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Quick Updates

Currently a bit swamped with work. And yet, so many things happened in my life in the last few days that I couldn't help myself from sharing them. So, here they are, in bulleted form.

  1. The very first time I had ever held a DSLR in my hand was about 5 years ago. In college. And needless to say, I didn't take long to get blown away by it.

    I am not too great a photographer. As a matter of fact, I don't understand shit about apertures, ISOs or even focal lengths. Sure, I had studies some of those terms in my Optics class. And that's the only reference I have. I guess the only advantage I got is a sense of angles and lighting. But that was enough to make me feel extremely inadequate off the regular point and shoots you get in the market.

    I won't lie. The recent spate of almost all my friends buying one DSLR or the other also heightened the thirst. With every cam I held in my hands, the urge of possessing one kept getting stronger. Thankfully, I had managed to stash out a bit of cash that helped me acquire this amazing baby, the D5100! Do watch out a lot of clicks from my end!

    P.S. - this doesn't put a stop to grainy shots from my Blackberry since that trusted 5MP cam is great for taking instant shots. Anytime. Anywhere.
  2. A common friend of Sakshi and I (technically, Sakshi's colleague) recently eloped with his 6 month old girlfriend, and we both single handedly got them married in a temple. What a day it was. For more details, I am sure Sakshi will be more than happy to oblige. Until then, here are two clicks from my D5100 I had taken at the wedding.

  3. With just a day's planning, Raj and I have decided to go on a short trip to Assam. We have already booked the flight tickets to and from Guwahati. As for the 4 days that we plan to stay in Assam, our plans are gonna be fultoo impromptu :) And yes, loads of photos shall be snapped!
  4. For the first time ever, my employment got confirmed in an establishment :-P Not that I am too happy. I had always enjoyed the freedom I had gotten by not being a confirmed employee. Till date, my maximum term of employment has been 10 months. It's already over 9 months, here in HT. I am guessing I am gonna fulfill a year for sure, this time!
  5. All of my ex-girlfriends have gotten married by now. The last one is gonna tie the knot this November. After that, I think my time's finally gonna be here :)


Sakshi said…
Those were some bullet points huh!
Great clicks btw! :)

About the eloped couple, I am going to write a detailed post on it! (On my blog, because I already have two connecting posts on it there)

And about the new camera- The only thing that I am happy about is, that I look great in the pictures that are taken from it :) and I am happy about the fact that, Shayon is feeling happy about his new purchase :)
Unknown said…
Wow, both of you conduct marriages now !!
raj alakshendra said…
@ sakshi
put the link to the post here too ..,
i would lov to knw the whole story ..

last night i was talking to shayon .. i told him that u both guys . behti ganga mein haath dho lete .. :)

nice to see that u both r arranging marraiges ..

this time we would click the beauties of assam by shayon's new camera ..

still few of ur ex r still unmarried !!!
@ Shayon,
Nice pics and cam!
So you'll are in the shaadhi business now! Nice.
You and Raj enjoy your trip to Assam.
And congratulations on the job! Lets hope you keep at it for another couple of years.

@ All,
Which of you'll have the pics from college? I'd like to have them when I come home in Dec.

@ Raj,
Have fun in Assam!
raj alakshendra said…
rahs n me r probably having the biggest collection of college pics ... but we wont come to goa 3rd time ... nothing more left for us to do there (except sexxx) ...
infact we can be a guide for tourists if we come to goa again :)
samik said…
Shayon-gud snaps.Nice to know you are going to northeast.If u hv time visit Shilllong.It's 3 hr journey from Guwahati.

@raj Dec jaake yeh bhi job finish karke aa.3rd time lucky
Sakshi said…
GOD! RAJ! Really you had to mention 'Sex' here! Like Really?

Yaar, hadd hai, You should try and visit north India too! I know that you don't like me too much, but I really like you.. and would love to meet you.
And NO, with a trip to Goa in Oct- November, I am not coming back in December. There are no holidays!
raj alakshendra said…
Well u can ignore my comment ;) just kidding !!!
@ Dion
Sakshi is corect... Y can't u come to north india as u can meet many of us at one place ...
U can plan it this way ... Land in Delhi ... Stay here for a day or two n then go back to goa ...
Unknown said…
I wonder why have we now started to put singular words like sex within parentheses and quotes!

@Rathz: Let us get around 2-3 more couples married... and then I am gonna start off with a clone that'll only deal with marrying off couples who have run away from home. And then, hopefully, I'll manage to get Raj married off too :-p

@Dino: Saala tu bhi south indian ban gaya hai. It's "shaadi" and not "shaadhi".

Well, Karma's gonna be in India in the last week of June. It would have been great if he too could join us for the trip.

@Sam: I have been to Shillong before. It's a good place. But I'd rather visit Siliguri, the home town of Samaresh Majumdar's Arjun. Have read so many of his books, and have always been intrigued by that town :-p

@Raj: All girlfriends who matter.
Coming to Delhi sounds like a good plan- I've not been there for 15 - 16 years! I can probably try that out this December. I'll fly in one evening and stay for a day or two!
I'll be in Goa on the 19th Dec. and I leave back for the US on the 2nd or 3rd of Jan.
My family (the whole family, uncles, aunts and cousins, etc.)has a small one day trip planned in between 25th and the 31st, but I don't think they'll decide the date till I get to Goa and everyone knows what their plans are.
So my trip will depend on that! But so far, it sounds like the beginning of a plan! What say you'll?
I'll need to confirm with my folks, but I think I can try to come over before Christmas (21st - 23rd).
Unknown said…
Shayon & Raj - Need your help..

ab tum dono Axom (Assam) jaa hi rahey ho to agar koi sundar kanya dikhey to mera no. laga dena ;)

Dion - 'Nothing' can bring me to Goa third time !! If you want the pics, you can do a stopover in London in case I stay till December..what say and then we'll head to Delhi and home, long shot!
raj alakshendra said…
it seems that u would have to cover whole north hemisphere before coming to india :))

in my case girls run away from me :(
so might have to kidnap someone to tie the knot with me !!!

abe pehle mujhe apne liye to dhoondh lene de ... uske baad teri baari aayegi ;)
I'm sorry guys for being out of action.I had forgotten about TWM for the last 4-5 days and opened the page after meeting Shayon yesterday. He said that he had posted about this marriage thing on TWM and I was unaware about it. Never knew that TWM is buzzing with activity and there are already many comments here. I saw Shayon's new possession and though I don't like doing photography myself but I like seeing good pics and hopefully Shayon will be able to do justice with this new contraption in Assam.

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