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An Anecdote:: Seasons of Love

So it's time for another creation from the trio in Kolkata. This time we have good lyrics, thanks to Karma's romantic profoundness, the inspiration of which I'm unawares of. In fact Karma showed his notes from childhood and he had been composing verses on nature and love since 3rd standard !! Surely there will be more from Karma in years to come. Sam once again comes up with a rustic and melodic tune for the wonderful lyrics, he did the initial recordings for the song. Then we felt the song was not full on instruments so I am making a debut as bass guitarist (that's a proud moment for me !! ). Then Sam passed on the mike to Karma and we have another debutante. We'll have to find a better way of sound recording as the current means induces a lot of noise. So, one night the recording was done. One take it was, as Sam has been out of town since then. Couple of days back, the Nor'wester brought a spell of showers in our city and that lifted our moods for 'kuch m

Seasons of Love

Hi again junta! You might be surprised by the flurry of posts from me but I guess its time to release the next phase of our project .Yes,as my previous post suggests something called "Seasons of Love".Well,its actually a poem I wrote which was masterfully crafted into a song by none other than our beloved Sexy Sam.This time we have made sure the lyrics is solid and not just random stuff withloads of filler in order to fill the loopholes.I agree it sounds amateurish and synthetic at times but still we stuck with it . I hope we keep on improving on our literary weakness. The third stanza of the lyrics has been hacked of from the original song owing to its length but still I felt it to be prudent to share the entire piece with you all. Hope you like it.Even if you don't we have no other choice as of now! ;-) Rain falling down, I saw looking through my small window Teardrops falling from heaven- Hazing my vision,drowning my soul. I saw a silver lining A mouthful of sky thr

A gift of love from Kolkata

Hi Junta! I am pretty sure most of us are emaciated and wilted in this searing heat.Yesterday rain storm caught Kolkata off its guard and a result the mercury has drooped by quite some degrees.Seasons first shower is alwayz special and as a result this sudden downpour has spurred the urge of the eastern forces to do what they are proficient at - yes guyz time for another ConstructiveKarma Creation ! This time we have veered from the usual stuff and ventured into hitherto uncharted realm - LOVE.The final product is nearly done.This post is merely a teaser to the original post to come.So stay put junta. P:S The poster might seem to be li'l tacky.Please bear with us.

A farewell date ...

I donno how many of u have gone for a "farewell date" but I had my 1st a few days back ... The 1st ques coming in the mind of you all is who was that girl .. well due to privacy reason i cant disclose that but certainly u all know her - my shopping girl ... The girl with whom I had an ultimate shopping girl & I had put a post on that ... What place should we choose for this type of date ?? Preferably some restuarant which is not having much of rush & the waiters dont dance on ur head... I was fortunate to find this type of place .. what an awesome place it was ... Great ambience & thankfully not a single customer was there ... Now since its a farewell meet, so emotions would obviously start pouring out but we should have control on that ... On the last meet order all the fav of ur girl even if u dont like those stuffs ... never talk anything tensed , keep it cool .. talk the good times spent that will make feel good... Well my shopping girl is a nice & practi

In the days gone by..

TWM @ Darjeeling Hills Cine Stars !! The travelers; the one you woudn't recognise is my friend from office.. Dion I found a minister to conduct your marriage ;) Cheering Dada @ Eden Gardens Raj you can put up a post on the Darjeeling trip :p. Well folks for more pics from our Darjeeling trip please visit the Picasa link: Click here .

A superb add by Tata Motors...

While driving I found this add ... thought of sharing with u all... follow the add .. .

Oops, it's someone's bday !!

Birthday season is ON and today it's our Sam's (Taklu) day. But but but we roomies completely forgot about it and only after we overheard someone (a girl) wishing him on the phone, we recalled it's Sam's b'day !! Wish you a very happy b'day.. We'll have a celebration later tonite.. :)) Cheers..

Happy Birthday Gandhi

So, today is the Birthday of another Mahtma... oops, our very own Gandhi Re...!!! I mean, all I can really say is, Gandhi, it is awesome to have you around.. you are so cute and so innocent that sometimes, I feel that you are not as grown up as you claim to be... I wish you all the best things in Life... and right now, a beautiful girlfriend should fit the bill... Happy Birthday... Hope you have a great Day and a Great Great Year Ahead...!!!

Phew just in time..almost forgot

Junta, I know the title would intrigue you and you might be wondering what on earth post it could be.But actually I am really feeling relieved that I am writing the post.I was on the verge of making an unforgivable folly which I would have if not reminded to me by Ratz before leaving for his sojourn to the "queen of Mountains".Well today happens to be the day when a mortal sharing his surname with a another fellow-mortal preceding him with diminutive stature but deeds that have transgressed generation,was born.YES TODAY'S THE B'DAY OF GANDHI !!! So what have we got here! Are we missing something...yes ofcourse -The Cake.Well I am not good at this.This was previously done by Sakshi,I am just filling her shoes.Here's the cake ...hope you like it Gandhi... What say junta we drop to Gandhi's place to celebrate in " NIT ishtyle "??By the way Gandhi there's someone who is pretty eager to join the party.Wanna see for youself... OH Mana Mia! Ahem !! Lets