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Raj's stupidities

Here we go with the first entry of the contest. ----- 1) 11 years back.Class 8th.Rewind to Feb 1998 My cousin sister's wedding was going on.As my dad was quite busy so he gave his camera to take pics. I love to take pics.It was a Yashica brand camera.During that period,most of the people used to have that. So,I started with my task. It was a fully manual camera,so everytime I had to roll it.It used to show numbers which show how many pictures have been been used . It was the pre-wedding period( with all rituals of a hindu wedding) so there was no professional photographer Or I should say I was the only professional to take the pics of this pre-wedding ceremony.After completing a whole cycle of 36 pictures the counting again came back to 1. I was surprised, so I asked my dad about this & he told that some counting problem is there in the camera. So I continued.In between, one of my aunts commented “Raja babu sirf flash chamka rahe ho ki koi photo bhi le rahe ho”. I repli

a day..

I have been to a few places around Kolkata on picnics & outings. Each of the places were dusty and void of any vegetation. The attraction on those trips had been just the boat trips & of course the company. I always liked my travels, the wind beating on your face, the rural elements going past you, keeping your eyes fixed on the flight of a flock of birds, enjoying the sun go up & then, taking in all the moonlight inside you & in between the powerful beams from opposite traffic shakes you up. These are things which are abstract & can be savoured anywhere. It's also important that the place you go should be 'good'. On holi, we (Rahul, Suman, Abhinav, Samik, Karma & me) went to Mandarmani, some 240 Kms from Kolkata & I will surely recommend this place to anyone looking for a escapade out of Kolkata. Around same time last year me, Samik & Mannu had been to Digha. I tell you, that was first time I'd been to a beach and not taken to the wa

'Mr. Whacko Contest' Teaser

Finally,the Countdown for Mr. Whacko contest begins.The thing which you all had been so desperately waiting for and even pestering me for-The Great "Mr. Whacko contest" will go LIVE on TWM from Monday-30th March 2009.The reason for delaying it so long is that I've been really very busy(for a change :-)) with Java Training for the last one month and thankfully,after numerous extensions,it is over now.Though,I've one certification exam coming up on 6th April but the preparation for the same is not gonna be as strenuous as the training was.I could have posted the article today itself but it would've seemed a little awkard to start without any intimation..So,thought of putting up a 'teaser' article. I am gonna post the articles in increasing order of whackiness so that you can get higher doses of whackiness...Keep your fingers crossed for who's gonna be the first bakra errrr. participant.

my new possesion

On 18th evening after coming back from office I had 2 wash a big heap of clothes. I got frustrated seeing the clothes . So finally I decided to a washing m/c that instant. I went to Spencer's n got one . Its Samsung 5.8 kg fully automatic. Luckily , I got a discount of around 1000. It costed me 9.3 k . But the best part was that it took me 2 hrs to get it started . Now , I am very satisfied. Just I have to press a button &  go to sleep, all my clothes will be washed n rinsed automatically. I had also got a Toaster & corldless electric kettle too. Its of Amway n I got them at an extremely low price.

Nano fever hits TWM a day before !!

Hello folks, Tata Nano may start rolling out in a few hours from now but one of us is already given in to the nano fever. Though of an entirely different kind. Karma has just got hold of a brand new APPLE iPOD Nano 4G . It cost him Rs 9225 plus of course a treat to us at CCD :-). Do you what inspired him to get one?? Actually he'd lost his cellphone's handsfree, so after keeping away from the world of music for a few days; he decided to get a Nano. Meanwhile Karma is creating his account in iTUNES & getting his music-machine ready for a busy week ahead. From the horse's mouth: ' Money talks !! but all that mine say, is goodbye'

This is LIFE!!

Wow! The first time I set up this blog, I had no clue how it's gonna shape up. A half of me was clueless about it's fate, the rest half was trying to figure out what would be the use of such a blog. Today when I look at it, with people wishing each other on their birthdays, boosting up others' morale, using the blog as a platform to showcase one's musical acumen, fighting over the country's political issues, planning out trips and keeping each other updated of their respective lives - yes, I am proud to be a part of such enthusiastic bunch of crazy buffoons who'd do anything and everything to be at each other's side. I must admit, it this blog that makes me wish to go back to my college days, back to that hole that I was so desperate to get out of. For the past 2 months, I have been staying in a little 2-room apartment with a friend of mine, B (let's call him that), at a place called Kalkaji. I liked the place when we got it because it is practically 1

Time for some Mood lift and inspiration... Music ishtyle

Here I am - this is me  There's no where else on earth I'd rather be  Here I am - it's just me and you  And tonight we make our dreams come true  It's a new world - it's a new start  It's alive with the beating of young hearts  It's a new day - it's a new plan  I've been waiting for you  Here I am  Here we are - we've just begun  And after all this time - our time has come  Ya here we are - still goin' strong  Right here in the place where we belong  Here I am - this is me  There's no where else on earth I'd rather be  Here I am - it's just me and you  And tonight we make our dreams come true  Here I am - next to you  And suddenly the world is all brand new  Here I am - where I'm gonna stay  Now there's nothin standin in our way  Here I am - this is me All Young and ready to rock the world... arent we??

this is for u mannu ...

once i was sitting & thinking that why maximum people are in 95% slab n very few in 5%. I tried my best to find some genuine answer but couldnt. U know I got my answer yesterday after reading your post. I would like to put it in one line in the words of Shiv Khera -   * Winners Never Quit & Quiters Never Win * In most of the cases we choose the wrong vehicle to fulfill our dreams . In ur case as per I suppose its not the MBA which you live for , its music . All the year you talk n post about music, music n music & suddendly at the end of the year u start taking abt exams..  I feel that mostly we try to fulfill our parents' dream. We get life only once n we waste it in some fucking job or writting exams.. We should do what we like from our heart,what we had dreamt off as a child. See shayon , actually he was not made for engineering but he had to follow the system which the society has laid down.We are brought up in such a society that we had to follow the age old system

Calling off the contest

Guys!! Thanks for sending your entries but I am not putting up any post.And I'm sorry for inviting you to such a crappy competition..I am absolutely depressed.The last straw of the season has also sunk..Got a reject from Narse Monjee after having performed amazingly well in the interview.I'm a Goddamn loser who has a very opinion of himself-that he wants to bring a revolution,can achieve anything with his hardwork & determination.But here I am, the guy who used to get amazingly high percentiles in the Mock-CATs in college & who for two years didnt even bother to write the entrance exam of Narsee Monjee -getting a reject from Narsee Monjee-the second of the season after SPJain & worse still he had always been of the opinion that he can ace any fucking interview in the world.Wat fucking illusion do I live under?I have no idea. Most of you keep on asking me here & even on the mail that when will be your album out? I am declaring this- that dont expect anything from

Coming soon..

Happy Birthday Raj...!!!

Hey Raj... I know that you may see this post late... But anyway... Here is Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday...!!! May God Bless you with... Now what is it that you really want anyway?? You got yourself a new flat...which is awesome... You got a REALLY AWESOME girlfriend.....  And to top it all- You get to meet her pretty often despite the distance... (My fingers are crossed...!! That it continues this way...!!!) Hmmm.... I know- May God Bless you with loads and loads of Amway that your business can swell up to as much as you desire...!!! Happy Birthday Dude...!!! PS: The Cake is a simple google image... unfortunately am no comp whiz...!!! 

Who wants to be Mr. Whacko? (A CONTEST)

               TWM's 'SCHOOL OF STUPIDITY' invites applications from TOPLFOORERS for 'Who Wants to be Mr. Whacko ?' Contest   Yo!! Yo!! Yo!! At the onset, three BIG cheers for the neversay die,cheerful & hooliganstic spirit of Topfloorers.. As has already been declared on the website,to add an another golden chapter in the glorious history of the website,I'd like to take the opportunity to invite the great assholes of this website to participate in the "Who wants to be the TWM Whacko" contest. All you guys have to do ,is take sometime off from your busy schedules(applies to people who are actually busy not to others like me :D), just walk down the memory lane & tell us what stupid/weird/whacky fetes have you been able to achieve till now . Please don't feel embarrased or ashamed of sharing your legendary acts because 1)Firstly,even if you'll try to be a sober,perfect person ,the junta will rip you apart as we all know each other very we

I rated our Blog...

some unknown facts abt ATRI the great

any guess whats this ... its pasted on atri's bedroom ... this the alarm clock . i donno how it works. when asked abt its woking Mr. Atri said wnh its 7 am he wakes up . After that he sleeps n the snooze time is of 1 hr 20 min.he finally wakes at 8.20 am .I am still wondering wht this whole funda is all about. This is his Rs 3 k jeans . I would like to bring in everyone's knowledge that few months back he did a shopping of some 18k . the break up : jeans - Rs. 3k, Shoes - Rs 7k , sweetshirt - Rs.2k , Rest miscl. I had taken the pic of his shoes but ABC ne delete kar diya. He has got a class of his own. His favorite hangout is Regent . Both of us had a deal that once every month we would have dinner there. The best part is he calls me on 1st day of every months . thank God he has stopped drinking else we used to get very high bills.                                                    in regent                                            Atri in his macho look. As raths said he the

Happy B'day Chiru Bhai

Chiru bhai, could not get you a cake from Brubeck's. Hope this pic would do. So are you ready to put your leg into a new future!! Many happy returns of the day. So what's going on these days?? Here in Kolkata we have changed house and yes we have had our share of adventure. Last saturday when we shifted four civilized goons came in & said a lot of things. They wanted us to leave the place. Well things are under control now, if anything happens in the coming days, we may shift again. It was 'khosla ka ghosla' in real life. I was in Jamshedpur 10 days back. It was good to meet Raj & Atri. Everything was good except for the unfortunate demise of two juniors. Well lemme share my Jamshedpur trip. The day I reached, me & Atri while waiting for Raj to come back from office, had a long talk. Atri poora paka diya!! He explained me the entire process of steel making & now I am confident of taking a sack of iron ore inside a blast furnace & come out with a TMT

Hmmm- So do you all care?

Being the lawyer and all... I just can't sit quitely while one of the biggest ever even is on the verge of Happening.... I am talking about the General Elections, that are going to happen in the Month of April. How many of you have voted ever?? And how many of you have a Voter's I card?? So here is the link to Election Commission of India . Visit the Link... and try and figure out, where are you gonna go and vote. Btw- Shayon's Labyrinth is back in action... the political commentry on the coming election and the views that I have are gonna be there.... 

"To Post - Or Not To Post"

I am not too sure why the hell am I writing this post and take up useless space on the blog. Yet, it has been a while since I last posting something on The Wall but ain't got the mood to write something substantial. Well, just hoping, as Sunil Pal would have said, "Bhavnaon ko Samjho" ! :-P And yeah, just thought I'd share a little slideshow with you.