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My two interesting neighbors !!!

I have got two neighbor ladies - one is touching 60 & other is in her late 30s . Lets call the older one - BA & younger one MB ... (The full form , il tell latter) . BA has problem with my everything - dustbin to couriers . MB is nice , keeps all my couriers . I generally wake up at 8 am ... One morning I woke around 6 hearing loud chanting & Puja mantras. Frustrated & thinking , "kise itna josh aa gaya subah subah puja karne ka", I opened the door but it was so smoky that I couldn't see anything. Mrs. MB was doing some heavy Puja with some three- four pandits. I just ignored thinking its for a day but bext morning too it happened & the next & it continued for whole one week . I questioned to God "mere hisse ki puja bhi padosi se karwa doge ??" I generally leave home at 10 am & daily these two ladies are chatting standing at their doors. When I come back in lunch around 3, then also they are chatting . I wonder what the h


Let there be peace, common sense and good will. By the way while there may still be special trains to the northeast, you may as well get on one and arrive to experience the region. :)

100 more to go

I had promised myself that I will not do a countdown, but with each day that passes, the realization of the biggest day in my.. our lives instills both a sense wanting the time to stop right now, and also wanting it to move forward. So as I countdown from 100th Day to the D Day.. I well, just have a video to share... This is my current favorite song, which makes me pine for Shayon..

Happy Birthday- Mann Man!

Alrighty, I thought that I would grant you the wish of a no special Birthday post.. but then I thought- To hell with it.. when was the last time I din get my way with you guys.. ;) (Now that I think about it.. a lot of times.. but then lets not get in the stats) So here is wishing our very own Rap star a VERY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! God Bless you.. :D 



"When u wanna torture someone"

Agar kisi se dushmani nikalni hai to use apne paise se "Jism 2" dikha do .... Yes guys it was such a horrible movie. My all time worst movie. The whole casting crew was below average. Dialogues ka to kuch kehna hi nahi .. Dear Sunny Leone , you do what you are best at !!! This type of acting is not your cup of tea . In 15 min I felt like leaving the theater but one thing stopped me, for which Payal is famous for - "Hooting" . I can feel the frustration of fellow viewers. All type of comments started pouring in. All the ladies in the theater left before interval . This was now all boys party . Reminded of college time Payal days. Enjoyed the evening :) My rating to the movie is : -1/5 !!!

"In search of that feeling"

Love is everywhere - people getting engaged , people getting married >>> but it is lost in my life ... I remember a time when the most motivating word for me was "love" ... I would do all those crazy things ... Today when I look back at those things , I laugh at them ... In search of that feeling , I watched many romantic flicks but in vain ... In fact I am not having that patience to watch a romantic movie in one go ... I am seriously getting concerned of myself .... Because of this weird feeling I am not responding to the interested girls for wedding ... There is one thing I am loving -  the extension of my Bachelor days.. The freedom of living my own life ... What you guys say of my problem ???