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Love is in the Air...

Love is in the air.. literally...!!!
What with the Countdown to the valentines day... and Raj going and meeting his girl.

I dunno, if anybody had ever noticed it, that the festival of love comes during the best month of the year... apart from being the shortest month, Feburary, the weather is also perfect. Its neither too cold nor too hot.

Just Perfect.

But, this time, the valentines day is going to be a really special affair. (Its Shayon n my, 4th anniversary...) But, its actually the Delhi Police that has given all the love birds a reason to celebrate. If Gehlot in Rajasthan is gearing up for firing against 'pub culture' the Delhi Police have said, that they are all in favour for celebrating the Valentines Day... and that there is not going to be any Moral policing.

Here is Cheers.. to the Day of Love...!!!


Bach kay rahna..kahin Lodhi gardens main police waale hi naa dande maar dein :-)...

Guys I met Anthony Kiedies (RHCP frontman) yesterday night in my dreams..We chatted over a lot of things..I remember asking him how do they go about composing this song "Scar Tissue" & the chat wid him was really very awsm..
& now if anybody says that I ve gone gay I m gonna screw him ...D
Unknown said…
thats g8 ... i hope maharashtra police also follow thw same footsteps... congrats for completing 4 years ... i still cant imagine shayon has come such a long way ...
newez u guys r lucky 2 meet on 14th ... njoy the day ...

ma da ladla bigad gaya ...
hav fun in ur dreams
Was just read the Gandhi post & the subsequent comments & m still laughing!!!
Do read it whenever u feel down & out.It's a great anti-depressant.
Sakshi said…
NO MORAL POLICING. OK? Read the newspapers...!!!

I agree, even I don't feel that i have come such a long way in one relationship... but I guess, love is the best tonic...
I just hope that your prayers come true and that I am with him on the 14th.
Btw- Am sorry, about not calling you for the details about your all so important meeting... have been perpetually low on balance...!!!
raj alakshendra said…
m also running short on balanc ... Std calls bahut karna padta hai jo ...
I know abt it but u never know ..Remember Meerut's Gandhi Park..The song"Bach kay rahna re baba..bach kay rahne re " is apt here

Was reading ur article on "Phone bills n ladki" ...Mazza aa gaya

Please somebody take the intiative of posting something of "substance".
We want something gud..
FYI: Rathz is also gonna join us now..He has his project going live on 7th Feb .After that he'd be free.
So Rathz give us some gud post &
where's Karma ??This guy is strange..All of a sudden he comes from somewhere & then posts 3-4 articles within one week & then he's MIA for two months..
Sakshi said…
oye mannu, what does this mean- we want something
Hahaha...Open for interpretations :-) I mean kuch rocking !!

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