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Updation of the Contribution Done ...

Hi friends.. More contribution is coming for the for the Daksh team ... The latest in the list are Rahul & Nandan... The total contribution is Rs 16500 now & I am hoping for more.. The team has gone to Indore to compete in the event there . Lets wish them goo luck... The updated list of the contributers goes like this: Dion - Rs 4000 Nandan - Rs 2000 Rudra- Rs1000 Karma - Rs 1000 Chiru - Rs 1000 Debu - Rs 1000 (deposited directly in the college acc) Gandhi - Rs 1000 (deposited directly in the college acc) Atri - Rs 800 Chaki - Rs 700 Shayon - Rs 500 Raths - Rs 500 Andy - Rs 500 Sandeep - Rs 500 Samik - Rs 500 Myself - Rs 500 Mannu - Rs 500 Rahul - Rs 500

Unity in Diversity?

Disclaimer: These are the sole views of the author. And, in no way are they intended to hurt the feelings of anyone. ******************************* Have you ever wondered as to why is it that we such a HUGE parade on 26th of January? And that be it cold, or foggy or whatever- Almost the entire country is wide awake when the ' Chabees Janwary' parade is aired. I think this is one of the very few days that Doordarshan, has TRPs!!! The reason is simple- The entire world waits for this parade- Because this parade is the 'Show of Strength' to the other nations. It is an exercise of propaganda for country.. yeah we are very humble people, but it is ok to show off sometimes. 61st Year of being a Republic, was also marked by the auspicious release of the Newest, and the most talked about Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara ... on Youtube, it has been posted as a reply to the Old Video of Mile Sur Mera Tumhara. And boy oh boy- Has it created some ripples on the blogosphere and on twitte

"Marriage is in the air"

on 20th jan a friend of mine got engaged ... Many more are in pipeline ... Like utpal is getting married on 9th feb ... have we grown up finally ??? today when i see school kids then i get the feeling how good those days used to be ... Many small kids now say uncle to me even though i still look like a school boy .. I feel like slapping these kids but then "sach hamesha kadwa hota hai" So, we are grown up enough to manage our own family ... People say "marriages are made in heaven" is it really ?? I asked the same friend who got engaged " bhabhi kaisi hai" His reply was " theek hai " I asked "kya hua be , dukhi kyon hai" He replied "I saw ur bhabhi for the 1st time on the day of engagement" I know this guy for past 3 years .he is very jolly type , energetic .. Now after the engagement he looks a bit down ... Whatever may be the reason but I thing is for sure "marriages are not made in heaven"... It is decided by soci

shopping experience with a girl - part 2

hi friends , I am continuing from where i had left in the last post.. Next thing to buy were typical ladies accessories - earings, bangles so on, so on ..its an endless list ... We went to some other market ... There were females of all ages in that market ... The male population consisted mainly of shopkeepers & people who follow these females ... these followers can be son, husband, brother, friends & all other relations possible .. My girl chooses a pair of blue earrings after looking at some million other earrings... Dont think that sales end here ... She asks me how it would look on her blue dress ... The 1st thing that comes in my mind on hearing blue is "Men in Blue". For a moment i started imagining our cricket team to be wearing blue earrings & hitting sixes... I said great , its a perfect match for that dress (even if i dont remember the dress, i had to pretend) . I just wanted to get out of the shop ... She finally rejected it after thinking for next 10

Hip Hip Hurray !!

Just a Hi to all you buddies.....

Please don't get scared. May be many of you are thinking what happened to me and why am I writing here. But being a silent spectator in this blog, I suddenly thought of coming out of the grave and write something about me. After all, this blog binds us all. Aall is well in Bangalore. Me and Shayon are only two here a I seriously wish that I will be able to meet few of you here very soon. On my job front, everything is smooth. On my personal front also everything is cool. Finally I became the proud owner of my bike. My EMIs for the bike completed last month and now RTO has stamped that it is my sweet bike and ICICI has nothing to do with the bike. Well, few days back I bought three books. Though most of you know that the only books that I buy are related to computers but this time all the three books are related to management. The list goes below: 1) the One minute manager 2) Fish 3) Tipping Point All three are wonderful books and I suggest all of you to read them. 'the One minu

I am getting married. NOT

And I give up. Totally totally give up. ALL OF YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY BUTTHEADS. Yeah read that again and again. I mean, hello- I thought that TWM is a forum which you all love. But no, all of you are so busy in your lives that you can't spare 10 minutes in ONE whole week to either update your beloved page, or to just leave a message on this page. This what a third post that I put up in last couple of weeks, dammit the lack of enthusiasm by all of you is not helping the cause of the topfloorers who would normally contribute. When Gandhi put up the New Year post, none of you had the courtesy to wish Happy New Year to each other.Ofcourse you all did that through smses and phone calls... but I am sure that you guys are getting the drift. Mannu and Dion... I am really sorry that I had to resort this cheap marriage stunt. But yeah, this did not help either. For the record- Shayon and I will get married eventually, I just made the announcement 2 years odd in advance. To support my claim here

Penn Masala...

Firstly, I would like to wish all the sleeping members of TWM- A Very Happy New Year...!!!, I really really hope that in this new year we stop behaving like lazy arses and get the activity chart on this blog page some hope. I mean guys, how could you not wish each other New Year... especially after Ankit did such a great job on that cute picture. ******************************* Anyways, to all my dear Music enthusiasts, if you guys thought that music is all because of guitars and drums then here is a new genre that is just Awesome... its called A capella . An art that, wiki says has been here for quite some time. I was introduced to this genre by my cousin who incepted the Band called Penn Masala , what started as a small college band at the University of Pennsylvania, is a rage now (atleast to me) and they had their first concert in Delhi yesterday at Hard Rock Cafe. ( I had asked Mr. Mannu, to come also, but unfortunately he could not make it). To be frank, I had no idea how the he

Happy New Year!!

Wishing you & your families a very happy & prosperous new year!! May this year bring happiness, luck & prosperity in your lives...