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And The Warrior Returns...

Whoa! They call me a professional blogger and I haven't been able to write a single word for any of my personal blogs, be it TWM :: Online, Shayon's Labyrinth or even Timeless Imagination. I guess, that's what happens when all you do, during the day, is blog and then when you come back home, WarCraft is the only reason that inspires you to open up your laptop's lid and hit the power button!
I wouldn't really say that I am stressed out, thanks to my new job as the Chief Editor of WATBlog, one of country's leading advertising and technology blogs. After all, how many have gotten the opportunity and luck (this is something very rare in my destiny) to convert their hobby, their love, into a profession? The down side is, WAT is a startup, in essence. It just turned 2, the month I joined, and we have an employee strength of just 12. Yes, you read that right. So, we realize that there is a lot of potential in the market and since our niche is very nascent, it does take a hell of an effort to make the market realize the importance and power of online brand reputation management. Although we handle clients like Delhi Daredevils, Mahindra Tech, United Nations and Force India, the absence of an accurate performance metric discourages the so-called traditional companies from trusting the methodology that we follow.
Okay, I guess I have started to get carried away with ramblings about my job. Let's just cut it short here itself and say that despite all the extra amount of effort that I have been putting into my job, I am loving it. It's tough to make people imagine the thrill and adrenaline rush of breaking an inside story to the outside world. You just got to feel it to believe it. It's almost like an orgasm during sex. However you might get the feeling by jerking off, it's absolutely different when it's after an awesome session of sex. (Nah, I'm still a hopeless virgin :-P)
I guess, by now, everyone on The Wall Mag know that my parents have gotten shifted to Bhuj 'coz my Dad got transferred there, a couple of months ago. So, I had first been sharing an apartment with 3 more, in Powaii. I swear, I haven't met anyone more chindi than them, ever before! Yes, even Gandhi had been so much better. I, fucking, even had to buy my own set of washing powder and hand wash soap!!
Anyway, as expected, didn't survive there for more than 3 weeks, though more so because it was taking me almost 2 hours of journey to my office in Goregaon (West), one way. I decided to shift to a PG arrangement which was actually pretty good and much closer, in Malad. I must admit, the room I was in, was pretty small and had no windows. But I never really cared since I used to leave home at 8:30 in the morning and come back by 11:30pm. No, WAT wasn't making me work like an ass :-) It's just that, I figured, I had nothing better to do if I left office by the usual time as the rest, that's 5:30. I used to comfortably leave office any time between 7 & 9 and walk off towards one of the biggest malls in Mumbai, Inorbit. I had found myself a nice little cozy place in the food court where I could access their free wi-fi internet connection and work for WAT or have a little video chat with Saxi or even play WarCraft online :-) Well, it was definitely a good life but it used to get a little monotonous at the end.
Despite having been in Mumbai for years, I was suddenly all alone in my own home! Most of my friends were outside the city and the few left, had office in the day and families after evening. I guess, in my 23 years of life, it was the very first i had started to miss my own folks. The only faithful companions I had, back then, were my laptop and Saxi, to console me, at the end of every single day!
Well, in the midst of all the gloom, there was one silver light that used to keep me entertained. My life is never complete with my set of girlfriends and even out there, voila, I got one. Ruchi, the PR and Business Development of WATConsult, had become a great buddy in quite a short time and, probably, she was the only person I used to hang out with. We shared a pretty good chemistry and, thankfully, we still do.
On the July of 27th, 2008, I got another setback of my life. Got to know that I flunked in one of my final year papers and shall have to appear for the same alongwith the next semester students. That means, I'll be attending classes and et al, all over again, till the end semester examinations in December, '08. Yes, you guessed it right! Currently, I am writing this post from Raj's home. It's past 2am now and Raj is fast asleep in his room and I am blogging away to glory, in the living room. I have been in Jamshedpur since the 3rd of August and shall have to be here till the 1st week of December. I have, kinda, adapted to the moment of truth, just as always, and am doing pretty good, actually.
Oh, by the way, got myself a brand new mobile phone, the Motorola ROKR E6. I know, Saxi doesn't like any phone that's not manufactured by NOKIA, but I badly needed a PDA and couldn't wait till the iPhone 3G's launch. I hear Raj's interested to buy it, despite it being priced at an insane 36K.For all you rest, go for the HTC Touch Diamond or Nokia N96 instead.
Do you remember me once commenting that I am planning for a surprise, on the occasion of The Wall Mag turning 1? Well, I am planning to graduate The Wall Mag's address from a passé "" URL to a more professional one. Yes, I was planning to buy a domain name for The Wall Mag, the way I have done for myself. It's been for a long time now. What do you say, guys? Consider it a gift from my side, to The Wall Mag, on the occasion of Wall Mag's birthday and my first job! I'll buy off the domain and set up the details as soon as you guys give me a go ahead. Well, we shall also have to discuss a bit on the domain name that we should be purchasing. I have done a little background check, already.
The prospective domain names that are currently available are listed below -
Off all of the above, my vote goes to since -
  • 1. I hate hyphens in domain URLs.
  • 2. It is an online version of The Wall Mag and hence I prefer TWM Online to The Wall Mag.
  • 3. Since no .com is available for the domain I chose and since we are no organization, I chose .net.
This is where I rest my case and urge all my fellow Top Floorers to come ahead to the cause and vote for a domain of his/her choice. If you guys suggest, I can even set up a polling section at the blog's sidebar.
Moreover, I am sure, you must have noticed a few changes that I have made, on the blog page. I'll be waiting for your feedback on the same.
Now, signing off with a pic of my current workstation (click on the pic for a larger version). Yeah, I'm still working for WATBlog. Now, I am their non-resident editor... Hehehe...!!


