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jamshedpur ke "golguppe"

By whatever name u cal it - golguppe , panipuri ,papri, gupchup , it tastes awesome n that too if it is of jamshedpur .. yes there is some specisl taste of jsr panipuri which u would never find in any other place ... it is said that any damn panipuri thela in jamshedpur is in profit and all of them taste great .. here i am talking about the thelas not the one served at hotels or chappan bhog . that special taste u can get only in those dirty thelas where they use the most unhygiene water ... also there is a hard work of the "chef" in form of his sweat... this yummy n delicious dish is served in "patta"... whenever i come back to jsr after some break , the first thing i search for is a panipuri thela.. every single entity in jsr from kids to oldies all are die hard fan of this panipuri..

Happy Birthday !!!

Whose birthday is today ??? guess !!! Guys its the birthday of our "Wall-Mag" . this was the day on 17th june 2007 that the online version came into existence .. Good wishes to all of us and lets pray that this strong bondage of friendship continues forever till the end of time .. Cheers !!!

Amateur shots

As the journey progresses, shall be uploading more shots at my flickr photostream .

Quick Updates

Currently a bit swamped with work. And yet, so many things happened in my life in the last few days that I couldn't help myself from sharing them. So, here they are, in bulleted form. The very first time I had ever held a DSLR in my hand was about 5 years ago. In college. And needless to say, I didn't take long to get blown away by it. I am not too great a photographer. As a matter of fact, I don't understand shit about apertures, ISOs or even focal lengths. Sure, I had studies some of those terms in my Optics class. And that's the only reference I have. I guess the only advantage I got is a sense of angles and lighting. But that was enough to make me feel extremely inadequate off the regular point and shoots you get in the market. I won't lie. The recent spate of almost all my friends buying one DSLR or the other also heightened the thirst. With every cam I held in my hands, the urge of possessing one kept getting stronger. Thankfully, I had managed to stash

Honarificabilituditatibus !!

Kelvin knew it from the beginning and he followed his principles; which will not be a conscious effort from him but rather a habit, a character attribute. He is known in the neighbourhood as the 'infinite cool' guy with his gentle and charming nature. The girls of the locality loved the cool guy but our 'infinite cool' guy was also an 'absolute zero'. He never really intercepted or responded to any of the signals. If Kelvin is our meekly guy, who we may think as a hero in this little story, then we also have a villain. His name is Pascal and he has a ugly gang called Cabinet. Everyone knew him as Big P. He is fat and does not have any manners; scratching and spitting in public being his favourite pastimes. When he anchors his heavy legs and starts cursing a local kid while his Cabinet isolates the kid in the middle of a public place, then that kid will become a wimpy person for life. Unfortunate. Gabbar would be put to shame by Big P. There is one and only way