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Random Thoughts ....

Everything is going great on my side .... Heavily busy these days .... I am free a bit so thought of putting up few words here ... Myself , Raths & his friend Raj are going to sikkim next month on 10th to relax ourselves... I seriously need a break from this busy life ... If anyone is interested can definitely join us .... This time almost no rain in jsr ... Just two years back heavy flood had come but this time its totally dry .. I hope there is no water shortage in coming days .... M enjoying my new BB ... After using it i can say that it is way ahead of Nokia .... The OS is so fast n smooth that i have fallen in love with it ... N yes it defines status symbol too :) ... I am having some tussle with Airtel so the internet services hasnt statrd yet ... Waiting for that .... So, I havent explored the real BB power till now .. I am always in mail fight with airtel ... the latest is that they cut some Rs 50 for sending sms ... I got it refunded by them the next day ... Till now I ha

I am not Advertising!

Because I can't. It is banned under the Code of Conduct to advertise about your ability as a lawyer! Please don't ask me, why! Ohkay, you can actually, ironically, they say that a noble profession like law should not be corrupted by advertisements.. *YEAH, I rolled my eyes too when I got to know the reason*, Law and noble, they don't really go hand in hand. But I feel that the real reason behind this is, so that the lawyers don't end up giving importance to advertising and forget that they really are to help people. The funny thing though is, that a well known lawyer is a well known lawyer, by the word of mouth, and therefore, it becomes really important for us to be at our best, and to do our best with the client. That is the reason why a lawyer would defend a criminal! Because, that is his job. And he has to be true to his client. The conflict of the inner conscience comes later. Yes, lawyers have a moral conscience and they pray to God! But then, they believe in &#

The Best Teacher ::::>> LiFe

There are few things life taught me in such short span of time,i just felt like sharing with you guys as i feel friends are the second family... A man have no idea what will happen in future still he leave no stone unturn to make future plans.Sometimes it get some how happen others NOT Every thing in life happens for a reason,if you sit down and think with calm head you will get to know that everything happens consequently and also each incident triggers other. There is always a importance of every person you meet in your life,some time you get to know that at once else sometimes it takes ages. If you experience a height of happiness a black face of sorrow is hiding behind it,after shadow of sadness hopefully happiness is waiting to come (i am waiting for it!!) you never know the importance of something unless you lose it (i know everyone know it,still.....) God always takes away some thing you love the most,and i guess he love to do that.people say this way he test you as he is the

my new phone - BB pearl 9100

Guys i have a new phone Blackberry Pearl 9100 ...its sleek , beautiful n light ... i got it a few hours back so i dot knw much abt it ... Also these airtel guys r not able o activate gprs for this model ... It has got a new type of 20 keys keypad .. I am figuring out how to type ... The big ques is how long this phone will run .. My last handset , N85, couldnt complete 2 full years ... keeping my fingers crossed ... Rest update whn i learn to use it fully ..

Only a modest post

S o finally a post from my side after a looooong time. May be my last post or last comment was way back in 2003!!.(even the archive disowned it).So the fear of getting ousted from this blog is what forced me to scribble something and mark my presence. As a matter of fact, the concept of blogging has always eluded me. I have always tried to make sense of blogging but only succeeded partially. ‘ I never do stuffs which do not come naturally to me ’-this is what I told myself. But now I can trace the reason... When I was in Kolkata and half the college(not exaggerating!) was staying together in Kolkata, I never felt the urge to communicate with my friends via cyber space while in physical space I was sharing rooms with them, and sometimes bed(no pun intended).Albeit few of my best pals were in different places, the large number of new found friendships occupied the void. But now after coming to Bangalore, for few initials days the suddenly created ‘social circle’ void nearly choked

Saying a warm Hi to all & expecting a hot Hi back....

I have heard people saying the more you get experience the more wiser you are so here is a wiser aaisha, who has experience of extreme happiness ,being center of attraction ,hope ,love & as well as extreme of sorrow, loneliness, gloom, loss................................... BUT still i believe in three magical words whatever you are going through IT JUST PASSES.... I was introduced to this BLOG by RAJ(mr. naam toh suna hoga) few months ago but i guess that wasn't the right time to get myself introduced & now here i am. it is also said that the less you convey the more you arise interest.. so see you friends again soon with lots more ... Aaisha.

BUSTED- Myths of Courts!

Heya Top Floorers! First some GREAT news, I am an enrolled Advocate.. and now some Bad news, because of the stupid Bar examination that is supposed to happen in December, I am not allowed to practise in the courts as yet. And by practise it means that I cannot appear in front of a judge as an independent practising lawyer! But that does not mean that I can't give advise or not go to the court. In the language of one of my seniors- I am nothing but glorified intern, who is allowed to wear the band and the gown! But that also has an upside, I am not responsible for anything. I mean, I do my research and draft the petitions, but am not directly responsible to the clients. So, yeah, I have been going to the Supreme Court of India for over a month.. and NO, SC IS HUGELY different from any of the courts that you all have seen in the movies. It is actually more of a circus than anything else...!! My first hand experience about the Courts, well you can see it here ! But there are a c


Happy Birthday- YO Man!!!

So, the Yo- Man is another year older- Any wiser? well, that only he can vouch for, whether or not he has become wiser. Surprisingly, Mr. Mannu has become much more busier in his stint of teaching the kids english and making me them go abroad than what he was when he was working in his previous office. I have no clue whether he is looking more muscular than the last time I saw him because- It has been like ages since I saw him last. Yeah, we live in the same city and once a week he comes as close as 5 mins away from my house, but alas he is busy. So here is wishing Mann, a VERY Happy Birthday... May God Bless him with all the more success, more money.. girls.. happiness and true love! Cheers!!!

My City..My Life..5

Recap: 1 2 3 4 Thud.!! The last of the 'three steps at a time' run downstairs. Still an hour of regulated work hours left and there are some faces to evade before the gate is crossed. The steps slow down into cautious walk out of the gate, then it's a dash to the other office premises. "Sir". "Yes, quick tell me" "I can offer you SDFC Bank's Platinum credit card, would you.." "No, thanks" A few seconds of frustrating stoppage. Thanks to the folks outside the office gate, you get everything from telephone connection to pirated Music CDs, but many a times they are very irritating. Now, it's the three steps at a time climb up the stairs. I have to reach the 8th floor. Why is the elevator always packed, can't the people stay at their cubes and work !! 5 minutes or else punishment. I quickly go to the wash room and change into the attire. 'Gin lai' bow to Master and I heave a sigh of relief. It's the we

Happy Friendship day

To all, thank you for being in my life.

I am stuck ....

this post came into my mind on reading the comments of last post ... Yes i am stuck & stuck badly ... Three months & still counting for the next girl to come ... i donno where all the girls have gone ... its the longest gap when i havent gone out with a girl for coffee or ice-cream... or is it so that i have grown old ... i dont find girls of my age around me ... most of them have got married .... now since i dont have any girl in my life i dont have anything to write also ... is there anything better than girls to talk about ... I am also seeing changes in me too in past 3 months ... i dont want to try on someone from scratch, work so hard & at the end the result is zero ... but yes sometimes i feel the need of a girl by my side ... sometimes i feel lonely .... when i look back i see that i have experience of all types of affairs - one sided love , full time gf , silent love ... so probably its the time that i should taste "arrange marriage" too ... its quite lat