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Calling off the contest

Guys!! Thanks for sending your entries but I am not putting up any post.And I'm sorry for inviting you to such a crappy competition..I am absolutely depressed.The last straw of the season has also sunk..Got a reject from Narse Monjee after having performed amazingly well in the interview.I'm a Goddamn loser who has a very opinion of himself-that he wants to bring a revolution,can achieve anything with his hardwork & determination.But here I am, the guy who used to get amazingly high percentiles in the Mock-CATs in college & who for two years didnt even bother to write the entrance exam of Narsee Monjee -getting a reject from Narsee Monjee-the second of the season after SPJain & worse still he had always been of the opinion that he can ace any fucking interview in the world.Wat fucking illusion do I live under?I have no idea. Most of you keep on asking me here & even on the mail that when will be your album out? I am declaring this- that dont expect anything from me because my illusion that I have got the thirst,talent & potential to make it in this field is nothing but the musings of a person who just tries to run away from the mundane trivia of everyday & is in an another surreal fantasy world of his own.From the beginnig ,I knew that I could never be the star in most of the things-basketball debating or somethig else.I had always been average in most of the things but my heart says that I can reach the zenith in music if I direct all my energies but now I give up coz it's a bad joke I have been entertaining myself with.Imagine,even sweating it out in the gym for achieving the higher purpose but now I give up coz time is running out & it's time to do a reality check..From tomorrow,I am gonna start a life of a conformist & start doing what most do in this world-accept the accepted way of living.I think all I can give is full-time bullshit.I am a guy who intentionally does stupid acts to get high and doesnt understand that life's no song & dance and you have to accept the harsher realities,you have to lower your fucking high ambitions,you have to stop despising those 95% people in the world who dont have any goal in life & it's time to realise that it's better to belong to that category.
I know all of you are gonna say that Why are you going for MBA this or that or don't worry ! ho jaayega but I'm myself absolutely sick of saying all this to myself.
Maybe the band 3 Doors down's song "Ticket to heaven" was written for unrealistic people like me ~~All your dreams they dont mean a thing..What happend to everything I have ever know coz I am running from everything ..I am running from everything & I'm afraid it's too late ,I'm afraid it's too late~~
Mannubhai -the ever jovial person who can leave others in splits --cried today ...Coz he deserves this..It's his destiny.
I am no more writing CAT or the entrance exam of any Indian B-school-that's my final decision.
Sorry for bothering you wid all the crap & grammatical incorrect sentences -but again whoever said that I'm good at writing were also probably joking & dont ever day it again.Because I hate all the complements as they make me realise that had I been really this good I would have been doing something better with my fucking life..


Unknown said…
all i can say you will get over this..

i would say you dont need a degree to prove urself..ppl have done gr8 deeds without any degree on a piece of paper..

cheer up..
Sakshi said…
Cheer Up...!!! Please...!!

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