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B'de wishes to ayesha

Cake@brubeck bakery Hi guys , Today is the birthday of the "glamorous" ayesha. And its her 1st birthday on Wall-Mag. Ayesha - I met her some 1.5 years back when she had come for training in tata motors ... From day one we have been enjoying each other's company .. interestingly in our first outing my bike got punchered ... we say that whenever we meet something unexpected happens like once she met an accident , another time she lost her wallet ... I havent seen any lady more stronger than her in my life . She came out of her worst situation in such a short span of time ...hats off to her... Surprisingly , She is the first girl who is actually intelligent .... (sakshi getting jealous ?? ) I have learnt a lot about ladies shopping from her :) she has motivated me always when I am down n all ... So to my dearest ayesha , many many happy returns of the day .. may God fulfill all your dreams... miss u a lot ... and to all NCR guys , ask her for a party on 28th ... Mauka chorna

ek choti si love story - part 1

if it goes this way this site would die one day ... i was thinking what to write that will make it interesting .... then it came into my mind , what is better than to write about girls ... this post is about my one and only blind date .. it was winter of 2007 . i had gone to kolkata for a business seminar . I was carrying a diary with lots of details of my business . after the seminar got over , i realized that i had left the diary where i was sitting .. I asked at reception and security personnel but they couldnt help me .. I got very upset . I was praying that whoever has taken it give me a call as my contact details were in the diary .. Two weeks passed like this and I didnt receive any call ... I too started forgeting the diary .. Suddenly one day in afternoon I received a msg from an unknown no that please call me back to get your diary an and below it was written the name of the person - nupur arora . i jumped into happines not because of the diary but because of a girl that to

bahot ho gaya !!!

where the hell are u guys ??? no post , no comments nothing ... few days back i was talking with raths & he said that our site has become a matrimony & charity site ... anyways by this time everybody must have known that chaki is getting married in Feb ... i was expecting a post from him but he is too much shy to do so ... So , he won the contest for honeymoon trip ... Congrats to him ... he came from behind n gave a surprise to all of us .. Chaki , please put a post & tell us about ur love cum arrange marraige ... Also our own chachaji (amit choudhary) , amit jayant (with nupur) n many more from 2k3 batch have tied the knot in past few months... the babe of 2k3 batch Richa is also getting married soon with some 2k1 senior... I was thinking if people start getting married in this rate then very soon only we wall-mag guys would be left as bachelors... I have found a new place of social networking ... Seriously I have got bored of twitter & facebook ... the new place is m

Join hands for a cause!

The Wall Mag is known for its charitable and noble nature, of supporting things that matter! And therefore, this is an appeal from an organization called "Blanket of Relief" , which basically has been formed by couple friends *Shayon's Friends*, and since Shayon I know would be a tad bit lazy in doing so, I am just putting this up here, so that you all can visit the site *click on the link above* and help in every way possible. The main aim of this drive is to Spread the warmth on the streets of Delhi by distributing blankets to the destitute and the poor. So time to warm up your hearts to this Noble Cause. Especially, the Delhi Brigade! Guys- Support in Full Force!

Happy Birthday Raths

oh sorry for the late post ... was busy the whole day ... anyways many many happy return to u .. enjoy ur day ... we pray that ur creativity does wonders .... have fun

Tintin goes to Britain

Enough of the ringing bells with the recent posts on TWM, now it's time for ringing of the tins....tin tin tin tin tin. It's our beloved Karma's birthday. Let us all wish him many more happy, comical, exciting and memorable adventures in the years to come. "The motley crew wishes you a very happy birthday"

The Wall Mag reunion @ Delhi

It was a great time spent in Delhi ... I donno how those three days passed away ... The best of them was the "wall-mag" reunion. It was nice to see many guys turning out ... we talked about old college days like manvender's 1st year plate & spoon incident to Dion's sexy boxers. . . I love leg pulling of Sakshi ... some notable incidents of the evening... 1) The confusion of the evening was that Debu thought Sakshi to be official fiance of Shayon ... it will take some time but we already consider her to be our Bhabhi ... 2) Grand entry of the evening was of Gandhi ... we all were eagerly waited for him for some one hour... 3) Best scene of the evening was Shayon bringing Coffee for Ayesha from some other store (as coffee machine was not working in our place) & sakshi shouting" how dare u treating my boyfriend as ur servant" ... oh .. these girls r alwez jealous of each other .. 4) emotional moment of the evening " Ayesha giving diwali gifts t

HAPPY Birthday "Sexy Dion"

many many happy returns of the day .... i hope u have maintained ur sexy legs ... oh .. i miss them .... wishing u a great birthday .... My most important wish for u is that u get a girl in ur life ... i know its tough as u r growing old n fat too ... there is a special request from me that please put some latest pic of yours or atleast mail me ... & for God's sake write down a post ... enjoy ur day to the fullest ....

Delhi Calling ...

Whenevr Shayon shifts to a new place , I definitely go there once ... Here , I come again ... Of the 4 metros I like Delhi the most ... I hate Chennai - serious food prob . Mumbai is too much crowded . I dont count kolkata to be a metro . Even my hometown Nagpur looks much more better than it . Last time I had come to Delhi exactly a year back in Oct . . I had enjoyed a lot that time . Shayon is always a great host. Actually I am going to Indore on 7th Nov . I found that Delhi is an overnight journey from there . Also I had promised someone that il come to Delhi in Nov. Il be in Delhi on 8thNov & 9th Nov .. So , guys lets plan a wall-mag get together of all those who are in NCR . lets have a blast ..

Green drive at CWG 2010

A small team at Maruti R&D has been preparing for this mega event since last eighteen months. Of course this was not for any medal wining competition. Our given target was to provide a fleet of environment friendly vehicles including hybrid and electric options to CWG 2010. I worked on design & packaging activities of these vehicles with my colleagues. SX4 was chosen to make it a parallel hybrid electric vehicle (HEV). It means the vehicle can be driven from a petrol engine (1.2L) as well as from an electric motor(50KW) (providing zero emission) and also as combined power source i.e. engine+e-motor. Such kinds of hybrid vehicles are available in the world from very few manufactures. E.g. Toyota Prius, Honda insight hybrid etc. Even our parent company Suzuki , Japan has not made any parallel hybrid yet. This vehicle is very fun to drive because it has pure I/C engine drive, E-drive, boosting with e-motor while combined drive and regenerative braking. Also due to having

Ek Kahani

Once upon a time in the history of recent times, a war had been raged between V and NV. A lady was not responsible for it as in a famous Greek war. It was a contest between equals unlike a biblical fight between a boy and a giant. It did not involve ugly monsters and magic by bearded old men like in the new line cinemas. Nor was it a fight between good and evil as in the battles of Indian mythology. Neither were there any flamethrowers and bazookas or any other weapons of the world wars. It was a confrontation like no other in the history of the real world and the world of mythologies. V was the ruler of the Northern land which stretched in all directions with the infinite spread of the finest velvety grassy pastures. Orchards abound in great numbers in the kingdom area, so all homes in the Northern land were always filled with the aromas of the strawberrys, the oranges, the mangoes and the exclusive ' fal' . The last variety grew only in the Northern land which smelled like c

wedding bells round the corner ....

Shayon , what u thought that u will win the competition so easily ... i am here to compete you .. Friends , its official that i am tying the knot as early as March next year (it might extend too) ... control , control guys .. the whole story goes like this .. the whole planning was done when i had gone to home last week during puja . I have decided to give a live update of how arrange marriage is done ... my dad had officially announced in all his friends to find a girl for me .. it would be better if i put this arrange marriage thing in points : Step 1 : my parents have shifted to a big new home . they have almost changed all the old furnitures . the best of them was the king size bed ... its seriously beautiful ...also a separate room is being prepared for me ... Step 2 : they asked for a nice photo of mine ... i showed him all my pics ... they rejected all of them ... when i showed them the following pic , they asked “chehra kahan dikh raha hai” ... i replied back , the girl w

Time goes by- Not so slowly!

I have this big collage in my room, the collage chronicles my 2 decades of being on this earth. *It was a gift from my younger sister on my 20th Birthday*, and trust me, every day for 5 mins I look at it, and wonder how days have gone by, and all of a sudden we all are grown ups! *by we, I mean all of us and ofcourse the child hood friends and the cousins in the similar age bands!* I still remember it was such a tough job, trying to convince my mother to take me shopping, rather the day she decided to take me with her, it was a treat! And today, I shop for her and give her surprises! There was a time when deciding the cake for a birthday was a huge huge thing, going and placing the order with dad, deciding on the flavour and design.. today it just comes.. and there is hardly any festivities about it. There were those dreaded exams that used to decide all the family gathetrings, today those have to be decided keeping the work hours in time! Boyfriends, were for the super duper cute

kahan mar gaye sab ...

hello guys & also beautiful girls , where r u all .... put up something ....

The Wedding Contest

"Will you Marry me" I think these words are more magical than "I love you" .... In next three years many of us will be tying the knot so why not start a contest ... The idea came last night whn me n raths were talking on phone .... The contest goes like this : The couple who gets married first among us will get a honeymoon trip air tickets sponsored by other members of wall-mag .. the rules & regulations of the contest are as follows: 1) Register urself for the contest that means comment on this post & u r registered for the contest. 2) The winner can choose any destination within India only .... 3) There is no backing out from the contest .... All the registered members have to pay for the trip of the winner ... 4) Kids fare wont be paid by the members ... 5) "couple" word includes all types of relations - male-female, male-male, female-female ...Dion, i know u must have got happy on this point :) 6) Registration is open till 31st octob

Ringing Bells?

It seems the 'Master' is in demand, eh? Nah, it isn't that life in Delhi has put me to sleep, rather life is on a roll. Working for 2 major publication houses, Hindustan Times and Wall Street Journal, plus the fact that my house is more than 1 hour away from the workplace, doesn't really leave much juice to come up with anything worthwhile. Anyway, since people seem to be all eager to get updated about my life, here's something that just might equate to a bombshell for you all. On the 4th of this month, I proposed marriage to someone. Seriously, no points in guessing who it could be. But you know what? I still haven't gotten any answer :-P So, I guess you kinda realize now the state I am in :) Adios!

Sojourn in the Hills

Hi TWM, My name is Rajorshi. This is my introductory post in any blog site.I'm not much into blogging but then I followed TWM for quite sumtime now and I must admit that the posts here are not just a good read but an amalgamation of creativity,knowledge and fun. Had you been following Raj’s tweets in his FB acct in the past 3 days, you must have known by now that the 3 idiots hit the hills once again! And this time, as per the sobriquet, it was the ‘Land of peace & tranquility’. As per the itinerary, we whistled out of Sealdah on Thursday night, Darjeeling Mail and reached the next morning at NJP. After a grueling bargaining with the touts, we finally managed to get a shared sumo and reached Gangtok after a well over 4 hours drive maneuvering the 125 kms. However, we quickly felt that we left the the hustle bustle of Siliguri behind us and by the time we reached the outskirts of the city, we completely forgot the heat and dust. The roads were not the usual twisters (snak

Exploring Shopping 3

& The shopping bole toh FuN continues .... She had to buy " A dress " ... Ya , planing was for one dress but see how it turns out to be ...,ahem...ahem!!! So, we were passing by a shop when my shopping girl stopped & pointed towards a skirt that was unfortunately on display ... Now i understood how dangerous can be window display .... instead of asking she informed me thats the one!!! well it was really very nice ... next is what ?? we got inside the shop ... Inside the shop , My GoD !! there were numerous ladies of all shapes & sizes & color (not skin but on there skin) .... I was just wondering how lucky these shop keepers are to watch so many different ladies on daily basis ... & unlucky to hear their "chick chick" (well none of them were "chick" :( Anyway shopping lady asked for that skirt .... Both of us liked it & I thought shopping is over .... But hold on Guys , its not the end, its the start I fear this ques which girls as

Happy Birthday "Sakshi"

By rule this post should be put by Shayon but he is a lazy ass .... So, the responsibility has been transferred to me by him ... "Happy birthday Sakshi / saxi/ sakchi" .... for past 10 min I am thinking what more to write ... I asked my "shopping girl" too & she after doing some deep thinking said this - "happy birthday to u" .. Anyways have a blast ... I pray u never grow old & fat .... U keep on improving shayon .... U become a great lawyer & give justice to many people .... I request you to bring some hot north indian girls (preferably singles) to this page ... we need some more glamour ... And we are waiting you & shayon to tie the knot soon ... I hope u remember the bet ... I am eagerly waiting to dance in the wedding .... k .. u can shout at me on reading this line but u knw it wont have any effect on me .... I am trying to upload a birthday cake too but net is too slow ... so enjoy the wishes without a cake :) :) .. have fun ...


"You must take that thought out of your mind".   But how could I while being in this miserable condition. The situation could not become far worse. I kept on counting the number of idlis I gulped in my mind to fall asleep, but I just could not have a decent sleep. I remained in a transient state of sleeping, counting and of course feeling pain. I have always thought I could handle pain, but this time it's different. I was hurt, from deep within.   People say, "I can understand your pain". Does that help the one who is experiencing the pain. In my case, such words do not bring comfort. I tried distractions like music, movies and even social networking. The emotionally happy and emoticon-ally happy moods from the distractions were of no help. Friends are a wonderful support for bad times but this time the pain did not let me speak. A friend who was in a similar situation suggested I visit a doctor urgently. Mentally I was exhausted trying to keep the thought of

Random Thoughts ....

Everything is going great on my side .... Heavily busy these days .... I am free a bit so thought of putting up few words here ... Myself , Raths & his friend Raj are going to sikkim next month on 10th to relax ourselves... I seriously need a break from this busy life ... If anyone is interested can definitely join us .... This time almost no rain in jsr ... Just two years back heavy flood had come but this time its totally dry .. I hope there is no water shortage in coming days .... M enjoying my new BB ... After using it i can say that it is way ahead of Nokia .... The OS is so fast n smooth that i have fallen in love with it ... N yes it defines status symbol too :) ... I am having some tussle with Airtel so the internet services hasnt statrd yet ... Waiting for that .... So, I havent explored the real BB power till now .. I am always in mail fight with airtel ... the latest is that they cut some Rs 50 for sending sms ... I got it refunded by them the next day ... Till now I ha

I am not Advertising!

Because I can't. It is banned under the Code of Conduct to advertise about your ability as a lawyer! Please don't ask me, why! Ohkay, you can actually, ironically, they say that a noble profession like law should not be corrupted by advertisements.. *YEAH, I rolled my eyes too when I got to know the reason*, Law and noble, they don't really go hand in hand. But I feel that the real reason behind this is, so that the lawyers don't end up giving importance to advertising and forget that they really are to help people. The funny thing though is, that a well known lawyer is a well known lawyer, by the word of mouth, and therefore, it becomes really important for us to be at our best, and to do our best with the client. That is the reason why a lawyer would defend a criminal! Because, that is his job. And he has to be true to his client. The conflict of the inner conscience comes later. Yes, lawyers have a moral conscience and they pray to God! But then, they believe in &#

The Best Teacher ::::>> LiFe

There are few things life taught me in such short span of time,i just felt like sharing with you guys as i feel friends are the second family... A man have no idea what will happen in future still he leave no stone unturn to make future plans.Sometimes it get some how happen others NOT Every thing in life happens for a reason,if you sit down and think with calm head you will get to know that everything happens consequently and also each incident triggers other. There is always a importance of every person you meet in your life,some time you get to know that at once else sometimes it takes ages. If you experience a height of happiness a black face of sorrow is hiding behind it,after shadow of sadness hopefully happiness is waiting to come (i am waiting for it!!) you never know the importance of something unless you lose it (i know everyone know it,still.....) God always takes away some thing you love the most,and i guess he love to do that.people say this way he test you as he is the

my new phone - BB pearl 9100

Guys i have a new phone Blackberry Pearl 9100 ...its sleek , beautiful n light ... i got it a few hours back so i dot knw much abt it ... Also these airtel guys r not able o activate gprs for this model ... It has got a new type of 20 keys keypad .. I am figuring out how to type ... The big ques is how long this phone will run .. My last handset , N85, couldnt complete 2 full years ... keeping my fingers crossed ... Rest update whn i learn to use it fully ..

Only a modest post

S o finally a post from my side after a looooong time. May be my last post or last comment was way back in 2003!!.(even the archive disowned it).So the fear of getting ousted from this blog is what forced me to scribble something and mark my presence. As a matter of fact, the concept of blogging has always eluded me. I have always tried to make sense of blogging but only succeeded partially. ‘ I never do stuffs which do not come naturally to me ’-this is what I told myself. But now I can trace the reason... When I was in Kolkata and half the college(not exaggerating!) was staying together in Kolkata, I never felt the urge to communicate with my friends via cyber space while in physical space I was sharing rooms with them, and sometimes bed(no pun intended).Albeit few of my best pals were in different places, the large number of new found friendships occupied the void. But now after coming to Bangalore, for few initials days the suddenly created ‘social circle’ void nearly choked

Saying a warm Hi to all & expecting a hot Hi back....

I have heard people saying the more you get experience the more wiser you are so here is a wiser aaisha, who has experience of extreme happiness ,being center of attraction ,hope ,love & as well as extreme of sorrow, loneliness, gloom, loss................................... BUT still i believe in three magical words whatever you are going through IT JUST PASSES.... I was introduced to this BLOG by RAJ(mr. naam toh suna hoga) few months ago but i guess that wasn't the right time to get myself introduced & now here i am. it is also said that the less you convey the more you arise interest.. so see you friends again soon with lots more ... Aaisha.

BUSTED- Myths of Courts!

Heya Top Floorers! First some GREAT news, I am an enrolled Advocate.. and now some Bad news, because of the stupid Bar examination that is supposed to happen in December, I am not allowed to practise in the courts as yet. And by practise it means that I cannot appear in front of a judge as an independent practising lawyer! But that does not mean that I can't give advise or not go to the court. In the language of one of my seniors- I am nothing but glorified intern, who is allowed to wear the band and the gown! But that also has an upside, I am not responsible for anything. I mean, I do my research and draft the petitions, but am not directly responsible to the clients. So, yeah, I have been going to the Supreme Court of India for over a month.. and NO, SC IS HUGELY different from any of the courts that you all have seen in the movies. It is actually more of a circus than anything else...!! My first hand experience about the Courts, well you can see it here ! But there are a c


Happy Birthday- YO Man!!!

So, the Yo- Man is another year older- Any wiser? well, that only he can vouch for, whether or not he has become wiser. Surprisingly, Mr. Mannu has become much more busier in his stint of teaching the kids english and making me them go abroad than what he was when he was working in his previous office. I have no clue whether he is looking more muscular than the last time I saw him because- It has been like ages since I saw him last. Yeah, we live in the same city and once a week he comes as close as 5 mins away from my house, but alas he is busy. So here is wishing Mann, a VERY Happy Birthday... May God Bless him with all the more success, more money.. girls.. happiness and true love! Cheers!!!

My City..My Life..5

Recap: 1 2 3 4 Thud.!! The last of the 'three steps at a time' run downstairs. Still an hour of regulated work hours left and there are some faces to evade before the gate is crossed. The steps slow down into cautious walk out of the gate, then it's a dash to the other office premises. "Sir". "Yes, quick tell me" "I can offer you SDFC Bank's Platinum credit card, would you.." "No, thanks" A few seconds of frustrating stoppage. Thanks to the folks outside the office gate, you get everything from telephone connection to pirated Music CDs, but many a times they are very irritating. Now, it's the three steps at a time climb up the stairs. I have to reach the 8th floor. Why is the elevator always packed, can't the people stay at their cubes and work !! 5 minutes or else punishment. I quickly go to the wash room and change into the attire. 'Gin lai' bow to Master and I heave a sigh of relief. It's the we

Happy Friendship day

To all, thank you for being in my life.