Firstly, thanks for the changes, I saw and recognised them before reading your post and wanted to thank you from the beginning. Thanks a lot mate, again.
Secondly, your so matter-of-fact way of describing the "whack job" made me laugh like hell. It made me remember the days in Jam. when your cavalier attitude towards the taboo topics of that region used to keep me in high spirits. Ha ha ha ha hee hee hee ha ha (ok my hand is tired- of typing 'ha ha' mind you!).
What PC is that of yours?? It looks vaguely familiar to me (I mean what make?)
We respect to the domain name, I'm not that choosy, as long as we stay connected and keep eachother (and ourselves ofcourse) in high spirits. Can we buy the domain for life? And I don't think any of us would mind shelling out a bit to keep this place alive. And if it can be done all at once, all the better.
Tell Raj that if he buys the iPhone, he can't chuck it around like his Nokia. Also tell him, that won't get that girl back (keeping with our not disclosing names policy- I don't know how long I can hold on though, and frankly our hints are a bit too obvious for those of us with a slight background story of the situations).
And Sakshi, I prefer Motorola, but that'a a personal choice.
Shayon said…
Hullo...phat man!!

It's good to know that you liked the changes. Could you see the "Follow this blog" link? Do click on that when you can. It's just an indication of how many and which ones do read the blog regularly. Clicking on the pics will take you the list of the person's other blogs. That's why I have removed the "Topfloorers' Pages" widget.

Well, I knew that you guys wanted to know more about the kinda job I am on and I couldn't work out a better way to explain the same, in a few words :-P. I just hope it's wasn't too "over the top".

The PC I'm using is the Acer Aspire 5920 G (Core 2 Duo, 2.66GHz, 4GB RAM, 256MB NVidia and the works). You must have spotted it somewhere 'coz it's a BMW series and has become popular in a lot parts of the world.

It's not possible to buy a domain name "for life". One needs to renew it and the end of every year. What's possible is to get the domain renewed for a couple of years at a time. However, that can be done later. As of now, what I need to know is whether people are even interested in the domain name change (I prefer that 'coz it gives you an identity). Moreover, I also have plans to shift this blog from Blogger's hosted servers to a server of our own. Then, probably, try to monetize it a bit so that it can pay off its own bills, like yearly registrations, server charges and the likes. These are just plans, though. It all depends on what people decide, at the end of the day.

