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Dilli ki Jhaanki, Dilli-walon ke Dil Se!!


Sakshi said…
This was quick...I hope you had fun, coz I had a blast.
SiD said…
hurray!! me too
Finally,Sid's here too!Welcome,man!Raj acted quite promptly this time.I guess Sashta would be the most glad to see you here.
Shayon said…
it was actually I who posted them, using Raj's id.
Sakshi said…
LOL.. really.

Welcome to TWM.. a post... now would do.
Rathindra said…
gr8 pics folks..

hey sid, welcome to TWMonline..
raj alakshendra said…
It was great time spent.I must say Shayon's family including his sis in law all are very good.

M havin a blast here in the wedding function. For the 1st time i am seeing a punjabi wedding. Its lavish .food is awesome.
I met a punjabi girl beauty Met means i have started talking to her.So another entry in my endless list of girl :)

btw guys m comin back to delhi on 5th n wil leave for delhi on 7th morning.
Great to see a small reunion of sorts!
Mann has the same standing style (and the way he holds the mobile phone)! Ha ha ha ha ha, some things never change. Dude you're looking beefed up, but your legs still look like chicken stilts, do something about that!
Nice to see Golu here too! Is he in Delhi now?
Sid! Where the hell have you been? And what are you doing in Delhi?
Haha.I know,dude!I ve actually lost a lot of pounds in the last couple weeks and these days am not looking my best.The glow from the face is missing and the legs have shrunk .Going to hit the gym again after a hiatus of 4 months, from mid-oct or so.Will be back in form ,i mean in shape ;)
raj alakshendra said…
Correction in my last comment: m leavin for nagpur on 7th.

u wont stop lookin at guys. U studied him so deeply in pic !!!
I dont think its a 3D pic.
Hey mannu , dont describe urself in so detail else ul face the consequence :) Dion , control yaar.
Hahaha.Ab Dion load le lega aur teri maar lega .Bachkay! ;)
raj alakshendra said…
Waise vo to marne ka mauka dhoondte rehta hai :)
Hahaha.Can't stop laughing! That was hilarious.
Rathindra said…
ha ha ha ha..
D must be fuming..
Fuck you guys!
You'll are a bunch of c****!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


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