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My trip...

There is one thing which makes our country unique than others. Its our diverse culture.. I have been to some 20 states of our nation n there are many things to see n experience ..The latest being my stay in Punjab- state of five rivers.
I had come to Chandigarh to attend the wedding of my friends bro... I spent some four days with them & i must admit it was great fun .... From Punjabi beauties, to good food to superb roads... The biggest passion for them is eating & dancing...They carry a lot of stuffs to eat in the train too.. On the day of wedding there were some 100 plus items to eat... I couldn’t even have a look at all of them... The people here are very open minded n frank... Also they are open to any new idea... probably this might be one of the reasons why they are so wealthy...

in rock garden

the wedding place

In this whole trip I met people from various walks of life in trains & buses– A young Caption of Indian Army , A builder from Ludhiana, MR from Gwalior, a teacher, a Mining businessman. Al of them were successful in their respective field but nobody was happy... If one was struggling to meet his ends , other was earning a lot but having having lots of health problems... I felt I am the happiest of all of them... I discussed my business plan with all of them & all of them were so positive...Probably in next few days some will get into my group.. I realized people doesn’t have the correct information which makes them skeptical..
My stay in Delhi was great ... Shayon knows the every good eating place in Delhi & I recommend everyone to spend a day with him in Delhi.... Both of us had a night stay at Gandhi's place too ... I was shocked that he has changed soooo much ... Probably he is totally trapped in the cruel professional world... Sorry Dangs but both of us didnt see the charm & excitement in u on meeting college friends after such a long time... U looked very down & depressed.. Common dude wake up .... its life ...enjoy it ...

cheers .. its me, shayon & a female frnd of mine frm Ranchi

He took my ice-cream too :(

its chicken

its the best roll i have eaten ever...

sleeping in bus...

at gandhi's place

gandhi is still have the same college curtains...

he can be friend with anybody :)


Mast hai bey! Lagta hai Punjab maine fullto enjoy kiya tune! Yeh 5th photo maine piche kya Gurudwara hai kya ?
Coz it really looks so clean and peaceful that it's hard to believe that it's a public place in India!

And that is one thing I love about Punjabis-they really enjoy life to the hilt.All of them just love dancing!
And your writing style has improved a lot,man! Keep it up!
Rathindra said…

By the way, tell the world that the Rai's marriage news was a rumour..
Sakshi said…
Wow, that was harsh on Gandhi. Dude- he travels so much everyday. Give him a break.
Btw- Good pictures. I see that you had shwarama, huh??
And also glad to know that you recommend Shayon as a tourist guide in Delhi.
All in all I am glad that you had a great time.
And Mannu- Punjabiyaan di shaan hi vakhri hondi hai...

AND IS RAI's WEDDING a RUMOR?? Raj, beta tu toh gaya..
raj alakshendra said…
well thanks. Practice makes a man perfect .
Its the Gurudwara. Wedding took place there only. Seriously it was pm neat n clean.
hey too drive daily more than 50 km that too on a two wheeler. Excitement comes from inside . When u r happy in ur life then u dont care how much u r tired n all.
Probably v know him better for past 6 years. He was such a jolly person in college days.
That Rai thing was a rumor . He made fool of me. He is like that .

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jamshedpur ki shardi

Nature at its best... this is half km away frm my flat
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Outside my flat taken at 7.30 am...

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Office pic 2...

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