As for Raj and his iPhone, do not worry, he still has a lot to go. He has managed to save up only 10K by now :-P
raj alakshendra said…
so finally Mr. PKP is back ...

a lot is being talked abt which handset should i buy ...
Fistly , m not going 2 buy iphone bcoz i cant piur so much of money for a ph which is not having bluetooth.. actually many more functions which v r used 2 in india is not there ...
now the options left id HTC handset or Nokia handset ... so help me 2 choose the best handset costing around 20k - 25k... my present saving has gone upto 15k , so il probably in sept or oct ...

now coming to the changes on the blog... its looking g8... shayon had told me about all his plans long bak n i agree 2 that ...
one think i must say that he is very busy with his work ...

baki ka comment baad mein ... office ka time over ho gaya hai ... leving for my home sweet home...
Shayon said…
@ Raj
Dude, you should get decent phones within 25K but since you're hardly a power user, I shall strongly suggest you to go for Sony Ericsson Walkman series phones. Although, had I been in your case, I would have chosen for a HTC or a Blackberry Pearl, I think SE W Series should do you the best. Personally, I hate high end NOKIA phones, barring a very few. I shall suggest W960i or W850i. Both of them are kick-ass phones!

I tried my level best to revamp the blog. It was looking too old and was kinda tired of the previous look :-P So, I just took the liberty of giving it a overhaul myself, without asking for any permission. I hope everyone likes it.

I guess you are the one who gets most of my brunt while I am working, ain't it? Nonetheless, thanks for the compliment. At least, there is something that I do, with all my heart.

@ all
I, kinda, feel like a fucking housewife, at times, waiting for Raj to come back home at the end of his day's work. LoLz! w00t!!
Ankit said…
hey shayon....i like the fresh look..thanks for that...and ur laptop looks very good.(beware that'll be my next crash target) lenovo is a complete dabba....

we'll love to see this blog with its own domain name...again like dion said, doenst matter whatever be the name....

oye u can go for N73music edition(i use that and am quite liking it)....or SE 850i...nice phone....also htc touch is amazing....and i phone is a complete dabba till 3g is not launched....

& about motorola phones, i guess the only good phones from them are motorokr & razr were complete flop shows...but the high end motorolas (windows based) are really amazing.....actually raj u can try them...bur above 25k hain....
Shayon said…
Oye Ankit

Firstly, there is no Motorola phone, other than MOTO Q, that runs on Windows Mobile. All the rest run on either Symbian OS or Linux. My ROKR E6 runs on Linux, by the way. It's the Palms, HTC, iMate, HP and the likes that use Windows Mobile.

By the way, good to know that you liked the new look of The Wall Mag. Waiting for feedback from other Top Floorers too.

It seems you should be as feared as Kiran Ghadge, when it comes to laptops. Now, who'll shed light to Saxi on why I mention this particular guy, Ghadge? ;-)

As for the domain name selection for the blog, I have created a little poll section on the blog's sidebar. Do remember to vote for the domain for your choice.
Shayon, I think you can refer her to your very open statement on the "heaven on earth" feeling. Or you could explain it to her yourself in full. Since you brought it up, thats you're headache now.
Shayon said…
@ Dino
Sheesh, man! I had hoped that, at least, after over an year out of that narrow-minded shit-hole, you guys must have opened up a bit. This, coming out of you, I'm disappointed, man! Seriously disappointed!!
Ankit said…
are my roommate has one with a flap..with windows in one...he bought it from abroad...also i used one in maruti...accha hi kaam karta hai yaar....and yes i read that moto phones are mostly linux based...but whatever acche the....and for ghadge...main usse accha least format karne ke baad, laptop is again virgin....
Sakshi said…
Welcome back to personal blogging, Only I know why I got to WAT everyday...

Guys... i am lost to the extent of feeling dizzy... or maybe I read the comments to fast... but what is to be revealed... et all..!!!

Dion, dude, I am a die hard nokia fan...!!! anyother phone makes me a handicap...!!!
Hey dude!!!!!!
Great work man!!Now this blog has got a pro look ..It needed a much-needed makeover & who could have done it better than the pro blogger himself ..Really cool look..
I'd suggest two more additions to this:
Can you please add a visitor counter & a shoutbox (as we can bark there even if a new post is there or not)?
Secondly the best part which I liked is the "Who's reading us?" section ..But it's a lil confusing as to when I'm logging in it's coming "New Delhi:India arrived".Can we change it to "Noida: India" for me & "Gurgaon" for Gaands as it is quite confusing since a lot of us are in NCR.

Regarding your job, I was curious to know that
1>what do you guys actually do ?
2> & how does ur blog earns it's revenues ?
raj alakshendra said…
m not at the best of my health ... having many things 2 comment abt but not able 2 concentrate .... having a bit of problem with my left eye ... nothing 2 worry ... everything is fine ... wil recover by 2mrw...
raj alakshendra said…
finally , my search for a mobile is over ...i did a lot of google search n a lot of comparicson... i have decided to buy htc touch diamond... it is a bit similar to my dream mobile iphone ... it costs around 27k , so il have 2 wait till next month to do some more savings ... m not going 2 buy it on credit since i buy everything in cash ... i feel unless u don have enough money u shouldnt go for anything costly...
many of u dont agree on this but its fine then...
Sakshi said…
Congrats Raj, for finally deciding on the phone. I have seen the phone.. and I love it. And if you can wait till diwali, the prices are bound to come down.

@ Shayon
I forgot to mention the great job you have done with the page. But whats with Blue...!!! ( WAT too is blue...!!! ) Great work though... The Pro is back... and with a bang...!!!
Dipayan said…
Hey dude when did u change you laptop???? BTW it was a very nice post and ofcourse I visit watblog more than once in a day. So, how does linux feels in your new Device????
Shayon said…
@ Ankit
I am surprised that u even cared to compare yourself with Kiran Ghadge, man!!

thanks a lot for your words of encouragement, ma'am! I'm glad that you liked the change. As for blue...this one is not exactly the bright blue kind, is it? And anyway, I couldn't think of a better shade. Moreover, since our last theme was also based on blue, I figured it won't do good if I changed the identity, you know. It's the brand identity! Sheesh... now I am actually talking like one of those advertising guys!! :-P

As for "what is to be revealed", we were talking about a certain "Kiran Ghadge" who had screwed up his room mate's laptop 'coz he had jerked off on it :-D I guess you can, very well, figure out the rest of the jigsaw puzzle!! ;-)

@ Mann
Good to know that you liked the changes, man!

As for a visitor counter, it's very noob-ish, you know. A visible visitor's counter is only for those early bloggers who just like to show off and have no clue of the better options available, out there.

If you want to figure out how many people visit the blog, from where, which are the most popular pages and the works, the best option to turn to, is Google Analytics. It is a kick ass app, man! And all you need to view the analytics of the blog is a Google Account. I can always share the data with anyone who might be interested.

As for a "shoutbox", it can always be implemented, but you know what, people will stop interacting in the blog's comments section, the most important part of a blog. Trust me, I have seen it happening a perfect 100% of the times. If you guys still need it, I'll definitely put one up.

The questions that you have put up, regarding my job, I guess I'll have to come up with another post, completely dedicated to the nature of my job and WATMedia's profile ;-)

@ Raj
It's truly co-incidental and ironic, I must say. You call HTC Touch Diamond your dream phone and HTC is actually gonna launch a brand new phone called HTC Dream, based on first ever mobile browser from Google, Android :-P

But seriously, if you liked the HTC Touch Diamond Series and do not mind shelling out about 30 Grands, then you MUST get the HTC Touch Pro!

The rest is all up to you, of course!!

@ Dipayan
Yo dawg!! Where the motherfuckin' hell have you been, man? Do you even remember the last time you even commented on TWM :: Online? How you been doing, nonetheless?

I didn't exactly change my laptop. I just switched the mobo and added a few goodies, all thanks to a great colleague of mine who's into gaming hardware, mostly! Sweet, ain't it? ;-)

So, you visit WATBlog every day? Great! It seems I, at least, have 2 dedicated readers :-) So, what are your views on the blog? Any suggestions? We recently revamped the look, if you followed it. You got anything to share about the makeover? And talking about makeover, what do you think about the brand new look of TWM :: Online?

Haven't gotten the chance to re-install Linux after I formatted the whole hard drive, thanks to the fuck up by my pirated, but sweet, Windows Vista Ultimate :-P One of the major reasons being unavailability of a Linux distro and secondly 'coz it was taking up too much of my hard drive space that also has 5 games of about 4GB each, MAYA and MS Visual Studio 2005 installed in it. :-) Oops! I guess I'm getting all techy again :-P

@ All
If anyone wishes to check out the analytics data of TWM :: Online, do let me know, here, and I shall share the privileges with you.

Moreover, I was hoping all of you, who regularly follow The Wall Mag, would start "following" the blog. the widget is placed right below the search box, on the sidebar.

