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hey mannu.... for the sake of postin something.... try thses in ur windows... got these by a forwarded message frm my friend. 1. try creating a folder named "CON" (no qts) anywhere in windows. 2. open ur notepad, write "Bush hid the facts" (no qts), save and close it, n reopen.... 3. open word, typr "=rand(200,99)"(no qts) and press enter.... i ll post some gud stuff latr..... [:)]

some more pics of my trekk


Return to the wall..

Hi are you all?? I got little busy in the last couple of months. Lekin abhi I got a 'bench' so ab to poorey time masti karnaa hai. I am now in Kolkata. After some hardwork, thanks to volleyvardhan Ashok hamein utni taklif nahii hui, we got a house in sector 2 in Salt Lake. All the ol' fellows from college stay nearby, office bhi nazdik hii hai. Friends, Ashok to poora don ban gaya hai. Sab kaam ek dum efficiently kartaa hai. Lekin sota abhi bhi kumbhkaran jaisa hai. I see a lot of posts here. I'll have to read all of them, didnt get time, other than to glance through your photos. Feels good to be back to blogging. I will be posting more soon. Sayonara..

More abt my trekking trip

So finally m upto writing something… n its abt my Himalayan trip… V started off on 30th Oct’07 by Moori Exp… It’s a totally fucked up train… never travel in dat…Newez v reached delhi on 31th night, booked a bus 2 Hrishikesh frm dere... By next morning I reached d state which I had alwez dreamt off… uttaranchal , home of my dream girl… uttaranchal is as beautiful as her, a class apart… On d same day by evening v reached d base camp at 5000ft… Base camp was surrounded by forest on one side and by assiganga river on other side…I said 2 myself , nothing is more beautiful dan nature’s beauty… dis river on reaching haridwar s called ganga… V were 38 guys with 6 frm tata Tinplate… v were accommodated in 3 tents… next morning would b d hardest day in my life… V hav 2 wake up by 5.30 in dat cold… for morning freshness v hav 2 go 2 jungle… I should mention here dat in dis trip I learnt using toilet paper… it was too cold 2 touch water… n I must admit dat using toilet paper s better dan di

Happy B'Day Rath!!

Here's a cake for you from top floorers: First of all, many many happy returns of the day to u.. We celebrate your bday online this time but sans GPL, but that`ll be due for the next time. Here's the online GPL for u!! Have a great time!! TCS waale bhai logo, acche se GPL karna.. AG signing off..

Happy Birthday Rathz!!

TOPFLOORERS wish Rathindra a very happy Birthday.May God fullfill ur life wid lots of happiness & achievements & May God stash ur mind with hundreds of more whacky ideas.. & Rathz we want new videos 4m there man.Companies main aane kay baad hum logo ki creativity khatam nahin honi chahiye. Dekho bhiayyon I have a gr8 idea on Rathindra's Birthday...See, if we just continue with our jobs then there'll be no blasting masti..So let's accumulate money & let's get into the movie making business...& wat more! I have a great script ready guys!!! I am giving u a short briefing on this movie .If u all are fine with ur characters & roles then tell me I ll tell u the Script in detail later. Director :Rathindra (he has already directed a coupla videos.So he has the so-called "WORK-EX" !!) Music Director : The Sleepy Hollow aka Mozart -Rudra (but i guess he's planning to make make a silent movie.Return to the Old ages!) Characters in the Film: G

how s d cake

my himalayan trekking trip pics

resting for a while its me at d backdrop of alpine forest in jungle eating maggi trekker raj at 10000 feet with my frnz river crossing exercise with bachendri pal

Happy Diwali !!

HAVE A BLAST THIS DIWALI ,GUYS!! JITNI BHI SALARY MILI HAI SAB UDA DO!! May God fill the lives of all u guys with bright colors!! Latest updates 4m all the corners Raj had gone 4 trekking in Himalayas & will upload the pics here soon!!.. Dion has come a Papu in the US..!! Has made his Uni Library his second home :)) Rathz n Sam r busy discussing all hot topics like" xtra-marital affairs" with Pragya n all in Trivandrum & their Goddamn topics r pissing off Shanoob big-time. Chaki is going to Trivandrum to get a break from his utterly montonous life & is going to meet the other buggers there. Myself: Well,I got screwed ystday .I was bunking office in the aftnoon..My bad luck is that when I was going out on my bike with a gal, my project manager saw me & threw sm vry really nasty glances i m into damge-control mode now.. Gravepine is abuzz with rumours that Bora has left Aricent & preparing for GRE & he's got a new GF ..dekh lo bhaiyyon..Bora ne