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life is moving very fast for me...

k ... sakshi here's the post from me ... m feeling very bored in office so thought of writing something .... I asked my boss to give some new design work n he said that you head the design team so you only allocate work to others. So basically I am free now . N donno for how many days. year 2009 is moving very fast for me . its only 2 months n many things have changed for me . it all started with the new home ...finally i got a perfect flat for me ... most of u must have seen the pics ... i have maintained it properly keeping it neat n clean ...                                             this pic was taken by raths the 2nd major incident took place on 2nd feb when i got a warning letter from my boss . another thing which i would like to put is the horrible network of airtel . m just pissed off. u get inside any bulilding n the network is gone ... in addition to this call never ever connects to a rim no. also its not easy to call a bsnl, smart or a landline no . moreover , recievin

Calcutta, West Bengal arrived

"arey diwano mujhey pehchano, mein huun kaun' Guess the TWM creatures have not forgotten me, well I was always there on the right column of our dear page if anybody would have noticed. Actually guys work had kept me at work for most part of January, yeah even in the recession times there are still loads of work to be done. I had worked like a zombie in those days, with that much hardship & effort I could have may be done something GREAT!! Well good days are back again, and I am on a look out for some plot to experiment with my new camera; a sony H50. Yeah, I got hold of one after going to almost all electronics shop in the locality looking for offers but in the meantime it's price rose by 2K. What a bad luck!! Probably I'll have to push Sam & Karma for some new music to match the Rap from north. Mannu bhai seems to be on his way of becoming a rock star. Great piece you created Mannu. And Sakshi has added a lot of social cause in our page. Sure your articles are

The Others

Well, guys just an after thought.Stumbled upon this wonderful piece in some blog, thought of sharing with you all.For the uninitiated follow the link to know more about   F.O.S.L.A . F.O.S.L.A. We, the people of the sovereign last bench, on this glorious 14th day of the month of May of the 2003rd year since the birth of Christ, declare our Democratic club – The Frustrated One Sided Lovers Association – OPEN! It is also hereby declared that we, The Founding Fathers, shall continue to extend our deepest support and sympathies to all the member citizens who shall remain to be one-sided lovers and as a result be completely frustrated with their un-enviable and thoroughly miserable existence. Our glorious Association shall, as long as it exists, celebrate the frustration of being a one sided lover. May all the frustru people Unite under this Glorious Banner. May the will of the Lord be with us. Hereforewithunderneeth signed. PS: Rakhi Sawant Rocks!

Happy Valentine's Day....

Hey Guys... finally the Day of Love is here... And we have someone... amongst us.. who is having his very fist V day... Ok, I'll use this platform... and say that Shayon and I complete 4 years of our relationship today... i.e on the V day. Here is a little something that I wanted to share with you all today... its cheesy... and mushy.. but what the heck... it is the day of Love... "Finding someone you love and who loves you back is a wonderful, wonderful feeling. But finding a true soulmate is an even better feeling. A soulmate is someone who understands you like no other, loves you like no other, will be there for you forever, no matter what. They say nothing lasts forever, but I am a firm believer in the fact that for somelove lives on even after they are gone...."                                                                           Holly in P.S. I Love You.... Here is wishing that every one falls in Love... atleast once in their life...!!!

We'll ride the storm

"Guess who's back with a brand new rap and by rap I dont mean a new case of child molestation and accusation..." Brakes... Let me stop with Eminem's crap and talk about Meminem's brand new rap. I wrote and composed this rap number last year but there since were no supporting vocals, I recorded it this weekend with supporting vocals from my brother who is a percussionist and did an amazing job in this song.. There are still some rapping glitches but I love the way the song has shaped up. Please increase the volume of your speakers/headphones as the audio strength of the song ain't good. Song : We'll ride the storm Get this widget | Track details | eSnips Social DNA Here we go with the lyrics: "We'll ride the storm,I'll guide you home outta the dark I am busy, busy living a life of my own i wonder for hours why I keep writing these songs thinking about the glorious times which we had thinking why in the en

Boys will be boys... or what??

I have been planning this post for a long time... but just couldn't get that trigger...!! And well, finally got that this morning, and thus this is the first thing that I am doing. Mannu had written this very nice post about how, its a vicious circle about staying single...  Hmmmm, well, on the similar lines... I have a question  What is it that you all boys look for in a girl? Like, remember Raj had been talking about what kind of a girl is it that he wants... and I remember him telling me, after he started dating that 'Sakshi, She has all the seven points that I had talked about' My best friend once send me this sms- ' Every man is searching his 2nd mother in the name of love, And every woman gets her 1st child in the form of her lover ' So how true is this? I know this for sure in case of two men, who I have seen in a relationship... one being my cousin brother who is in a live in... and his girlfriend told me about million times, 'Sakshi, your bro is such a

Love is in the Air...

Love is in the air.. literally...!!! What with the Countdown to the valentines day... and Raj going and meeting his girl. I dunno, if anybody had ever noticed it, that the festival of love comes during the best month of the year... apart from being the shortest month, Feburary, the weather is also perfect. Its neither too cold nor too hot. Just Perfect. But, this time, the valentines day is going to be a really special affair. (Its Shayon n my, 4th anniversary...) But, its actually the Delhi Police that has given all the love birds a reason to celebrate. If Gehlot in Rajasthan is gearing up for firing against 'pub culture' the Delhi Police have said, that they are all in favour for celebrating the Valentines Day... and that there is not going to be any Moral policing. Here is Cheers.. to the Day of Love...!!!

An Appreciation Letter

This letter is given to six guys including me ...we have named this group super 6 ... two of them of this group are from our college ... click on the image to read it clearly ... njoy ...  hey mannu u might also get a similar one some day ... ha ha ha ...