And yeah, need more votes on the brand new domain name, guys! Only 6 votes have come in, as yet!!
Shayon said…
@ Raj
Okay, just a little fuck up in my previous comment, the Android I was talking of, is not a mobile browser but a mobile operating system, from Google! :-P
@ Shayon,
Dude, with respect to your 'fuck up', there wasn't a need to clarify that. I'm sure Raj still has no clue of what you're talkin about. Ha ha ha ha ha!! And by the way, I too am lost sometimes in all the techy terms you use (but wikipedia is a god send!!).
@ Raj,
Dude get well soon.
@ Mann,
Have you seen my location name?? It comes as 'Phila, USA ;D
And looks like Rathz has gone back to one of his 'siestas'!

And by the way, someone from Switzerland's checked the blog out too. Kinda cool.

Shayon said…
Hullo Philly boy!

I know! Raj actually understood what an "operating system" is and not "browser". Thanks to MS Windows, I guess! What say? ;-)

As for my "techy terms", I try my best to simplify things. But it's heartening to know that you have embraced the all-knowing Wiki. I too try to link up "tuff" words to pages that explain things a bit.

@ All
NOTE : Please do not add Analytics code to the blog, on your own! The code has already been installed and installing multiple codes shall mutilate the data.

Anyone who wishes to view the analytics data for the blog can shoot me a request and I shall share the stats ASAP!

As for the "Who is reading us" widget, it records your geographical position according to the position of the IP address that your internet service provider uses. In simple terms, the location shown here is the location where your internet service provider's main servers are located. This is why I am always shown to be online from New Delhi (what an irony, I say) :-P
Sakshi said…
@ Shayon...
I must very ironical.. even your ISP is from delhi...!!! Ok, I agree that its not the bright blue... but you should add a lil bit of pink too...!!!
Oh, I think you did tell me abt the Kiran Ghatge...
As far as the domain name goes, I am ok with anything that you guys decide.

@ Mann
I agree about the shout box... it takes the fun away from the comments that we put in.

@ Raj
Get well soon....

@ All:
I am absoltely lost with all this mobile talk that you guys are having. I am an illiterate amongst you engineers... ;)
Shayon said…
@ Saxi
You want PINK on this page? OMFG!! I understand that it's your birthday week, but I doubt if such a request can be successfully processed :-P Anyway, why don't you design a page yourself, on pen and paper, and show it to us all? The way we are currently voting for the proposed domain names, we can vote on that too, what say? ;-)

By the way, how many of you know that raj has gone bald? ;-) Don't worry, shall come up with a pic soon!

And yeah, we two are planning to watch "Rock On" tomorrow. Any reviews on the movie?
Shayon said…
@ Mr. Dino

Got something for you! Our very own, Brubeck Bakery, was in news, some time back! Here's the link -
raj alakshendra said…
@ dion
u guessed it right ,i couldn get wht shayon was taking abt... i had 2 ask him but then also i could understand only half of it ...

now, since m going 2 buy the handset next month so i can go for more of a search n options available... everyone's invited 2 give suggessions

@ sakshi
m also with u ... i only understand mechanical tech words ... i hate this software fundu words ... n plz no pink for this blog ... i dont understand y all the girls like pink ... in some all also it was said "pink se panga nahi" ... dion hindi mein likha hai ... samajh mein nahi aaye to puch lena...

@ all
m fine nw.. my eye is k ...

m bald once again... nothing serious ... jus for a change ... was motivated by dark n bald sprinters in olympics ...n will try 2 run in london olympics... as a part of training i 1st removed my hair ...
my hairs were also a dedication 2 all the girls with whom i ever had crush or fallen in love with them...
btw i look like a negro or an allien as people used 2 say me in 1st year ...

i have got some news of Raths ... he had gone home ... on the return journey his train was cancelled... he had 2 pay a fine 2 travel in othet train... many more things happen til he reached kol ... i hope he wil write abt it ...

my flat is presently a place for 2 offices ... the hall is shayon's office ... he is all the day busy doing his office work ... i havn seen him so serious ever in my life ... he is so busy dat most of the time he doesnt take lunch ... i hope by d time he returns bak frm jsr he would have lost many kilos...

my bedroom is my office with all of my amway products , leaflets, the wall acts like a notice board for me... the 3rd room is a dumping yard for clothes, bags, my products delivery cartoons...
along with 2 of us we r having many more companions like frogs, cockroaches,ants,spider, snail n many more living beings... fortunately, there is no mosquito... it seems like v r living in a jungle... v r fighting a war against moisture ... it is just spoiling every stuff in my home... any remedy to this problem ????
Dipayan said…
Though I comment on this page very rarely but still I dont forget to visit this blog once a day to keep myself update of what my fellow batchmates are up to.

To be very honest, I think the previous UI for watblog was better. I can understand that you ppl have worked your ass off to revamp the site and hats off to you for that but I personally didn't like it much. Previous UI was much more simpler and the I think you should give a thought about the fonts that you are using in the present UI.
Dipayan said…
BTW I was not asking about Linux in your Lappy. I think the newest device that you have is the MOTO ROKR, isn't it. I was asking about how linux feels on that machine.
Sakshi said…
@ Shayon
Yup it is my birthday week... and therefore you can stop pulling my leg a lil... you very well know that I wont design a page... I can draft a contract agreement.
The colour suggestion was, coz, I felt that the page was too blue. It could be any damn colour if not pink.
Congrats on the record comments...

PS: U BETTER MAKE SURE THAT YOU DONT SKIP LUNCH. I'll SUE RAJIV.. and You know for what.. if you dont want me to shout out loud here..get your act together.

@ Raj
Well... going bald is in vogue you see...!!! As far as the colour pink goes, unfortunately for me, my life is pretty balck and white ( being a lawyer you see, I have to adhere to uniform even in college that is black and white)the only color is in my specs which are bright red.
And there is no harm in splashing colour on the wall mag to make it brighter... reitriating that it can be any colour and doesn't have to be pink.

About your house, well.. you gotta sit and clean it dude... find out the cracks and get maintenance work done. and dont use moudly cardboard boxes they produce yuck smell. Use cellophene ppr or plastic bags.

(Are you guys missing your hostel room so much that you have you got insects in your house too...!!!)
raj alakshendra said…
@ sakshi
atleat both us r not going 2 clean... v have aleady decided it...v r too lazy 2 do anything like that..
btw its much cleaner than any hostel room... all the things r at their respective places... n i have 2 maintain since many people come 2 my home for buss purpose...
the prob occurs mainly in monsoon since my flat is on ground floor ... ya i need to give a complain 2 maintainence dept ... lets see whn dat de comes... as i said moisture is the biggest prob for us ... give any solution for that ...

@ shayon
congrats for highest no of comments..
wel shayon now i too feel that v can add few more colors 2 the blog...
Even I was wondering that most of the time when I come online some guy from Switzerland is also online..I was perplexed coz I have seen people from Singapore & Philippiness reading our blog but it was strange that this Swiss guy was so regular.. Just now I read Shayon's comment that that location which gets shown here is the location of the IP server & then my brain's bulb got lit & I realised that that Swiss visitor is none other than ME as I logon thru my client's server in Zurich for full access:PPPPPPPPPP .So mystery unravelled now..

Abey do you really see any use of going for such costly handsets ?
This is a sincere advice that all this is an initial excitement of getting a new gadget, after sometime the intial euphoria dies down .I have a MOTOROKR & believe me I hardly use it for any other purpose other than for talking.I guess high-end phones are for ppl on the move & for ppl like Shayon who have to remain connected to the web throughout the day .For the rest of us most of the embeeded applications are worthless believe me you wont ever use 75% of the apps in a hi-end fone. Better splurge that much money is something else get a new wardrobe,party out etc..

Omg!! i feel like "technologically challenged" on reading u guys discuss all this stuff..Half of the things are going over my head..

So Dip is also reading the blog regularly & So is Atri..Saala bokachoda fone pe bol raha tha ki "i feel like commenting but then i dont feel like commenting"..
Atri at his usual best state :A state of Confusion!!!!!!!!!!
Dipayan said…
Yaar u should change a bit what you said. "Dip is also reading the blog regularly". Actually I have always been a regular visitor of TWM. And well always be.
Sakshi said…
@ Raj
I too stay on the ground floor...
lazy lazy... very bad... the either you spend some money and keep a bai... or get married so that you will never have to complain about a dirty house.
Shayon said…
@ Raj

Dude, I tell you, as far as this insect business is concerned, we can combat them with HIT, I'm sure! As for the moisture...let's see! :-(

@ Dip
DISCLAIMER (For the less initiated) : Absolutely techy stuff!
The Linux on the phone is hardly any different from the Symbian OS, I tell you. The only issue being, other than Java files, you can install .pkg files. There is a mobile MPKG installer that can be used but the issue is there aren't many developers who are care to work on the platform 'coz not many phones use linux as their OS. There are a few developer forums, though. For a common man, it's tuff to customize the OS. I think, in that respect, WinMobile is a much better option.

