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"You must take that thought out of your mind".
But how could I while being in this miserable condition. The situation could not become far worse. I kept on counting the number of idlis I gulped in my mind to fall asleep, but I just could not have a decent sleep. I remained in a transient state of sleeping, counting and of course feeling pain.

I have always thought I could handle pain, but this time it's different. I was hurt, from deep within.
People say, "I can understand your pain". Does that help the one who is experiencing the pain. In my case, such words do not bring comfort. I tried distractions like music, movies and even social networking. The emotionally happy and emoticon-ally happy moods from the distractions were of no help.

Friends are a wonderful support for bad times but this time the pain did not let me speak. A friend who was in a similar situation suggested I visit a doctor urgently.

Mentally I was exhausted trying to keep the thought of pain at bay, I was reluctant but then avoiding the doctor would certainly drive me nuts !

"So, how did it all started?"
I replied.
"Hmmm, I see. Big problem but don't worry."
I was already hallucinating; pushed onto a chair with equipments all around and a light blinding me to the state of obscurity to actually make out people with white coats surrounding me.

After the initial diagnosis, I was sitting on the dentist chair. I was having a tooth extracted and a RCT done.
Ogden Nash was right in "This is going to hurt just a little bit":
Because some tortures are physical and some are mental,
But the one that is both is dental.

Though I would also like to add that it is an economical torture as well !!

It took me over a month for the entire process of extraction, healing and RCT to actually get rid of the pain.

Pain is sometimes needed, it reminds you to be careful as well as caring.
Waiting impatiently to bite into a whole lot of food stuffs rather than licking ice-creams from tomorrow.


@ Rathz
Brilliant! Somehow when you mentioned the dentist's chair, I could think of nothing else but Ogden Nash!
Hope the tooth's getting better now.

samik said…
@Ratz nice..."I can understand your pain" becoz I too had to undergo the same "dental" torture in kol.People say 'no pain no gain' ..but this pain cost me a tooth!
...@ish@... said…
i felt the pain.
btw nice one.Also, i may go through the same in couple of weeks, i guess!
Unknown said…
There's another anecdote from the the years as a kid. When the milk teeth would start falling off, we would be throwing the broken tooth up into sky saying:

'o nigoni nigoni, tur daant muk de, mur daant toi lo'.

This is in Assamese which translates to 'O Rat ! Give me your tooth and take mine in exchange.'

But this time I am keeping the extracted tooth as a souvenir !!

Karma said…
@rathz beautiful piece...kudos my frnd....u know what- the moment u mentioned something about tooth,I had this sense of dejavu...the brilliant composition by ogden nash we read in CBSE and voila! u actually quoted it!

@junta if you are wondering who the hell ogden nash is,just go through this whole piece to find the tooth..umm I mean truth.

Incredibly well written .You are going to be a Ruskin Bond or Amitav Gosh in a few year.

Initially,I thought that you are referring to some heartbreak and wondered that why would you go to a dentist for that :-D But the story ,like the Indian movies,had its twist.
ABC said…
Thanks for the delightful reactions.

I always go over the moon reading Mannu's & Raj's (not yet this time though) comments. :)

Interestingly no one find's romanticism in one's own field of work. My dentist never heard of Ogden Nash, I think I'll give a copy of the poem to let her become a little considerate and humane while pulling out someone's tooth !!
raj alakshendra said…
here I am ... ready to take u to the moon ....
when i reads Raths post, it gives a soothing effect , a peace of mind ...
i just start imagining myself into that situation (in this case it was more real) .... whn i post gets over , i just hope there were few more lines ....
raj alakshendra said…
now the ques arises y i was not commenting ... this post reminded me of horrifying 3 weeks of my childhood ... the incident goes like this ...

i dont how old i was but i was very small ... one of my tooth had decayed badly .... the doc took it out & i went through the same pain as raths discussed but the prob started after that ...

coming back to home , i was exploring my stitched area inside my mouth & in this process i messed up the the stitch ... & fuck it started bleeding like hell ... i was only spitting blood ... i was loosing blood with great pace & my parents got into full tension ... i was immediately taken to doc ... that mother f**Ker told to put injection every day for next 7 days ... n since i was a kid they injected in my ass .. just imagine urself getting an injestion every evening .. those 7 days were the longest week of my life .. i had a swollen ass for next 2 weeks ... not able to sit , walk , sleep properly ...

i had experienced an extended pain ...
Unknown said…

messed stitches, blood spill and painful injections....That's gross !!
Sakshi said…
Totally awesome, please compile your short stories, and let me figure a publisher!

But, I think I understand the dental chair more than anyone here! I had my front two teeth chipped, and went through a dental treatment for five long years..!!! It including RCT, Capping, Ortho! And fillings!
So, I do understand!
ABC said…

Idea ! All of us may as well contribute to a small book..

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