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Saying a warm Hi to all & expecting a hot Hi back....

I have heard people saying the more you get experience the more wiser you are
so here is a wiser aaisha, who has experience of extreme happiness ,being center of attraction ,hope ,love & as well as extreme of sorrow, loneliness, gloom, loss...................................

BUT still i believe in three magical words whatever you are going through IT JUST PASSES....
I was introduced to this BLOG by RAJ(mr. naam toh suna hoga) few months ago but i guess that wasn't the right time to get myself introduced & now here i am.

it is also said that the less you convey the more you arise interest..
so see you friends again soon with lots more ...


raj alakshendra said…
welcome ayesha ... (guys , i spell her like this frm day 1 )

so 2nd girl in this all boys club ... coincidently i sent requests to both the girls ...last time was a lawyer n this time MBA .. aftr all i am a girl expert ...

newez frnds , she is "the shopping girl" with whom i had an awesome shopping exp ...

well ayesha , enjoy this virtual world of frndship ...
Unknown said…
Welcome Aisha.. :)

Now we have more glamour on this page !!

[Background music: "Suno Aisha"]
Sakshi said…
Hey Aisha,
Lets hope that we make you all Aisha from Aisha mode!
Can I please scold you? Now that you have two girls on the page, you better watch out.. you can't compliment one without offending the other! :P

*Just kidding, no offence! leg pulling*
raj alakshendra said…

how both of thm will show glamour online ???
Unknown said…

ha ha..I knew this..

Thats why I wrote 'more' glamour.. ;)


Well girls mere presence brings in the glamour factor :)
...@ish@... said…
indeed it is hot welcome
and here is chocolaty THANKS to all...(well i like hot chocolate!!!)
...@ish@... said…
@ RAJ: hey thanks man.if you have notice maine tumhari tareef apne post main bhi kar di hai...happy!!!???.....also your shopping girl is so faaaaaaaaaar from reality :|

@ Raths: Thank you.i will not let you down in terms of GLAMOUR!!

@Sakshi: thanks beautiful(i have seen you in facebook)
don't worry we two are more than enough to create magic!!!
raj alakshendra said…

chalo achchi baat hai public ke saamne to tareef hi .. thnks a lot ..

v r waiting for the glamour !!!

today i saw the biggest wonder of the world - "a girl actually praised anothr girl"
i cant believe it ...
...@ish@... said…
@ RAJ : GLAMOUR koi train hai kya jo wait kar rahe ho..
aur hain jalo mat dusre ki tareef se aur kitna kala hone ka irada hai...!!!
Hi Aisha,
Welcome to TWM! Since I alongwith some other fellows here don't know anything about you(except for the fact that you're that "shopping girl") it would be great if you can tell us more about yourself. Where do you live,where have you done your colleging from and stuff like that. Welcome again!
Sakshi said…
Talk about talking to a lawyer the way they do :P

Thanks a ton for your compliment!!

Man, you think two girls always have a cat fight! OR what! Grow up ;P

On a lighter note, Men enjoy cat fights, or so I have heard.. ;P

*PULLING YOUR LEG*- Oye, tujhe Aisha ka bio data kyun chaaiye? ;P
Mainak said…
Suddenly there is a buzzzz of activities from all the lazy asses....... :) chalo acchi baat hai.

Seems the entry of someone has risen a few eligible bachelors from their slumber.
@Public prosecutor
Plz hamenin "Kanoon ke Lambe Haath" ka theory ka gyan dijiye :)
One question..... Do the laweyrs fight their case in English or Hindi?

@Shopping Gal
Welcome to our virtual world of college after college. A intro would make us more comfortable.
Mainak said…

Well well well who doesnt love cat fights. Gals love to fight it out n guys enjoys the show. The reason why guys dont participate neither support anyone is coz they really dont know why the gals are fighting :-) Gals fight for issues which they themselves dont know and most of the time they realize only after the fight "Why did we actually fight for"?