(back to normal language)
Although I'm very tempted to discuss on the UI issues of WATBlog, I shall prefer to talk about it on WATBlog itself or some place else where it's just me and you. The rest on TWM just might feel it a little out of the context!

How's your work going, by the way? WHat are you currently working on?

Saxi's unfortunate I neither am I a web developer. Yeah, I might be able to customize a thing here and there, I am not a hardcore web developer. So, if you guys can come up with a few suggestions, I'll try my best to comply with them.

By the way, as right as Raj might be, I am at least trying y best to make the house habitable, if not keep things spik and span! Unfortunately, cardboard boxes have become a part of Raj's life, thanks to Amway! So, they can't be done without ;-)

And no, neither of us miss our hostel rooms, trust me!!

P.S. - Kindly do not spill over domestic issues on public forums! :-P

@ Mann

Dude, in a way, I agree with you. Most people do not use smartphones even upto 50% of their capabilities. And such a case just might be true in Raj's case too. The thing is, just because you don't use the apps doesn;t mean you should shy away from them. Unless and until you actually start playing around with features, you'll never get to now and use them. Of course, a knack for knowing the unknown needs to be present and I feel Raj's got that. Moreover, since I am here in Jsr till around the 1st week of December, I'm sure I'll be able to get him used to a few apps ;-)

By the way, I really fail to understand how much are we talking here, that's making most of you feel "technologically challenged", other than, probably, what I confer with Dip?

As far as Atri is concerned, he has always been the silent watcher type. At least we know he follows the blog. Any news on Debu and Chiru?

@ All

Guys, I'm trying to work on a budget of how much it might cost us if we shift to private hosting. That gives us more options for customization, more interactivitity...what the hell... a whole web site that belongs to the Top Floorers!

Man! We, sure as hell, have come a long away together! 3 Cheers to this association and friendship!

Feel compelled to echo the Musketeers' slogan,
All for One, One for All!!

(Excuse Me! Bina piye hi thoda senti ho gaya tha!!) :-P
raj alakshendra said…
i have at last brought baygon's spray ...

5 years down the line i can see Top Floorers becoming famous all over world ... can u imagine people talking about this frnds group... lets hope my dream comes true ...

i was having a bai but i was never in my home so she left ... infact i was giving her 100 bucks for working 4 dez a month ... but she had got tired of chasing me... now since shayon is at home , m again thinking of telling hr 2 work..

btw m going 2 marry a girl 2 clean my house ... marry for only one reason i.e. love not for any other reason...
Hahaha dude that was one hell of an excitement :-) We want more enthu like this from others also

May ur far-fetched dream come true .Amen!!
By the way ,wat hppnd to ur plan of getting Madhullika on board ?

I guess it's high time for a new post now..Who's gonna don the "shining armour" now ?
raj alakshendra said…
mast pic hai ...
i agree 2 ur pt. of wating money in gadgets... buy the high end things really make me crazy whether its a car or bike or a beautiful girl ... one of the reasons for me doing this buss is 2 have a feeling of every luxury...
n il learn hw 2 use the cell , thats not a problem ... m alwez curious 2 knw all the functions of every new thing i get ...
n m in really need of a cell with lot of applications .... its all becoz of expanding bus...

btw some good news frm my side ... last month i went a level higher in my buss... hoping for a blast this month
Sakshi said…
@ Mann
why dont you come up with a post?
@ raj
wow, 100 rs for 4 days... that is damn cheap. Get the bai to work again...!!!
Shayon said…
Sheesh! For a guy like me, could you ever imagine how it might feel to be able to get online after 2 freaking days? Airtel's G-Pee-R-Ass had been malfunctioning for a few days. So, no surfing, no work, no nothing! Finally managed to get connected right now. I hope it stays connected for a while, now!! :-(

@ Raj

Doncha think you were a little over the top with "i can see Top Floorers becoming famous all over world"?

As for the bai, i think it's high time you had a word with her.

And yeah, it's sad to know that you'd marry to get a girl clean da house? Whadda happened, man? :-O

@ Mannu"bhai"

What happened to you? I hear you have lately been tending to a few distressed damsels? Then what's stopping you from donning the "shining armor" yourself? ;-)

@ Saxi

In Mumbai, these maids charge frigging 250 bucks for just one job. That means, if you hire them for just house keeping and washing clothes, they set you back by 500 bucks, per month!!

@ Dino

You staying alone out there or sharing your apartment with any one? How are you managing stuffs? You hardly wrote about your daily life, in your last post.
Ha ha ha
I was just thinking, what if the bai was reading these comments and she found out that you'll were taking her for a ride for 100/month (what are the odds)!
ha ha ha ha ha ha
I just moved to a new apartment, so its a lot of settling down and all. Nothing noteworthy to say about my daily routine (and I call it a routine because it's one). Get in the morn and rush to the lab. Then it's one whole day of mails, writting reports, experiments or meetings and teaching (when I have to). Thats about all I do everyday. I go to play in the evenings or if I'm tired (like mostly) then I go home and watch a movie or something. I cook when I feel like it- but definitely not on a regular basis. Very soon the new quarter is gonna start and then this same routine will be punctuated by two three hour lectures on two nights of the week.
So there it is, my life in a nutshell.
And Raj and Shayon, what's with all these domestic difficulties you'll got???
And Raj, if you get married for love and only love, then you're a lucky man (I wish all of us could do that, and maybe, just maybe we will, who knows)!

raj alakshendra said…
there is a correction m "NOT" going 2 marry a girl jus 2 clean my house...

i don knw abt madhulika ... after my fight with nikita , its jus a formal tak wit madhulika ...the best part is dat both of dem have removed me frm their frnd list in orkut too... newez i was wrong 2 support her ... i accept it ... never trust girls ... whn girls do mistake v guys don think much abt it but its not the vice-versa...
the best comment i got frm madhulika was that m a money freak , i don hav any value for love n no girl can ever be happy with me... i was really surprised since her very own best frnd was enjoying evry bit of her life with me... they used to respect my dreams n seriousness for life but now the same attitude is a negative factor for me ...

@ all
bai cost is Rs 100 for 4 dez a month ... its quite costly in context to the rate in jsr ...

hey u all remember the girl whom i met in training a week bak ... i had almost forgotton her ... but i donno wht plans God is having ... I met her yest in Ganesh puja gathering ... she was in blue n white suite n looking awesome... fir se flat ho gaya ... kya smile thi ... takd for some 1 min ... she is worth giving a try ... so m thinking of tryin for one last girl before getting married next year ...

only a female can solve the domestic prob...
Shayon said…
At time I wonder, is the presence of your little photograph in someone's Orkut or any other social networking profile the only way to prove that you two are buddies?

@ Dino
LoLz! Seriously, if the bai does happen to be tech-savvy enough to read the comments, then I'll be more than happy to pay her up double than that! :-)

So, you cook too? Last thing I saw you cooking was Sunfeast Pasta :-D Have you graduated, this time around? Are you sharing your apartment with someone or staying all alone? And how's the domestic help scene in Amreeka, now that we are talking about 'bai's and all :-P Ab yehi discuss karna baaki tha.

@ Raj

Your point taken, my man!

Although I think that Madhulika was a little too harsh with her statement, you should also try and figure out what might have triggered her to come up with a statement like that. She's a smart kid. It's tough to believe that she was so crass.
raj alakshendra said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
raj alakshendra said…
my success can only prove that i am correct ...
after all success speaks itself...
Shayon said…
@ Raj
Dude! Never lose humility, come what may.

Always remember, TWM :: Online is a public community blog and always think twice about it before you decide to defile somebody's character, out here. Also remember, these days, employers google out their prospective employees' names to know more about their online life and judge their psyche. You might not wish to get employed any place else, after your current job, but that shouldn't deter you from maintaining a clean image, online and off.

Phew! Quite a lecture, eh?

Well, I always maintain, To each, his own! If you think that someone got "brainwashed" then so be it. Personally, I think it might help you to talk things. Rest, it's your life!!
Unknown said…
I was here ;-)


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