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"A memorable train journey - part 1"

I was going from Nagpur to Pune in Garib Rath ... I had reached station some 30 min in advance... I got to my seat & settled with my baggage ... Only five minutes were left for departure & nobody had come to my compartment ... I thought this journey is going to be hell of boring type ... Only one minute is left for departure & here enters a girl with a big baggage , breathing heavily & hairs flowing in all directions .. Girls & big baggage has a deep correlation ... Irrespective of distance & days of travel the baggage is always huge ... Sometimes its bigger than the size of girl ... I donno why girls need to pack the whole world in a baggage !!! We guys just need a pair of jeans , few shirts & it done ... What the hell girls pack ??? So,this girl had a crash landing ... Now I was praying that train starts soon & nobody else should come to my compartment .. & yessss God blessed me - nobody came ... She sat on her seat & started arranging he

The Bong Connection !!!

Its 3 a.m. & I am not sleepy. So ,why not contribute to Wall-Mag ... Last saturday I was in Kolkata with Shayon , Karma & two other college friends. After a longtime I was in City of Joy. Two years back Kolkata was like crowded with college friends - it used to be a real fun time there. Things have changed completely now & only two or three of them are left there. Time passes so fast ... One day I was just sitting & thinking of past ten fun filled years. That feeling gripped me & made me sad. The flashback of old memories is talking upon me. I needed break to get out of this emotional confusion in my mind. This weekend helped me to refresh . We five guys met in Kolkata - Four Bengalis & One mathu-bihari . Shayon had in his mind to have pure bengali food for lunch.I think ,probably, he had come all the way from Mumbai just to have Bengali cuisine ... I have lived most of my as a neighbor of Bengal but somehow I didnt get a chance to have that true Bengali food

Woo her, keep her.. Love her!

 The following post is wholly and solely the world through the author's eyes. She is extremely naive and as her bf kam fiance zyaada says, I live in the fairy tales as far as 'Love & relationships' go, so please pardon the naivety and I really hope that you enjoy the post!  Psssst.. this one is as good for the married, the dating and the ones looking to either date and/or get married.  Let me start with a little joke.. It is often said that the thinnest book that is ever written is 'How to understand Women', considering that you can't really understand them. Since, I failed to help anyone to get a date or a girlfriend here, I thought that maybe I can help the guys out here by giving them tricks and tips, to woo the women, and if already wooed to keep the woman safe and sound in your arms. So here goes.. First Impressions- This one is the most cliched tip, but you have to make a good first impression. Very simple really, talk nicely, dress well, smel

Happy Birthday Raj!

Dear Raj, MAJOR apologies for not posting it a little bit earlier.. as in on your Birthday. And even worse, not calling you up on your day. No excuses I know.. but if at all- I was really stuck up at my cousins' wedding which finally has gotten over.. So, without further ADO- I want to wish you a belated, but never the less- still a VERY VERY Happy Birthday :) We hope that you had a blast :) Wishing you love, laughter.. and loads of success!

Those "30 kms" of my life ...

This was the most exciting part of my delhi visit in last Dec. Most of you know in bits & pieces about that crazy road trip we(me,shayon,mannu,dion) had made .. Here is the real story of those toughest 30 kms of the trip... We were not more than 50 km away from Jim Corbett National Park. It was around 9 pm . We thought in next one hour we would touch our destination . Shayon was driving & I was navigating using GPS & google maps . Google maps is very nice application but there is a problem with it - it shows the shortest path irrespective of road condition . You can see in the map the blue path as shown by gmaps . Previously we took a parallel path given in the signboard on road but we changed thinking the "G-way" would be a shorter path & it turned out to be a blunder !!! This G-way was under construction with big stones , no street lights , open fields on both sides & above all "FOG" . We cant see even 1 inch due to Fog.For the first time in my

Holi Hai !!!

Happy holi to all of us ... Wishing for a colorful & happy life for all of us ...