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Happy Birthday Dion!!!

TOPFLOORERS WISH DION A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! MAY GOD BLESS U WITH ALL THAT U WISH IN UR LIFE!! Guys,Dion can't be spared just bcoz he's in the US..Gear up!!So wat if all f us r nt together..Bhaiyyon!!Let's give him a solid imaginary GPL...Here we go!! The wild animals of Topfloorers hitting Dion's ass..Hitting ,hitting ..Krishnan is in full form, smugly enjoying his revenge & we have our takla (who kicks as hard as a gal !!) giving 2- 3 worthless kicks & Here comes our GPL master ..Loveguru Rahul whose one kick breaks even the hardest butt!! Dion, it hurts ?Did I hear a Nooooo? Guys how dare he say "No'..Let's call Our man "The man from Gujarat..The star attraction of entire 2k3 " ..Ulaallaa!!!!..Here comes the man,ANKIT DAANGU!! Dangs!!! The gr8 Gaands ready to give a kick but what's this folks!! usual.Gaandhi himself bcms the Bakra again & instead of giving GPL to Dion we have Gaandhi as the feast for the hungry lions o


.............GANDHI IN A DIFFERENT MOOD ......... ........ ........This is where we met................... Chiranjit get me at

A thing or two on Bapu - Notes by Einstein on Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi's life achievement stands unique in political history. He has invented a completely new and humane means for the liberation war of an oppressed country, and practised it with greatest energy and devotion. The moral influence he had on the conciously thinking human being of the entire civilized world will probably be much more lasting than it seems in our time with its overestimation of brutal violent forces. Because lasting will only be the work of such statesmen who wake up and strengthen the moral power of their people through their example and educational works. We may all be happy and grateful that destiny gifted us with such an enlightened contemporary, a role model for the generations to come. - Source: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem