go to Goa with your parents ? :-D I have more questions but will ask them once based on your responses to the questions above. Looking forward to quick replies as I'm already late for booking my flight tickets and have to do it tomorrow .

** Happy Birthday Mannu Bhai**

Many happy returns of the day !

part 4 - a walk in the rain !!!

This is turning out to be interesting !!! Here is the twist ... Enjoy the extended part of my story... As I mentioned in part 3 the separation thing , there has been no talk between us from past week or so ... I am in bangalore now and it was purely due to business reason when i has first made the plan. But then I added one day extra to meet "the mystery girl " ... Wow that's a nice name for her .. She is actually a mystery for me... In between all this planning all mess had happened and it was like no meet up in bangalore ... But deep down my heart it was my wish that if i have this way long , I should definitely meet her ... Yesterday while taking shower , I got a call and I missed it . I checked my phone and to my greatest surprise it was from mystery girl. I thanked God so so much . I called her back and the first line she said was "I read the posts and they were good" . So, raths she has been following wall mag as you had queried ... Wall-mag helped to make

"my arrange marriage story" part 3

"my arrange marriage story" part 1 "my arrange marriage story" part 2 After that mail , she called me ... What a sweet voice it was - such a soothing effect to ears ... We started to do regular conversations from morning to night ... we used all possible means of communications - calls, sms , mails , chat , fb ... I was so happy as if i am in heaven ... there was smile always on my face ... Even the wait for her calls or sms was so exciting ... We both are so talkative and keep on talking for hours ... Mobile balance also atarted to get over... We talked as if we have been knowing each other for years and there is no tommorow. Oh , I missed out something ... "maian pyaar bhawnao mein beh gaya" ... What happened to the marriage thing ??? Actually we two decided that we would talk for few days & if it works out well we can move further ahead to the next step ... Now this whole arrange marriage scenario was no more arrange marriage !!! Both side parents g

"my arrange marriage story" part 2

continued from part 1 : "my arrange marriage story" part 1 So here enters the fairy in jeans and top . Surprisingly she was not in saree or suit . Next gen girl !!! She was in no make up . A pure natural beauty with a superb smile and long hair that adds to her beauty . Also she has got a nice height. The whole scene goes like this . There are total six people with three on either side of the table. My family had supposed that parents will sit in-front of each other and "ladka-ladki aamne - samne" . But positioning got changed a bit .Neha sat opposite my mom . Her mom opposite my dad and her dad opposite of me . After some normal intro there was pin drop silence . To break the silence my mom said some really poor joke on which everybody was pretending to laugh. Neha's dad sitting in-front of me was continuously looking at me . I rolled my eyes here and there to find that uncle was again looking at me (as a result i was not able to peek at neha). It reminded me o