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Sun Shines through....!!!

Finally, some good news coming from me...
I just got a call and an E-mail from the Law firm that I applied to in Mumbai... guys... I am gonna be in Mumbai in December....!!!

I am so excited....!!!! Something to be cheerful about....!!! Yipeeeeeeee....!!!

Looking forward to see you all guys....!!!

PS: Shayon lost his phone... (This guy is major accident prone...!!!) so contacting him for the coming few days is going to be a problem, coz he is gonna be in Bhuj.


Shayon said…
@ Saxi
Good hai. I think you shall be in Mumbai all of December and I can be there only from the 3rd week :-(

@ all
Thanks a lot for being there, guys! Am doing pretty great now, although a little pissed 'coz I lost my ROKR last night :-(

Anyway, I'm in Bhuj now. Planning to make a trip to Rajasthan in a few days, for a week. So, I'll be out of touch, big time. Ain't got enough cash to buy a new one (one that suits me) right now.

As for Goa plans, I am still not 100% sure. So, I shall urge you folks to plan on, without considering me into it, for now.

@ Raj
Now I too might just get a Touch Pro, along with you! ;-)
Karma said…
Great going....everything is falling in place now....ur coming in Mumbai is the best thing that cud happen...all seems to be going for our Goa trip
Kool! there u go again...loosing ur I ain't gonna vent any steam on ya...i already run outta it.But hey I am still hoping u will make it to Goa....please do everything u can to make it happen..
Good luck to ur sojourn to The Land of Royals!!!Hope u have a great time out there..
Sakshi said…
@ Shayon
You are an assole... (sorry... but I had to do the gaali galoch...!!!)man... u already know when your exams are gonna be??? n now you tell me...!!!
@ Karma
I am very happy... lets hope everything else alos works out just fine.
Unknown said…


so hope everyone makes it to goa :-)

Ankit said…
btw..u applied for internship or job..

& I thot that I was the one who use to either lose things or misplace them or forget thenm..but seems like u are my competitor !!!
Sakshi said…
@ Ankit
Dude first u gotta temme ur actual birthday...!!! I applied for an internship. (I still have a few sems to go b4 I graduate)

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