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Please don't stop the music!

I have been thinking about writing this article for a real long-time & finally yesterday I finally mustered up the courage to start it.What jettisoned me to write this article is that lately,I have been having a series of dreams about music. In one of these dreams,I was asking Dion whether he has heard of a band called 'The shadows'. Someday s back,I met Shankar Madhavan (of course, in my dreams again) & in one more, I watching the video of "Walking in Memphis" but strangely in this "dream video" instead of Cher there was a very old man.In an another dream ,I was chatting with Aamir Khan while walking down the road & was asked by him to compose the music for his next film.Wow!! Isn't that great ?Probably that's the best thing about dreams -Anything is possible.Ok! Now let me Jet Set Go! Since music happens to be a passion for me or rather a religion for me,I have been constantly exploring it and during this exploration process which start

Moving forward or backward?

Whenever, I open the newspaper, there is always a little snippet that reports about... love affair gone sore... or lovers taking the way of death.. coz of the family pressure.... and if not these, then there are the politicians who are 'condemning' the way we (read as youngsters) are. The most recent being Right Wing activist protesting and creating ruckus in Manglore. As if that was not enough, Ashok Gehlot current C.M. of Rajasthan has stood up in support saying that ' Pub Mall culture' is not a part of our culture...!!! Whenever... the fundamentalist do this kind of show sha... I am taken aback... in rage... because, till date I have not understood, what is our culture... India has always been a very open culture, always absorbing the footprints that various people have left on it. And, last I knew, India is a free country and what we the young generation do, should be looked at in a more open frame of mind and not in the close frame of mind... I am wondering, when w

home sweet home - my new flat

hello to all. i have shifted to a new flat on sunday . i have put the pics. its a 2 BHK  flat with 2 balconies n 2 bathrooms. Don ask the rent. Its quite cheap compared to metros. everyone is invited to my home sweet home.                                                            wall of my bedroom....                                                         kitchen - its beautiful...                                                     ceiling of the kitchen... mast hai na...                            i havnt arranged the kitchen yet... it needs a female touch...                                                       the wall finishing is great...                      the best place n i have arranged it with my amway products...                            the balcony - its best 2 have a romantic coffee in the evening...                                                          stairs leading to my flat...                                                 the hall... curtains look great na

The Vicious circle

Let me take the opportunity to congratulate Raj Alakeshandra-a veteran TWM member for adding a feather in our cap by taking the leap from "singledom" to "Hey!I'm committed now"! Kudos!! to him for completing the mission which I'm sure wouldn't have been an easy one to accomplish & the path to which would have been full of thorns,uncertainities & anxiety & which folks like us will probably never be able to achieve. Now, since Raj has become the member of the prestigious 'TWM committed lounge' which now boasts of four members -two of whom are committed to each other,I want to take this opportunity to address the rest of US-the Uncommitted ones!! "THE REST OF US" Folks,let me give you the bitter pill & you'll have to gulp it down -we are never going to get committed.Yes!! that's the truth.We are never going to get committed until & unless we spend all our time,efforts & energies(which we lazy people are not

Is This Love...

I havnt slept last nite. I was talking to a girl on phone that too STD for 4.5hrs. I had to keep the ph becoz my balance got over. I know her for some 4 months.A common friend of us had introduced each other. I havent ever met her .I had seen her pic. She is too good. But from day one I had talked 2 her she has been in my mind. Am I falling for her ?? I am confused . I dont want to but I have started generating feelings for her .Is telephonic love possible ?? Or its just attraction ?? what should i do next ?? Should I tell her about my feelings ??

jamshedpur ki shardi

Nature at its best... this is half km away frm my flat Neela aasman so gaya... Outside my flat taken at 7.30 am... Inside office premises at 7.30 am... Office pic 2... Its tough to drive in this condition... But then we somehow reach office at 7.30 am to punch...

Delhi Ki sardi.... aachooooo

Call it the Mumbai effect, but, me, who has spent, her winters in Delhi is feeling cold beyond anything. Its understandable if Shayon feels cold, because, he really hasn't experienced winters in true sense... But, since the day, I have landed in Delhi, I have been sneezing the whole day... its the hardest thing in the world to change clothes... and worst still, to take a bath... And the worst thing is that- This is just January... Oh Gosh... its gonna remain this way like... End of Jan and into Feb...!!! I have been sneezing..and I already have a snuffy runny nose... yuck...!!! And I hate hate the early sunset... You feel so constrained...!! Truely the most depressing weather....