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Moving forward or backward?

Whenever, I open the newspaper, there is always a little snippet that reports about... love affair gone sore... or lovers taking the way of death.. coz of the family pressure.... and if not these, then there are the politicians who are 'condemning' the way we (read as youngsters) are.

The most recent being Right Wing activist protesting and creating ruckus in Manglore. As if that was not enough, Ashok Gehlot current C.M. of Rajasthan has stood up in support saying that ' Pub Mall culture' is not a part of our culture...!!!
Whenever... the fundamentalist do this kind of show sha... I am taken aback... in rage... because, till date I have not understood, what is our culture... India has always been a very open culture, always absorbing the footprints that various people have left on it. And, last I knew, India is a free country and what we the young generation do, should be looked at in a more open frame of mind and not in the close frame of mind...
I am wondering, when we can talk about the IT revolution... and moving ahead with times, why the fuck cant people accept that, having a boyfriend/girlfriend... or rather going and partying with friends is also a part of the moving ahead with times... who says that we have forgotten our culture and moral values... its just that we are trying very hard to mould the moral values in the present time frame...
Even today, a guy and a girl can't be just friends. This is a sick mentality. And, I don't think that there is anyway that this mentality can be changed... 
Our parents lecturing us on moral values is still understandable... but being lectured on the same by the Netas who change the moral values to suit the changing parties and the changing political scenario... that is SAD...!!!

Where is our country going.... after 60 years of being republic... instead of moving forward... this pig hole called politics is just pulling us backwards.... 

Where is the light?? 


Nice article..we have to accept the fact that change is never gonna be smooth..The Indian society has undergone a siesmic change in the last two decades but there is still a generation gap & sadly the hardliners of the previous generation are brainwashing the vulnerable uneducated youth with their anachronic ideals .Having said that wat we should be happy about is that things ARE changing as epitomised by Bob Dylan's
"Times they are A-changin'"
Sakshi said…
I know things are changing... but call me impatient.. I can hardly see the change.
I mean the fucked up politicians for the sake of the 'moral' values, dont want AIDS/SEX/ADOLESCENT education... they are ready to have the society burn in the hell called AIDS... but not educate them about it...!!

But, I am trying very hard to be optimistic... maybe the youth is learning...and will start electing the right kind of people...!!!
raj alakshendra said…
A line frm Lord Of the rings.
" Time is changing , i can feel it in the air. "
let d politicians do what de want n v enjoy our lifes . Tension nahi lene ka ekdum bindas rehne ka.
Btw deviating from d topic . Sakshi i finally met that girl. My plant was on shut down for this week so i used this time 2 meet. She s too good . Now m in train on my way back 2 Ngp.
Sakshi said…
WOW.. for Raj...I want the details.. asap.
raj alakshendra said…
I cant post. Cal me 2 know d details.

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