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An unusual birthday post-for a change!

This post has been written given the fact that the writer didn't have much time as the deadlines of two of the universities the writer is applying to are looming over his head and as usual he has loads of work to finish! Sometimes,I can't help wondering how great an influence NIT,Jamshedpur had on my life.Some of the influences are obvious but some of the indirect influences are though not palpable but have been very significant.It was because of me that my brother, once an introvert,lethargic fat kid,who had an attitude I loathed,has been able to change himself.The change ,like any other change,didn't happen quickly.It took time and loads of real patience on my part.But it's been worth it.The enthusiasm,positivity and talent that he possesses now and the way he has changed himself over the last few years simply surprises me.Not only has changed a lot,but there's been a seismic change in my parents' outlook too! Who would have thought that someday they would bec

My trip...

There is one thing which makes our country unique than others. Its our diverse culture.. I have been to some 20 states of our nation n there are many things to see n experience ..The latest being my stay in Punjab- state of five rivers. I had come to Chandigarh to attend the wedding of my friends bro... I spent some four days with them & i must admit it was great fun .... From Punjabi beauties, to good food to superb roads... The biggest passion for them is eating & dancing...They carry a lot of stuffs to eat in the train too.. On the day of wedding there were some 100 plus items to eat... I couldn ’t even have a look at all of them... The people here are very open minded n frank... Also they are open to any new idea... probably this might be one of the reasons why they are so wealthy... in rock garden the wedding place In this whole trip I met people from various walks of life in trains & buses– A young Caption of Indian Army , A builder from Ludhiana , M

On a Sunday Noon,I had nothing to do,so I came up with this........

I'm sitting here in the boring room It's just another rainy Sunday afternoon I'm wasting my time I got nothing to do I'm hanging around I'm waiting for you But nothing ever happens and I wonder Hola! Buenas Dias junta ! Man I am bored.I could not better sum up my status quo than by the opening lines of the song lemon tree by Fools Garden.Though I there's slight no stretch of imagination its raining outside. Anyway,back to the post.This lassitude is driving me insane ! I tried my hand in DOTA and got kicked from most of the match due to my high ping and low Exp.How mean!! Is there theres nowhere in this world where starters are appreciated?? Sigh !! What life used to be when I was in school and then in college.Everyday was a new challenge.And now its a placid lake..serene and inert..listlessly waiting for someone to ruffle its surface.Jyada Gyan de diya kay! Man of late it is like this..I am always in pensive and melancholic mood.I can see Rathz

And...I Quit Again!!

I am sure this won't come much of a surprise to most of you. Yet, for the rest of them and for the sake of documenting our own lives within the pages of The Wall Mag , I have just resigned from my current job, in Linux For You . Unfortunately, can not share my resignation letter, the way Raj did. Anyway, it's time for a change now. Next destination: Bangalore !!

The Bet...

The marriage season is ON!!! Literally. The latest news being Abhijit Rai, is getting married January 2010. CONGRATS to him. Now, as Raj and I started chatting over this great news, Raj started blabbering about how, all of a sudden there are going be loads of weddings. That, how, lots of Mathus are going to get married and that to soon meaning in the coming year and a half, or so. And in his list of the people getting married were Me & Shayon. Ofcourse- I retaliated to the very proposition of getting married in a year and a half. And thus, the very foundations of The Bet were laid down. Raj & I have made a bet on when is MY wedding. Raj says that MY wedding is happening on Nov 2011 I say that it is on Nov 2012. The stakes are- If I win, then Raj is going to give a dance performance on an entire song at my wedding. If he win, then I have to dance with Raj on my own wedding. Ohkay, I know this sounds really lame, but since the betting is on. You all are also welcome to join in a

Trying to make a difference -- this Diwali #DeepWish

Disclaimer: This post might sound a bit narcissistic. I remember, right since the day I started earning my first 2 pence, I had been craving to donate some of my earnings to help the needy, the poor, the less privileged. However, I could never cough up the sum of money that would actually make some difference. Always ended up embarrassing myself. However, it is @twitter and the twitterati that finally came forward and gave me the chance to lend my bit of hand to someone who might need it. How? Well, thanks to the Diwali festivities and everything, a few friends from @twitter decided we should try and make a few more people's Diwali a cause for celebrations and seeded the idea of donating some money to Goonj , a charity for the girl child. While the idea germinated from Anaagh's blog post , it spread like wildfire and a few more also joined in the cause. The list of contributors is like this - @anaggh Rs1.00 @aneebunee Rs1.00 @atulkarmarkar Rs2.50 @chiefsanjay R

r we not INDIANS ??

Yest I was sitting at one of my distributer's place n both of us were talking serious business. There was one old man probably a guest since I was seeing him for the 1st time. He asked me where is my native place. It was very strange as he didnt ask my name n what I do. After being quite for sometime his next bouncer was what is my caste. I got confused n said what . He made his ques clear again as if it was the most important thing which defines anybody's identity even more imp than his name. I finally replied Indian. He reacted like he is hearing this word for the 1st time. I repeated I am an Indian. Certainly it hurt his ego n he gave a ful lecture on our roots n origin. It was very similar to a scene of Swadesh movie. After he finished off I said him "isliye maine aapse ye kaha ki main ek bhartiya hoon" At last he would have understood that the time has changed n the new generation understands the meaning of the word INDIAN. But still a major part of our populatio

YAWN !! Late night post

Hello Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone home? - Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd Hi All!! Yeah finally after a long slumber I am back.At this time of night when India sleeps a lonely soul types away to glory trying to fight off sleep from his groggy eyes.YAWN.Man its really late.I should have been sleeping by now.But ain't this what I have been doing this for years.Being comfortably numb.Looking back in retrospect I guess I could have become so much and done so many things.But invariably a kinda weariness sweeps over me. I can feel a force of drag bogging me down.I can recall a poem we had in school called "The Road not taken" by Robert Frost.This part of the po

BANG!!! BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi TWM, Time to do some waking up guys. It seems that apart from not writing posts, the laziness has completely taken over and no one seems to be interested in comments either. So, what has been happening in so many lives? With the lack of activity on the page, it seems like every one is busy making preparations for the festive season, or more like it seems like all of you all are on a Diwali Break. Yeah, yeah, I know, I have not been active enough myself. I have been, not doing much at all. I had a friend over from Mumbai, actually, I she is a blog friend and now a friend in the real world as well.. it was great fun hosting her for 5 odd days. We went almost all over the city, going street shopping, eating and just having loads and loads of fun. Shayon was also the part of the ' Delhi Darshan' that we were doing, and thus managed to see a few places where otherwise I am sure we would have never gone for a date. Actually, I have put up a few pictures of Here , do tell me, how d

from the eastern front

Happy B'day Atri

Many many happy returns of the day.. All folks please do the 'patented belly dancing' wherever you are for Atri ;).. Hey this one's for you..had removed this video sometime back but it's back on youtube on your b'day.. Cheers..