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Happy Birthday "Sakshi"

By rule this post should be put by Shayon but he is a lazy ass .... So, the responsibility has been transferred to me by him ...

"Happy birthday Sakshi / saxi/ sakchi" .... for past 10 min I am thinking what more to write ... I asked my "shopping girl" too & she after doing some deep thinking said this - "happy birthday to u" .. Anyways have a blast ... I pray u never grow old & fat .... U keep on improving shayon .... U become a great lawyer & give justice to many people ....

I request you to bring some hot north indian girls (preferably singles) to this page ... we need some more glamour ...

And we are waiting you & shayon to tie the knot soon ... I hope u remember the bet ... I am eagerly waiting to dance in the wedding .... k .. u can shout at me on reading this line but u knw it wont have any effect on me ....

I am trying to upload a birthday cake too but net is too slow ... so enjoy the wishes without a cake :) :) ..

have fun ...


...@ish@... said…
Hippo Birdie Two Ewe!!!!
Actually luckily you are sharing your big day with my youngest sister who just turned 13!!!
I hope & pray for the best for you in your life!!!
Unknown said…
A very happy birthday Sakshi !

May each way you go be full of happiness and joy.

Have loads of masti.

Cheers.. :)
Unknown said…

HBD to your little sis too..

BTW gurlz have an interesting way of writing ;)
Sakshi said…
Thanks for the post Raj!
Happy Birthday to ur sis

Totally amd at you, Mannu and Gandhi and almost everyone who has my phone number and din bother to wish me!

Mainak said…

Wish U a very happy belated B'day. Hope u get all that u have dreamt of.

Regarding the B'day gift from me???
Well i guess nothing is bigger than me spelling ur name correctly for the 1st time.

Happy B'day once again :)
shanoob said…
Hello Sakshi...
Many many happy returns of the day... have fun.
samik said…
Hi Sakshi
Happy B'day
Sakshi said…
LOL! Thanks for the brilliant birthday gift!

Thank you sooo much :)

Thank sooo you! :)
raj alakshendra said…
i shud have got a bigger thanks for writing the post :(
Apologies for being among the last ones to wish you and for not replying to your message. And that too when you take the pains of putting up birthday post for all of us.I have been down with Viral fever for the last couple of days and had been sleeping almost throughout the day; the moment I used to wake up,I used to feel as though my body is gonna crumble down.
Wish you a incredibly joyful and immensely successful year ahead!
@ Sakshi,
Happy Birthday!
Sorry for the late wishes. I do hope you had a great day.
Sakshi said…
Thank thanks thanks thanks... sooooooooooo much!

Get well soon sweetie! And thanks for the wishes :)

Is ok.. better late than never!
ABC said…

aapko nikattam vavishya mein ek call aayegaa :)
raj alakshendra said…
now that sounds good :)

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