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Happy Birthday Dion!!!


Guys,Dion can't be spared just bcoz he's in the US..Gear up!!So wat if all f us r nt together..Bhaiyyon!!Let's give him a solid imaginary GPL...Here we go!! The wild animals of Topfloorers hitting Dion's ass..Hitting ,hitting ..Krishnan is in full form, smugly enjoying his revenge & we have our takla (who kicks as hard as a gal !!) giving 2- 3 worthless kicks & Here comes our GPL master ..Loveguru Rahul whose one kick breaks even the hardest butt!! Dion, it hurts ?Did I hear a Nooooo? Guys how dare he say "No'..Let's call Our man "The man from Gujarat..The star attraction of entire 2k3 " ..Ulaallaa!!!!..Here comes the man,ANKIT DAANGU!! Dangs!!! The gr8 Gaands ready to give a kick but what's this folks!! usual.Gaandhi himself bcms the Bakra again & instead of giving GPL to Dion we have Gaandhi as the feast for the hungry lions of Topfloor..Wait guys!! the action aint over yet!! No no no no!!...the best part is yet to come..Yummy!! Raj & Rathz take out the Black Beauty..The Black Forrest Cake from DeCosta bakery!! ...Yummy!! Evry1 is drooling over the cake as lusciously as when their chick-starved eyes see some hot chick!! & Now it's time for DJ nite!!! Yipppie!! Against Rudra's wish, his neat & clean room has been turned into a DISCO with the animals dancing their way to Glory.Ashok lol, Balls ,Shayon,Karma & the entire Bong phyllum is also here & here comes our MP ,Shanoob & Fundoo Nandu!! Mutthu & his cigratte partners have filled the entire corridor with smoke but that hasn't dettered Atri Boka to enthrall ppl with his "patented belly dance" & there we have Chaki sticking to his firm rule "That I don't dance "& chatting with his chick on fone!! All in all a party that had every ingredient & for which we were all waiting for so long!! Cheers!!!!!

Fast Fwd :In the morning,everyone's sleeping like pigs ,least bothered that it's 10 & they ve already missed a coupla lectures!!

Once again!! Happy Birthday man!! njjjjjoyyyy!!
From the Titans ,The Titans of 2K3!!
Dedication: "Yaaron Dosti " from Mann to all the TopFloorers...


shanoob said…
topfloor ka yaad dila diya.. tnx...
@ dion...
many many happy returns of the day....
Unknown said…
happy b'day senti-mental SOB..

reading this i felt everything just happening once again..wo pal aur ek baar ji liya..

PS::2day's Halloweens day too..
and we got our foto IDs 2day..
u all shud see samik's foto..he looks like a sacry face from a horror muvee..(if possible i'll post tht)

one more thing:: we ppl got our 1st salary today..

many happy returns of the day once gain dion..
Shayon said…
Wow! What a description!! Wish you a very very happy birthday from my side too, dion. Hope you had an awesome day! Miss you guys!!
Thanks guys..
But a few more posts would be good too.
Unknown said…
happy b'de sob....
n mannu it is a g8 post.. after readin it i felt dat m in coll again...

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