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Song or SEX ???

Few days back , I was watched one Hindi & one English movie back to back ... In a hindi movie after the acceptance of love suddenly a song starts around tress (in 60s) or in foreign locations (present age) ... "Emraan Hashmi movies are exceptions." But in an English movie after the acceptance. the couple indulges in steamy sex ... I was wondering that in real life what is practically possible : Song or Sex ??? How many of you gonna sing "pehla nasha" in the backdrop of himalayas ??? It means Bollywood misguides us !!! So its better to watch Hollywood movies to get a feel of real life :p

All of you are invited!

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"Bye-Bye Hyderabad.....Kolkata edition Begins"

Hey friends I have been transferred to Calcutta (I still prefer to call it Calcutta rather than Kolkata) so would be there from 2nd May. Provided no last minut changes happens. Finally I have to bid Bye to all sorts of Biryanis and Kebabs which i have been relishing since the past 2 yrs. Hope to see lots of old faces there.

"A memorable train journey - part 2"

"A memorable train journey - part 1" I figured out that because of ear phones she couldn't hear me & hence didn't respond to me ... I did the weirded of thing - waved hand to get her attention ... This time she responded asking, yes ??? Uska baad kya tha ... I did what I am best at - flirting ... Our talk started with Engineering , college life , family , in fact every damn thing ... I would pretend as if I know everything about everything to impress her ... I have found that all the girls I have met have been very talkative... They would keep on talking non-stop for hours ... We guys dont even get "Pee Break" !!! I asked her why are u studying so hard in train.. She replied , "just for time pass" ... huh !!! for time pass ... I would rather sleep than to study to pass my time ... Also , she told me that she gives GATE every year "just like that"... It was too much for me ... Puri pappu hai !!! W hat was her name , name ... I am not a


I am on a stretched catapult. Would you know the feeling? May be yes. Question is would one want to be on a stretched catapult? Long time ago at the beginning, I was a mid-sized boulder. I was taken care of by a fat being; seeing in me the potential of turning into a significant obelisk. I was well off; care & love. Time went by, I was hammered and polished, the potential may be reached eventually. This was never to be. I have already said, in the present, I'm on a catapult, obelisk will not fit in. The wear and tear, the Kinetic phase after the near-potential-state, turned me into a pebble. Not knowing for good, bad or worse, I was comfortable on a leather pad.  Another being had picked me and thought I could hit the target. The rubber was being stretched. I was happy perched on the leather pad. I realised one day, the other day. The aim is not as I wish but upon the bearer of the catapult.  Release I must, myself.  I know not where I will land. It might be a hard landing

Happy Birthday- Gandhi

Hey Gandhi.. Wish you a very Happy Birthday :) We wish you loads and loads of good luck, happiness and lots of success.. I would have written about the 'love and the girl bit' but then Mannu would have definitely gone all bonkers, telling me how can I wish you happiness along with you having a girlfriend *JUST KIDDING* I know it is a Monday, but I hope that they let you party hard and that you have an awesome awesome awesome awesome day :) Lots of love and hugs!