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when u r single ...

Its more than a month & I havent found a girl ...But I am enjoying this new found freedom ... After some 4 years I am not into any relation...Also I am not seeing anyone coming in near future... So, let me share the feeling of being single .... lets go point wise.. 1) U save heavily on phone bills ...Remember my post "har phone bill ke peeche ek ladki ka haath hota hai".. My phone bill has come down from Rs 1500 to Rs 600 ... Also I call my friends more frequently ... Girls can leave u at any point of time without caring for anything but friends always give u a hand at any time... 2) U are free from any tension of calling any girl ... n i have felt that girls want u to call when u r extremely busy like in a meeting ...Then they will get angry so much as if u have done a murder... if u repeat this few more times they will find a new guy to talk :) 3) U dont have to search new ideas to give gifts to ur girl ... Frankly speaking I have tried all kind of possible gifts that c

& here i go again...

" shaam hai....ek nai angdaai hai aankehin hai...ek nasheeli gehraayee hai chehra hai ya ek gazal isi pe to hamne apni jaan gawaai hai in this moonlit sky with the cold breeze gently caressing your hair the loose strands dancing to the tune of the breeze all i can ask for is you to be here, you to be here.. in aakhon mein doob jane ko dil karta hai tumhe dekh ke hi zindagi bita sakta hoon ek candle light dinner, light music aur tum phir chaand ko dharti pe bhi laa sakta hoon holding you in my caring arms looking at your innocent face the loving eyes reaffirm my passion I'm in love, i'm in love...oh yes...i'm in love. "

Deuce !!

The strands hide the eyes, if only he could get some hints. The paths seldom cross, if only he could get another opportunity. He's wandering and wondering, if only. The eyes are looking all over the place, if only she could catch the thoughts. The path sometimes cross, if only she could manage a glance. She's meandering and pondering, if only. Dear lady and the gentleman, Love-All and Play. PS: The mood on TWM is contagious ;)

love, life,mobile, rain & so on ...

I was not getting any topic for this post so i just wrote whatever came in my mind ... the main motive of writing this post is to break Gandhi's poems ... sala wo bhav bhi bahot jada kha raha hai , what this fuss is all about... today its a romantic weather in jsr ... i feel like going uot with a girl for an evening walk & then hav a sip of coffee .. wow what a perfect date ... nothing to cheer about .. no girl for the time being :( in the evening I am going out with guys for "KITES" .. the payal theatre has changed totally .. tickets are now Rs 120 so public coming is also good .. this is the 1st time I am going there after renovation ... My mobile is totally fucked up ... handsfree , data cable,volume keys, half of the keypad is also not working ... I can only talk on loudspeakers ... what is working in it - GPS, Wifi, internet , all applications .. So, my phone has become more of an internet modem .. Camera is also working .. In this condition my phone rocks &


aakhon meing umang hai ek anjaana sa ehsaas hai dil mein khushi hai ab bas yehi hamein raas hai khud hi se karta hoon batein khud hi muskurata hoon duniya kehti hogi pagal hai par unhe kya pata yehi to main chahata hoon pagalpan to ab yeh savaar hai yeh dil bekaraar hai yehi ab junoon hai yehi shayad pyaar hai


itne door ho ke bhi paas ho, ek naya ehsaas ho, tumhe kya pata , tumhi to meri saans ho. pal pal hasta hoon tumhe khwaabo mein soch ke pal pal rota ho kyonki aaj tum paas nahin yaadein to meri hi hain ab is duniya mein aur kisi ki aas nahin .

An amazing weekend!

Well, Raj and Golu had been to my place, in Bangalore, for the last weekend. We had some really amazing time. I have already blogged about it, and thought I'd share with you all, rather than writing the whole thing here, all over again. Do give the blog a visit. By the way, here's a teaser for you. Mr Golu had managed to get lost twice, within a span of 24 hours, in Bangalore!! :-)

Got a Request

If I manage to forgive and forget, it would be great if you could follow suit too. PS: If you did not understand the context of the request, and why I put it up, then probably it's not for you. There are a couple of people on TWM who I needed to speak with, and I took up this platform to do that. Sorry, if it offends you.

Seasons of Love - A few moments away

Hi Junta! Bet you are already wary of another post from me.This time I wont consume ur time with random stuffs rather I bear an important hearsay. Good news guyz - our Seasons of Love video is releasing today ! Sorry to keeping you waiting but our release plans were stalled due to the unforeseen wrath of nature which disrupted our internet connection.Sam has returned after his eventful sojourn and we (karma+rathz) are thrilled to get favorable feedback from him.We are just moments away to post our video - a labor of love we were so cautious of not delivering in pre-matured health. Watch out for this space and do shout out to others who might be interested in seeing three armatures - an aspiring film-maker,one self-proclaimed crooner and one capricious musician,team up to showcase their creative-pursuit. The countdown begins.............................

I'm promoted!!

Hi guys..i'm very happy today..I'm promoted. Now I'm a Dy. Manager. (Hehe...can cause bigger blunders)

Ande ka Funda

Anda Anda Anda Anda Hum Sab Ne Dekha Hai Kahi Baar Dekha Par Kya Kabhi Socha Hai Is Ande Ka Funda Hai Yeh Kitna Gehra Hai Is Takle Sar Ke Ander Ek Brain Sunehra Hai Yeh Kuch Samjaata Hai Yeh Kuch Sikhlaata Hai Zara Gaur Se Suniye Ga Hum Gaa Ke Sunata Hai Hi Junta! I am sure that this scorching heat is doing no good to your soaring tempers.Hence to please your tormented souls presenting you pixerpts (pix + excerpts) from our kitchen. Hope you like our egg-si -bition. Yikees ! Save me from the frying pan... Oh No! what happened to you? Someone please help.My friend is bleeding.....