I am stuck ....

this post came into my mind on reading the comments of last post ... Yes i am stuck & stuck badly ... Three months & still counting for the next girl to come ... i donno where all the girls have gone ... its the longest gap when i havent gone out with a girl for coffee or ice-cream... or is it so that i have grown old ... i dont find girls of my age around me ... most of them have got married .... now since i dont have any girl in my life i dont have anything to write also ... is there anything better than girls to talk about ... I am also seeing changes in me too in past 3 months ... i dont want to try on someone from scratch, work so hard & at the end the result is zero ... but yes sometimes i feel the need of a girl by my side ... sometimes i feel lonely .... when i look back i see that i have experience of all types of affairs - one sided love , full time gf , silent love ... so probably its the time that i should taste "arrange marriage" too ... its quite lat

And I Move Again!

For the first time ever, I move back to the same city where I had been before. Is India running out of decent work places, now? Yes, you guessed it right. I have resigned from my current employment capacity at Pronto Networks; and now it's time to move back to Delhi, and join What more? I have been offered a fancy designation out there: Lead - Special Projects and Social Media . For those who are wondering, this is gonna be my 4th employer, in my working span of 2 years and 2 months. Yeah, life's exciting. More so about the fact that my next employer is gonna be the Wall Street Journal ! Ohkay, not exactly WSJ, but one of their sister publications, the Mint newspaper. Well, there ain't much more from my side. But then, it's interesting to figure where life's taking me, every single year, every single moment!

My Sins Against the Gender Stereotype

Hey guys, this is a tag. And, I really really hope that you all take it up and make individual posts out of it here. I was going to take it up on Timeless Imagination, but then I thought it will be more fun here... so here goes- The Rules: If you are a woman , Have you ever wanted something that is considered ‘manly’ ? Like a basketball, a cell phone, a dog, a camera or a new laptop? A new car or motor bike? Ever wanted to be a pilot? A doctor or not a nurse? And the manliest want of them all – The remote!  As a kid did you enjoy playing with a bat and a ball? There was a time when books were considered ‘manly’, women authors had to pretend to be men – would you say books are still rather manly – women should want to embroider and crochet? If you are a man, Have you ever wanted something that only women are supposed to want – like bags, shoes, clothes, creams, perfumes, babies, flowers? A peaceful home and a happy family? Have you ever been afraid of the dark or of insects? As a k

Happy birthday, Shayon..!!!

Someone is turning 25, and with the silver year, we are hoping to see, a, a silver lining, along, the skies that seem so dark, the sun sure is shining. 25 years have passed, from the day that you were, blessed on earth, you should know, That in so many years, you have touched, many a lives and made them smile. You have taught us, how to be, ourselves, to be brave and to never, really fear, you have given us, the strength, to fall in love, even with the one who we can not, really touch. You have lived a life, fighting the odds, thrown in, tempted, and played by fate.. But, it is you who has, come out- Victorious... Today, on your Birthday, my dear love, I and all of us Pray, That may you have a life, so long, that you touch many more lives, that may you have smiles with, many a miles, because when you smile, you light up the room, that may you have, love, (oh, you already have me), that May you have, the riches, that are not only materialistic,

Wishes ..

I was reading the book 'Freedom in Exile' for some days now and finally finished it today. Coincidentally, today is his holiness the Dalai Lama's 75th birthday. I enjoyed reading his autobiography which he wrote in a very humble tone as a 'human being' not under any pretence of being a spiritual master.  I pray for his well being for many more years to come, we need him to further spread the message of love and compassion to bring about peace in the world. I am amazed with the patience and hope he has shown for obtaining a solution for the Tibetans. The incidents and situations he has described in the book about Tibet are very sad. It is very inspiring and heartening to see the spirit of Tibetans to face the tragedy and prepare with lots of patience for a better future. Just reading him, I got so much of joy and understanding. I hope his teachings brings about positive change throughout the world and most importantly for the Tibetans. Just a while ago on telev