Anyways U got a company/support (hopefully) now hope U would be in a better position to reply our male counterparts.
Hello Aaisha!
I guess I'm one of the final few to wish you, but all the same welcome.
I'm Dion (my profile name doesn't say that) and I'm afraid that Raj in all his wisdom (and the fact that he has a fat mouth- Raj ab load mat le! ;P) has told you about everyone on this blog, including me- so no introduction neccesary from me.
However, you are another case altogether. You see apart from the Shopping experience and some little comments about Cafe Coffee Day (I hope I'm not getting girls mixed up) we know nothing about you.
No compulsion, but it would be nice to know who you are.

P.S.: It is not a hazing/ragging ritual. If we were in college we'd have said something like "A party, kahan se? Intro doh!" ;P

@ Mainak,
It's great that you've blessed us with your fine 'gyan' once again!
How're you doing?

@ Sakshi,
Mannu's request is just a bad habit from college! We never grow out of it!

@ Raj,
How's business? And load mat le for all what I said!
raj alakshendra said…
hello maam , kale log bade dilwale hote hai :)
n give a intro else ul always be remembered as the shopping girl ... he he ...

i had once seen cat fight on MTV roadies ... it was so much of fun ...

bilkul sahi bola ladkiyon ke bare mein ...
n lets see how these two girls compete with we guys...

business is going great ... i have booked a BB pearl ... il write abt it in my next post whn i get it ...

abe sentimental SOB , m not in load.. n yes i had told abt u all .. in fact she has been following this page for quite a long time ...

wht is that CCD thing... i coudnt recall it ...
Sakshi said…
Hello Sir! You are right about one thing, the lazy asses that you all are, you din even wish Mannu on his birthday post.. and everyone is excited about the New Girl... ;P

Well something is better than Nothing!

About the law thingy- I can't comment about the idiom.. of long hands of law, but the Lawyers are to argue in English in the High Court and in the Supreme Court. In the lower courts, it is the regional language! :)

DUHU! You couldn't have helped me pull his leg more! :)

Re-read the previous posts that you have written and you would know what Dion is talking about.

Girls, we HAVE to gang up against these lazy men here! They like to pick on girls.. and are bad losers ;P *Just kidding!*
And, we would like to know more- And since most of us have a nick name on the blog and sometimes otherwise

I think we should call you the 'Shopping Girl' coz that is how we know you? What say?
Mainak said…
Thanks for the respect "sir" but dont expect t same from me though....

Im doin ok ok types in Gulty land. I see biriyani everywhere i go, the sad part.

There area couple of questions that are troububling me hope someone would help me out.
1. Why is it called Cat Fight when gals fight?
2. What is it called when a guy n a gal fights?
Sakshi said…
Its SAKSHI and NOT SHAkshi. I take offence in my name being spelt wrong..

And, no answers to your questions.. may be google can help ;P
...@ish@... said…
@ ALL:::
so here goes my most requested intro
i completed my MBA this year and right now i am on job hunt....i live in Ranchi with my family,but planning to move out anywhere i get the is kinda pendulum for now as i have no clue about my future...So just wishing & waiting for something best.
Shayon said…
Hola, public! I hear I have been remembered, a couple of times?

Welcome to the pack, girl! Trust me, even I myself had been getting kinda tired of Sakshi :-p

Aaj kal itna faaltu time kahan se mil gaya? Naukri se nikaal diya gaya hai kya?

I guess, Raj and I are the only ones who have met Aisha in real life. Trust me, Rathz was right on the bull's eye when he said TWM's glamor quotient has gone high up! *running behind the wall and hiding myself from 'Shakshi'*

Now that I am back in Delhi, you better meet up soon, this time.
Sakshi said…
Thanks. For all the lovely things.
and of all the people- ATLEAST YOU CAN SPELL MY NAME RIGHT!
Mainak said…
@Shayantan Pal
I guess nobody needs to get fired from their job to post a couple of comments. If you have faced it then im really sorry to say that u shouldn't be there anyway :)
...@ish@... said…
@ Shayon:
thanks man...
yeah i do remember the meeting we had loads of fun & nice eating experience.. :)
raj alakshendra said…
it was great time spnt in delhi ... shayon is a great host ...

n yes if others get a chnce to meet her, thn ul get to kne y the glamour factor has increasd on the site..
...@ish@... said…
@ RAJ:
about shayon indeed he is!!

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