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happy b'de to dion

hi, dion ... Many many happy returns of the day .... hw r u celebrating ur b'de there ... i hope u must be missing the GPLs , the Bru Beck Bakery cake n finally the DJ nite in Rudra's room ... I would like 2 write a few lines of our relations ( dont tak otherwise ). during my college dez i had max fights with him only but then also we have been alwez good frnds ... i remember the dez whn we had to arrange the g8 MATHUS parties , then we two non-drinkers used to buy drinks for others . i really love to irritate him becoz he used to loose his temper immediately ...i was lucky to not get a bang frm him ... do u knw dion i was the one to put water in ur room during final year Holi ... there is something about dion .... he is a big PAITRA ... sala bahut bhao khata hai .... when i think abt him few things alwez come in my mind ... i would write it in points.. 1) his very sweet voice ... once my dad had called on his ph n misjudged it for a girl. 2) his mini jockey ... oh , he used t

Happy Diwali....

Man its been a week since anybody posted anything on our beloved webpage. First and foremost- Hi to Shastha... welcome to the wall mag... and we hope that you give us some juicy gossip so that we can pull each other's leg. And now,  Sun glows for a day,  candle for an hour, Matchstick for a minute, But a wish can glow days forever, So here is my wish for- Glowing Diwali.... Glowing Life...  Wishing you all Health, wealth, Love and happiness this Diwali....!!!


Hi Guys and a Gal :) . Its been quite some time since I have been planning to put up something on this but I am quite lazy to type anything. I hope no wud say yeh kaun hai etc but I guess yes ye kahan se agaya wud be the expression on ur face . It was last Feb when I was getting bored in office, I recalled Rathz once telling me in col about TWM and had asked me join it(but in coll I rarely used to visit CC , I had los 2 pairs of footwares). I then started reading all the old posts and ever since then i have been frequently visiting it. Its really awesome and at times makes me nostalgic bout the gud old coll days. Mannu darr mat tu jo bada chdake CSC aur apni life ko batata hai wo mein poori story sabko bol doonga. Nice to hear from all of you. I really got to appreaciate all of you for making TWM a platform for everyone to express their views. Let me stop here . I will come up with a longer post shortly :).

Greetings from North...!!!

In the East, Durga Puja has been keeping everyone busy... The situation is same here in Delhi as well... but with a twist. In Delhi, the festive season which begins with Janamastmi and the Rakhi makes it hard to get on to the road till maybe after Holi...!! The twist being, there is the Durga Puja, the Navaratra Puja and Id all being celebrated with the same enthisiatism by one and all. ( Not that the situation is not the same everywhere else in the Country) but, the most most amazing sight that I have seen here is in Old Delhi or the Walled City as its famously called. On one side you have the Ramlila going on... and on the other the Jama Masjid is lighted up to celebrate Id and the there are the Durga Puja Pandal. But this year, I had a completely different experience through the Navratra Puja. I had gone for a family vacation to Rishikesh (in Uttrakhand). Ofcourse the trip was not confined to the holy Banks of Ganges in Rishikesh, we went further up to Chamba as well (This is not th

Pujo greetings to all..

After all the years of growing up mostly in the eastern part of the country, I have been witness to many Durga Puja celebrations. All the time they said, "If you want to experience the 'real Puja' go to Calcutta"; and finally I (can someone tell if I/i has to be written in capitals or not coz in the past few editions of 'The Sunday Times', the editorials are using 'i' instead of 'I') get a chance to experience the 'real puja'. No doubt the Bongs have become hyper active and are bubbling with energy which reaches a crescendo with the deafening yet hypnotising and magical beats of the dhaak . All the bongs  have bought ethnic wears to look good while they hop from one pandal to another, ya that's of course leaving Samik aside. Yesterday we'd Samik visit a pandal in a short & he was just 'pure & clean' at heart, that's it, no bath I mean. Well what was all purpose behind it, actually we went for the prasadi


This is just an announcement I had to make! I could have put it in a comments part, but not everyone would have read it. This goes out to all the writing talents LDS at NIT, Jam. is coming out with a literary mag. It will be an official coll. mag. Nandan (my junior from Goa) asked me to write something. But I just had a brilliant idea, why not ask all those of us alumni interested to write a piece (about life after coll.) and give them more work in deciding which one/s to use. We've got good writing talent here and all of our work needs a final polishing (but thats what LDS & co. are for ;D). So mail your entries to nandansawkar[at]gmail[dot]com Happy writing. D

Let there be 'Senses'..

There has been lot of bloodshed in the country in the past few months. Some evil minds have been doing all insane things and thus putting lives of the innocent people into jeopardy. On this day of Gandhi Jayanti, let Senses prevail & the evil minds stop doing the rounds of violence.

The last one I swear..........No more after this

Elated by the flattering response from his fellow bloggers..Karma has now delved deep into his pile of word Docs to find another of his rejects...a far more murkier stuff. Conceived in a delirious state ,without a sense of purpose and with an utter detest for the hole-like-cubicle he works in, while sipping coffee , gazing at the bleak looking world outside from the glassed confine of his office building. Hope u detest it as much as he did while penning it down................... Claustrophobic It's a lonely world outta there Nobody seems to notice you The world seems to collapse in Yes I am a part of this too The sky looks dull , the people so small Thru the window I do often see A lull of silence prevails out side An eerie of numbness yet a strange tranquility This bizarre remoteness befells upon me There's a heavy desolation in my heart My forlorn soul seeks for some solace Listless do I trudge thu this dreary desert

Remembering Gandhi

He was not one of the faces in the crowd. He was different.A man whose statue will be the first to be placed in NIT Jamshedpur's Hall of Fame- Mr. Ankit Gandhi aka Dangs aka Gands aka ....(fill in with all the names you know :P). This article is dedidcated to him from one of his fans.Ok!! Let's start. Gandhi-a guy whose mere thought would bring a smile on anybody's face who would have studied with him,Gandhi-a living example of what all can happen with you if you dont adapt & change yourself to circumstances.I remember when I met him for the first time in college ,he seemed a self-assured man who could spin your head with his computer knowledge & exuded confidence .Then IT STARTED..& by IT STARTED I mean IT STARTED..It started all with his participation in a play -an adaptation of Ramayana in which he had taken up the role of Jatayau-the eagle..That play proved to be a turning point in the way the people used to look at him.He became instant famous.That play &a

Sun Shines through....!!!

Ok, Finally, some good news coming from me... I just got a call and an E-mail from the Law firm that I applied to in Mumbai... guys... I am gonna be in Mumbai in December....!!! I am so excited....!!!! Something to be cheerful about....!!! Yipeeeeeeee....!!! Looking forward to see you all guys....!!! PS: Shayon lost his phone... (This guy is major accident prone...!!!) so contacting him for the coming few days is going to be a problem, coz he is gonna be in Bhuj.