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This a distress call to all TWM folks. This has been the longest duration of inactivity for TWM. So is it that we are all too busy or have all of us hit the writer's block.

Let's break the spell of inactivity....HOW??

I have an incomplete draft, shall I post that?
May be I will do a recap of the past few days..No mood to write paragraphs..

Connect the dots yourself..

* Kaminey - Movie was good, the ending could have been better..The bong mafia coming with a long gun to the fight scene was really comic..Fahid Kapoor ki acting mast thi..waifey aap log ye movie dekhey kya??

* Books - Finally I read the book Love Story by Erich Segal..Hmmm the story is good but the effect of the classic book has not yet got into me..Meanwhile I am also reading 'The Great Indian Novel' by Shashi Tharoor..I will surely recommend this book..Tharoor has splendidly blended the tales from Mahabharata into the modern Indian history..

*Movies - I watched 'Little Miss Sunshine' and 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' few days back..Good movies..Liked them..You can listen to the 'How it ends' track by Devotchka'..It's in the 'Little Miss Sunshine' movie..The concept of 'Eternal Sunshine....' was too good..Initially you can be bored but later on it will bind you..

*People - We in Kolkata had the same masti and fun as in college..But as time flies by..Some have left to do Masters in business studies..Some are going to different locations for professional work..People are leaving Kolkata..Memories will remain..May all get success in their endeavours..

*Time - Its 0015 hours..Time to doze off..

Good Night Folks..


Phew!Finally, someone broke the inactivity spell.I was trying to write a small article a few days back but just couldn't finish it! Will try to finish it ASAP. Sheer laziness,i tell you .
Regarding "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind".I guess Sam and I tried watching this movie in college twice, for it had generated a lot of hype and the title ,of course,made us curious too.But alas! as usually used to happen while watching movies in college, Sam dozed off within 10 minutes and I followed suit within the next 5 mins.
Dion better knows our sleeping patterns while watching movies because he's the only guy who could watch any damn movie ,right from its beginning to the end and he used to be a witness to our sleeping cycles.As he used to laugh on us for this habit of ours ,Sam & I made a resolve that we would watch the whole "Shawshank Redemption" movie-right from the beginning to the end,without dozing off in between and the fact that it was a much acclaimed movie was a motivation for us too!However,any acclaims couldn't hold us getting by chains of drowsiness.We SOMEHOW managed to keep our eyes open for 1 hour(that was way beyond our average) and then when we couldn't take it anymore ,quietly slipped into the dreamworld & got up only to find the movie has got over.Such was our willpower and love for (sleeping while watching)movies .Hahaha
Sakshi said…
Thanks for breaking the spell..!!! I was waiting for Mannu's and Shastha's posts..
Anyway- I really like little Ms. Sunshine, its a beautiful movie.

About the book- Love Story- Ahem- I am a very biased reader that ways. This books is really close to my heart for all the obvious reasons, but apart from that- I am an ardent fan of Eric Sehgal and unlike all his fans who start at Love story, I read 'Only Love' first... and trust me I was hooked. I read Love Story after reading most of Eric Sehgal's other books.
I loved the way he has written the book.. it has something in it.. (I am not really getting the word to describe it) but I guess the biggest achievement of that book is- That Shayon, who is so not into romantic fiction read that book, twice. (I gifted it to him... )

Oh- btw- Please don't mind this- Rathz- whose copy is it that you have?? You bought the book?? Coz- apparently- Shayon lost the track of the copy that I gave him... czo it was being borrowed alot in college.. so just wondered.

I also have lots of things to talk about- but I was a little busy... and loads lazy (All you guys are having a bad effect on me.. :P),But now, I think I am going to actually put up a post only after I put up my birthday post on TWM, because, kissi ko yaad toh hoga nahin... so I will have to do it. (Btw- last year my birthday post was put up... check out the date in the drafts..)
Shayon said…
@ Saxi
Just a little doubt... you are a great fan of 'Eric Sehgal'? Who's that? Any relative from the 'Baba Sehgal' clan? :-o
@ Shayon!
Ha ha ha ha ha! I thought the exact same thing (great minds ....)!
And Sakshi,
You still owe me a post- remember!
@ Rathz
Thanks for the new post. Tell us about the people in Cal., give specifics. I have to f***in clue what's going on back home and no one seems to be coming forward with concrete news.
@ Mann
I still remember the movies we tried to watch together! Ha ha ha, had a huge laugh when I read your comment. How is your fav. G-man!
Shayon said…
@Dino : Call me 'Ross-isque' (ala FRIENDS) but I couldn't help it. Is the '?' key in your keyboard malfunctioning? I ask 'coz, in ur comment, everytime the punctuation demanded a question mark, you replaced it with an exclamation! :-p
After the folks in the college,it's time for the folks in Maruti to enjoy themselves by messing around with G-man and by screwing his life ! Lucky bastards they are.
And you have reminded Sakshi of the post she's to write on you so many times,that she'd probably go underground outta embarrasment.Hahaha

Don't you get over-enthusiastic next time!The post on Dion has become the albatross across your neck :-D
Unknown said…

Nopes yaar, I bought a copy last Sunday..May be you can pull Shayon's ear and make him remember whom did he gave the book to..
That thought of ours is more Joe-like!
Ha ha ha ha..
And no my '?' key is still working. I realised that I typed the wrong 'sign' after I posted the comment and then I was tooo lazy to actually rectify the mistake. Plus if I did delete the comment and then re-post it, I'd get new comments like "eh bhai, ye kaun hai jo comment kartat rehta aur delete marta rehta"- excuse the Hindi (I'm sure Mann. would have written it better- if you'll know what I mean).
Brian G. Miller said…
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