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A girls life- In a Messy situation...

Your's truly i.e. Me, has been having quite a few close shaves with destiny/ fate or whatever else that you may call it.
Yeah- life may not be super exciting. But yeah it has its moments.
Shayon and I almost got caught in my bhanaas, that I give at home when I am out with him.
It so happened that that I had to go to college on Monday, last date for filling the examination forms etc. And, well, Shayon got stuck in traffic, got late for work, thus, chucked office for the day.
Yeah, that meant we could meet. So, I made the usual excuse back at home, that I am going to office from college (I have used this excuse before as well, and it works just fine); but I had forgotten a HUGE thing, that on that day my sister had her dance practise and her dance class is like 5 minutes from my office, so it was decided, that I would go pick her up from her class and come back home. (Simple straight plan, Shayon and I had decided, that we would go and pick her up)
Both Sis and Me forgot, that the timings of her class 7-8pm, will not be comfortable with my dad. And this is exactly what happened... Shayon and I are lounging around, not bothered about anything, when, my sis messages me- Dad is dropping me to class and coming to pick you up from office- RUSH.
And, after that- Shayon and I, actually mostly me freaked out.
We ran to catch an auto (bless the auto stand near his house) and just hoped and prayed that we don't get caught in the bluff. All the while I was urging under my breath that the auto go a little more faster, we were hitting traffic... and on top of that sis decided to message every two minutes giving moi a panic attack, Shayon was the calm one, trying to find humour in my face expression (which was very stricken, my face) Oh, and did I tell you, that he hardly freaks? I just adore his calm when I am freaked.
And, we made it in the nick of the time, thanks to the Delhi Traffic.
Dad got caught in traffic while coming towards my office...
Phew- It was close.
In retrospect, it seems like a scene from a movie- but, Thank you God, for saving my ass. It would have been a very difficult to make Dad understand, in this situation.

Oh, and in the other situation- one Mr. N.K. an associate at FML, is just getting on my nerves. He has asked me to meet him four times, I have turned him down on all the counts. I have no idea what to do with him??
Oh, I know, I can tell him about Shayon, but the conversation never goes in that direction. I can't mess this up, because he and I are in the same profession, any wrong move- I'll be ruined(big words... ), before even enrolling in the Bar.
Uffo- Yeh kya ho raha hai??
Even though, the whole Shayon- Me Fiasco, is very filmy and above all; I am sure that when one of you narrates this to the next generation then; its going to be a laugh.
As of now I am more concerned about the whole- Mr. N.K. thing. All of you have jobs, and I am sure that if not experienced it first hand you must have known about all this office politics etc thingy.
What do you guys suggest as to how do I handle this guy??


Mainak said…
ha haa nice one. something that reminds me of the similar situation i was in..... Tension mein aur chip chip ke hi to romance ka asli mazaa aata hai.

All the best for next time.
Unknown said…

and now you spill the real story for all to read!!
is it that the previous generation do not read blogs ;)

shayon to gutch public hai, usko koi tension vension nahi hoti..

keep njoying your adventures.. :)


aah, the casanova..welcome welcome..write something of your romances!!
Shayon said…
And ohh, she forgot to mention the best part. All the while I was in the rickshaw, I was giving live commentary to Raj, on Gtalk :-p'
@Rathz: Mujhe koi tension nahin hoti, shayad issiliye mera blood pressure low hai :-p
Sakshi said…
Hummmm, Well, I am not too fond of such romantic adventures.
They Just give me a nervous breakdown.

I just hope and pray that they don't.. varna toh...

Oh- Yeah- The whole commentry to Raj, that was making it even more funny for Shayon.
But let me tell you, as soon as we made it, and realised that we are in time; Shayon ki Jaan mein Jaan aa gayii... !!! :)
raj alakshendra said…
this is the chat me & shayon were having that day ::

Shayon: Achha, sun... Tujhe live telecast deta hoon... Sakshi ne apne ghar pe kaha ki office mein hai...
Ab uske dad ne 20 mins pehle sms kia ki woh usse lene aa rahe hain
me: oh o ..great ..sahi hai ...its so exciting
Shayon: Ab race laga rahe hain :-)
Auto vs ford ikon :-p
me: oh wht a love stry ..mast hai ...lets see hw much power GM car is having...
hw is saxi feeling
must b tensed:)
Shayon: Of course, she's freaked out...
me: take a pic of her for next post on twm
Shayon: Aur mujhe toh lagta hai aaj aamna saamna ho hi jaayega :-p
me: ho hi jaye ... pyaar kiya to darna kya ...jab miya biwi razi to kya karenge daddy :)
Shayon: Hehe! Saale...main yahan khicker aur hawai chappal pehen kar hi nikal gaya hoon...
Aisi haalat mein aamna saamna ho gaya toh band baj jaayegi
me: ha ha ha ..m laughing like hell
Shayon: Saxi's dad is 10 mins away...we r 20 mins away
me: u r always having prob in life
Shayon: Good thing is, both of us r stuck in traffic
me: matlab aaj to aamne samne hona hi hai the best ...
Shayon:Saale...yahan g***d fat rahi hai aur tu seekh laga raha hai?
me: aur kya karoon ... tension mein main kyon rahoon ...m in cafe ..i cant laugh loudly ..i feel like jumping off my chair
Shayon: Hahaha...saala!Yahan main fir jam mein atak gaya
Bechari ki haalat dekhne layak hai
Main bindaas tere se chat kie jaa raha hoon
me: she knws u r chatting wid me
Shayon: Almst soch ke rakh liya hai ki aaj toh milna hi hai
Yup, she does
me: abe apna intro kya dega ...her dada knws of u ...
Shayon: Aur aaj saala koi kahaani bhi nahin mil raha hai, banane ko
Yeah, we've met, a couple of times
Usske ghar pe ek baar lunch aur ek baar dinner pe gaya tha
Usske alawa 3-4 baar mile the
me: tab kya tension hai ..bindass ho ke mil
Shayon: Saala!
Sakshi said…
THIS is totally hilarious... awesome man..!! :)
raj alakshendra said…
@ shakshi

i didnt read ur last comment "Shayon ki Jaan mein Jaan aa gayii"

what , shayon was tensed ...i cant believe it ...
Mainak said…

ya would have definitely shared my experiences had things been the same that used to be. Life has changed drastically and lots of pain was also inflicted. so its better to keep those sweet memories locked in a tight chest away from everybody :(
ABC said…

dont feel down friend..the pains have come and gone, good times are always there for you .. :)

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