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An Interesting Dilemma!!

Sometimes you landup in a catch-22. You come across some funny & interesting situations in life which lead to equally interesting dilemmas which often leave you pondering over them.Here's a dilemma I faced,I want your opinions on it. Last Sunday, I went out with a girl .It had rained that day & the weather was lovely, a respite from the scorching sun.Absoultely great!! I somehow arranged for a car (after all boys will be boys & will do anything to hear that “Wow!” thing from a girls’ mouth,isnt it ?) .As I was fed of going to the same old hang outs like KFC & CCD & all other usual joints so I thought that let’s try a different place this time. So I zeroed on 'CafĂ© Morrison', a hard-rock pub in Delhi which plays blasting rock music & where live bands also do their gigs . So we went to the place .The entrance was replete with the poster & frames of legendary rockbands & rockstars, the atmosphere of the pub was gud with most people making “I

Pritam-a new song ,a new exact copy!!

Pritam -probably the most popular music director in Bollywood these days who's churning out hits after hits like "Kya Mujhe Pyaar hai ", "Ya Ali" ,"Doom Macha le " .His "Hare Ram, Hare Krishna" & Pehli Nazar"(Race) have driven this nation crazy with these two songs being omni-present wherever you go on TV, stereos, radios, mobiles.Every other ringtone is either a "Hare Ram, Hare Krishna " or "Pehli nazar" ringtone " & am sick of listening to these songs.From the time this guy has risen to prominence with the chartbuster "Doom Mach le" , I have been reading a lot of articles in the newspapers about his copying songs from Korean,Arabic,French,english music & also have been hearing it that he's the all-time No.1 plagiarist of the Indian music industry but I was always curious to know that how big a plagiarist is he ?? In his interviews,he always maintains that he just takes "inspiratio

Requiem of a dream

"You think you really deserve something. You think you are made for doing it.After all ,you have slogged your ass off for making that dream come true & your all hopes are associated with that dream .Finally God graces you with the hardwork you did & you start imagining a thousand different things around it. Suddenly life seems so wonderful ,every day seems brighter & better & unkowingly you sport that omni-present smile all throughout the day .You are smug thinking that "Thank God, finally I have got it rite!!". Then suddenly one fine day when you are still smug,lost in your imaginations,the world comes crashing down on you & you realize that just when you thought that you have got it right this time life has fucked you again.The reality hits you so hard that all your imaginations become suddenly so bitter that you get paranoid & you wonder is this really happening ? Ohh God !! It was all going perfect .Please somebody tell me that this is some k