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Boys will be boys... or what??

I have been planning this post for a long time... but just couldn't get that trigger...!! And well, finally got that this morning, and thus this is the first thing that I am doing.

Mannu had written this very nice post about how, its a vicious circle about staying single... 
Hmmmm, well, on the similar lines...

I have a question 
What is it that you all boys look for in a girl? Like, remember Raj had been talking about what kind of a girl is it that he wants... and I remember him telling me, after he started dating that 'Sakshi, She has all the seven points that I had talked about'
My best friend once send me this sms-
'Every man is searching his 2nd mother in the name of love,
And every woman gets her 1st child in the form of her lover'
So how true is this?

I know this for sure in case of two men, who I have seen in a relationship... one being my cousin brother who is in a live in... and his girlfriend told me about million times, 'Sakshi, your bro is such a brat and such a kid... but I love him soooo much' , ofcourse the fact that she is like two years older to him just helps...
And the second case in question ... oh well forget it, I just don't understand that case in question... at all..!!

Just wondering, , that just like the girls start weaving their dreams about the knight in the shining armour and the prince charming... who would be the perfect lover... Do you guys also, you know think about what an ideal girl is... or should be like??
(All the Hindi Movies... and the sappier English love movies have this segment about the protagonists talking about the perfect girl/guy for them, I especially, remember the description of Maya, given by Rahul in Dil toh Pagal hai...)

And, once in a relationship, why does it become so difficult for guys to change their ways for the girl... You know, no relationship is perfect and shit like that...but why is sooooo difficult for the boys to understand that it takes two hands to clap... and thus instead of always landing up in the argument about how the girl is trying to change the guy and being the villain... why don't you sit and rationalize...
I agree, you can't completely change to suit the needs of the paramour but, a little bit of adjustments... won't really hurt the EGO...!!!

And, though, I know that feminism and women empowerment et all, are the flavour of the season, but why does that mean that men don't have to chivalrous anymore? If the girl doesn't like the man to open doors for her or wait for her as gets out of the car... or pay for every date... she will say so... 

Oh, Yeah... ego- why is it soooooooooooo difficult to once in a while put that aside and say sorry and try and making up?? (ESPECIALLY WITH A GIRL)
I know of guys who after having an argument with their girl, would keep on on saying sorry... and calling them up... like their life hangs on them... (that is really awwwww... tooo mushy) and then there are the guys, who would go over the top to calm their girl... like, taking her out to her favourite restaurant... or movie...
And then there are guys, who would not say sorry till the girl calls back... and then they would be like- Oh, Sorry about the fight/argument that we had... haan toh kissi zaroori kaam se phone kiya tha... main zara busy hoon...

Help me figure out the answers to these dilemmas... then maybe... you won't regret having a girlfriend... or maybe, it will just help finding the best match....for ye all singles ready to mingle...!!!


I was almost laughing when I read this article not coz it's funny but coz Sakshi seems to be so flared up- with the guns drawn towards her boyfriend ie PKP & an indirect attack on my last article also..I loved that!

There are two points I'd like to mention:

1>Throwing some light on the way the mightier gender-the males have evolved over the course of humanity .Forgive me if I sound like an MCP ( a Male Chauvinist Pig) an acronynm first told to be by Dion.Here's an extract from one book :

"Right from the course of mankind-the darker sex had this inherent urge to conquer -to conquer anything-land,power,women & till the time they are on their crusades to conquer this they have a fire burning up inside their belly which can be doused only when they'll be successful in their conquest..But after the conquest slowly & slowly everything becomes commonplace-the conquest & then men don't care about what they have achieved & it's not of much significance to them"
The above extract though has no direct implication here but then it gives a slight hint..

2>People like Shayon & I are the victims of a bug called "carelessness"
Citing my example:Only I know much careless I am & how I have to face the brunt of this..Now & then,I get scolded by my parents for being so reckless.I say I ll call 'em up..but then forget that..My bro asks me to do so & so & then it just skips my mind..
Once,my dad called me up thrice to wish my Mom on her birthday & as usual I even forgot that..then finally at 11 in the night he called me again & gave me a gud scolding saying that the birthday is not important but this shows that you don't even care about your parents otherwise it would have struck you at least once that this is your mom's birthday..same thing happened on my dad's birthday last year..But that doesnt mean that I dont care about them but it's just that it's one of the flaws we have..Not that I am happy with it but am trying to change it.All these things really skip my mid.
So that's also probably true with Shayon..He's a careless fellow & needs a lot of space.I am nt saying you are invading his space but then it's really very difficult to change!! Not that we dont want to change but coz it's embedded in our personalities.
So it's nothing to do with his love for you but it's just to do with his own personal carelessness.
Sakshi said…
About that extract from the book, That was such a nice way to put things... when you are dumping a girl because you have gotten bored of her.
Enlighten me- How to keep the MCP, entertained all his life?
Do I really need to defnd myself here?
I am the one who remembers the birthdays and all... I don't really care about that...
Its the little little things that pile up.
Be it simple sorries, or the simple fact that its important to feel happy about a good news that relates to 'people that you care about'.
I don not believe in invading the 'personal space' of anybody... because, I do no like mine being invaded either.
Its not about the whole lot of change either- lil gestures go a looong way... or so its said.
Oh, Yeah- One more thing that I would like to be enlightened on-
How come there are some guys who are always being Mr. Romantic? and then there are the MCPs... are they the way they are... or that is the 'change'?
And Mannu, is this post a 'good' post? ;)
Yups!!It indeed is a good one!! No doubts about that

Let others throw some light on this topic now .I have already written a lot.

I am getting pretty bored these days..Life sucks here nowadays!! the same old routine
Ankit said…
May be boring, but lemme explain this way:
Like in a sine wave...u get all the highs(when u conquer), interspersed with all the lows...then u get bored move to a next high(next aim)....
The very point what some wannabe's do...i guess one needs a relationship to keep one at the median...up from all the lows..and down from all unnecessary highs...& that includes showing gratitude with necessary sorrys & thankyous..
raj alakshendra said…
life is like sine cueve is my dialogue ..sala copy karta hai..

will be like boys only ... they love sleeping n eating anytime...
Sakshi said…
That is what I am saying... why is it that you all have a simple straight excuse- 'boys will be boys'... and if that s the case, then the girls should also start saying - 'girls are girls'....and get away with anything?

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