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My two interesting neighbors !!!

I have got two neighbor ladies - one is touching 60 & other is in her late 30s .
Lets call the older one - BA & younger one MB ... (The full form , il tell latter) .
BA has problem with my everything - dustbin to couriers .
MB is nice , keeps all my couriers .

I generally wake up at 8 am ... One morning I woke around 6 hearing loud chanting & Puja mantras.
Frustrated & thinking , "kise itna josh aa gaya subah subah puja karne ka", I opened the door but it was so smoky that I couldn't see anything. Mrs. MB was doing some heavy Puja with some three- four pandits.
I just ignored thinking its for a day but bext morning too it happened & the next & it continued for whole one week . I questioned to God "mere hisse ki puja bhi padosi se karwa doge ??"

I generally leave home at 10 am & daily these two ladies are chatting standing at their doors. When I come back in lunch around 3, then also they are chatting . I wonder what the hell in this world they were talking about from past five hours . In fact, in five hours even love birds get bored of each other !!!
In curiosity once I sat beside my door to figure out their topic of discussion ;)
It started with , bai achchi nahi hai ; aajkal bai milna kitna mushkil hai ; bai kitna chuttu marti hai.
OMG , ek bai pe itna discussion !!!

Next , ye neeche wali kaise kapde pehenti hai , bahot show off karti hai . I was amazed to hear this as Mrs BA is having walk with "neeche wali" every evening. Then Mrs. MB started criticizing few of her close friends in the colony.

Now its the turn of kids, uska beta kitna bilkul nahi padhta nahi ,sirf khelta hai. I found that there is only  one good kid in my colony that is of Mrs MB.

& the most interesting topic is here, 2 no (flat no ) wali ka 12 no ke saath chakkar chal raha hai.
Oh Fuck, this was height !!!
You dont need "AAJ TAK" in my colony , my two neighbors can give all minute details !!!

Once I was talking a meeting in my home with some ten of my team members . In between , I had to stop as I can hear a loud shouting from outside. To find out , I peeked from my key hole to see Mrs. MB is shouting. I said to my team members , lets have some fun & listen to my neighbors fight  :))

The only thing , I can say is that my neighbors are crazy. They have problem with everything in this world.

& my life continues giving them "banawati" smiles whenever I have eye contact with them .

Before I finish , Mrs BA is "Buddhi Aurat" & Mrs. MB is "Maal Bhabhi" !!!


Haha. But how did you manage to eavesdrop on their conversation ? They must be having the conversation inside their house so were you out there glued to the main door ?
atri said…
i burst into laughter when I read this line ...... "& the most interesting topic is here, 2 no (flat no ) wali ka 12 no ke saath chakkar chal raha hai".........

I was in my lab and it was such an awkward situation - everybody gave me a look as if i am the only weird guy in the lab ....waise Raj tu ne to bahut MB ki praise karta tha ..
raj alakshendra said…
@mannu ... they chats in the corridor plus they talk so loud !!!

@atri ... MB's beauty is still there & I still praise that :D

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