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Seasons of Love

Hi again junta!

You might be surprised by the flurry of posts from me but I guess its time to release the next phase of our project .Yes,as my previous post suggests something called "Seasons of Love".Well,its actually a poem I wrote which was masterfully crafted into a song by none other than our beloved Sexy Sam.This time we have made sure the lyrics is solid and not just random stuff withloads of filler in order to fill the loopholes.I agree it sounds amateurish and synthetic at times but still we stuck with it . I hope we keep on improving on our literary weakness. The third stanza of the lyrics has been hacked of from the original song owing to its length but still I felt it to be prudent to share the entire piece with you all.

Hope you like it.Even if you don't we have no other choice as of now! ;-)

Rain falling down,
I saw looking through my small window
Teardrops falling from heaven-
Hazing my vision,drowning my soul.

I saw a silver lining
A mouthful of sky through the clouds -so blue.
My heart skipped a bit
Because my darling,it reminded me of you...

Sunshine on my eyes
Sun shining high,with all its might.
My lips feel so dry -
In desire for the softness of the moonlight.

Then I felt something.
A gust of wind.Across the desert it blew.
I felt the wind -
Kiss my cheeks.It reminded me of you...

White snow,falling from the sky
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.
I remember last December
Miss you darling,wish you were here

I shiver in the morning,
I lay on my bed and I saw the window view.
Flakes of happiness -
Falling down.It reminded me of you.....


Sakshi said…
I am totally mushing. And, I know atleast ONE person who relates to these lyrics word by word, oh two, including me.

"A story unfolding,
before my eyes,
a time of love,
spend in your arms,

The moments that stopped,
the time that froze,
the love in your eyes,
making the world around,
spin and stop at the same time..."

Love you guys...
raj alakshendra said…
love is in the air ..
eastern forces r spreading love ...

the lines also relate to me since i hav just got over a relation ...seriously the lines reminded of her ...
Brilliant stuff! I can't wait for the actual song now!
At least someone is holding the TWM flag up high!

Karma said…
Well,i guess the lyrics touched a chord or two....I feel gud now!

Muchas Gracias Junta !
Unknown said…
Its superb. I am really not a poet lover but this one TOUCHED.
Superb lyrics.Great job.The lyrics is very refined and mature especially the second stanza.
Karma said…
Areh glad u visited our blogpage.

Junta this is Mani- a very close frnd of mine...happens to work with me in the same project.
Amit Rai said…
waooo..gr8 one dude...i feel love around here in my dark room...

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