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Happy Birthday Raths

oh sorry for the late post ... was busy the whole day ... anyways many many happy return to u .. enjoy ur day ... we pray that ur creativity does wonders .... have fun

Tintin goes to Britain

Enough of the ringing bells with the recent posts on TWM, now it's time for ringing of the tins....tin tin tin tin tin. It's our beloved Karma's birthday. Let us all wish him many more happy, comical, exciting and memorable adventures in the years to come. "The motley crew wishes you a very happy birthday"

The Wall Mag reunion @ Delhi

It was a great time spent in Delhi ... I donno how those three days passed away ... The best of them was the "wall-mag" reunion. It was nice to see many guys turning out ... we talked about old college days like manvender's 1st year plate & spoon incident to Dion's sexy boxers. . . I love leg pulling of Sakshi ... some notable incidents of the evening... 1) The confusion of the evening was that Debu thought Sakshi to be official fiance of Shayon ... it will take some time but we already consider her to be our Bhabhi ... 2) Grand entry of the evening was of Gandhi ... we all were eagerly waited for him for some one hour... 3) Best scene of the evening was Shayon bringing Coffee for Ayesha from some other store (as coffee machine was not working in our place) & sakshi shouting" how dare u treating my boyfriend as ur servant" ... oh .. these girls r alwez jealous of each other .. 4) emotional moment of the evening " Ayesha giving diwali gifts t