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Happy 2012

Different sights from Jamshedpur

Have you done some stunts as a kid; jumping from the bed with a towel tied  around your neck!! I could do some stunts like skidding on my bicycle. Just happened to come across this video and seems like the kids are having great fun..

Delhi Trip [December 2011]

Here are a few pictures from the meetup. For more pictures, do check out my FB profile. Shall also upload them soon on Flickr.

Making the Christmas more than merry!

So, it is Christmas and we are all getting ready to bid adieu to the year 2011!  I am sure that a lot of us went through loads of ups and downs, and that we would be looking back at certain fond memories of the year gone by and at the same time, we will be wanting to start the New Year *The last year according to Nostradamus or some one or the other* before the world ends. And, thank heavens that I got to meet loads of TWM members before the world is kicked into the chaos gear. So making the Christmas Merry, this year, we had with us, in saddi dilli, Dion, Raj & Shayon *Shayon's moved back to Mumbai* and there were us- Mannu, Gandhi, Debu and myself! We missed the rest of you! And, it would have been one hell of a party had all of you been here!  So from the lunches to the dinners and to the absolutely random trip to dumdama lake and then Jim Corbett national park, the guys had loads of fun *I am hoping that my assumptions are right*. I of course, being the Cinderella girl, h

A Football Post

Here We Are....The match video At the end of the video you will see FCB player's photos in a bus. Those were taken before the match when Players were leaving from their hotel. We unknowing reached near the FCB team's hotel while walking in the Yokohama city when we saw a big crowd near a big hotel. We waited for almost two hours for the players came out from hotel. Many people were standing to take autographs. But nobody was lucky. They came down the hotel and reached into the team bus swiftly. But ..but something miraculous happened there. One guy suddenly started screaming 'Shakira'. She was Shakira, the Pop singer came to Japan with boyfriend pique, the barcelona central defender. It was an enjoyable night.


Barcelona team has arrived in Tokyo today for FIFA Clubs World Cup. They will directly play in the semifinal on 15th December.  check out the news: Can't miss to see Messi &  Barcelona. It's a lifetime opportunity. So, I'm taking a holiday on Thursday to see the match. Hmm. There is the other news for which I'm writing. Yesterday I attended Tokyo Motor show. This was the first time I've been in Tokyo. There was no time to visit the city except the motor show due to lack of time. Some of us has decided to go to Tokyo and spend few days from 30 th dec  for new year celebration. The New Year resolution will be to discover world’s most populated urban metropolitan. As expected, this year Japanese motor show did not have the same extravagance like previous years. This was mainly because of the gruesome tsunami that has brought down the business of Toyo

Perspective on Modern Life - Devdutt Pattanaik

'Men say No'

This Blog is part of the  Men Say No Blogathon,  encouraging men to take up action against the violence faced by women.  More entries to the Blogathon can be read at . Join further conversation on  &  t *************************************************************************************************************************************** So, when I was invited to write on this topic, I had a lot of thoughts going criss cross in my mind. And, I almost started posting this on my own personal blog, then, it hit me, that why don't I post this HERE, and start a discussion, with who better than the men in my life!  And my problem is that Delhi is helpless and I stay there!! And it needs help, from the psychiatrists and Councilors. One part of the education budget should be kept aside for educating the men, old, young and even kiddos, to manage their anger and their Ego. And then there should also be a fund for tut

Happy Birthday Maindhak!

So, today is the Birthday of our very own Maindhak! The one guy, no, actually, one of the many here from NIT who just would not spell or pronounce my name right, and look at me, I am still writing a budday post for this frog! Anyways, so here is wishing 'Chax' a very Happy Birthday!!! The first after his marriage! *Wow, this is the second birthday post in a row for the very happily married member of TWM * All of us from TWM wish that the smile on your face remains intact along with your witty sense of humour!! And I personally wish that you finally learn your English alphabet right and spell my name correctly! :) *Just Kidding* Once again, wishing you happiness, success and a great long life! Happy Birthday!!