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AUTO Expo 2008 at Delhi was very much successful. All well-known global auto mobile companies , indian manufactures, showed their creations in seven days long auto show which was ended on Thursday. over 18 lakh visitors attended the show. Some important features about this year auto expo: 1) Tata Motors unveiled 1 lakh car. 2) Maruti unveiled two concept cars: A star and Kizashi. The importance of A star is its exterior styling was designed my two designer of maruti. A star will be launched soon in India . this will also be exported to Europe from maruti this year. Seeing A-star, Senior Managing director of TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION says "you have changed the way how small car looks". Kizashi , the concept car was totaly designed by suzuki and it was previously shown at Frankfurt auto show 2007. Splash was shown. this is also a small car which will come to indian market in 2009. SX4 hatchback ( the yellow colour SX4 rally car, in photo) was shown that will participate for w

Revamped Labyrinth!!

Hey guys, check this out. Got myself a brand new template for the new year! Do give it a visit and lemme know what you think about the revamped blog page . By the way, Belated Happy New Year to all!! :-P

Kolkata Day

On 22nd dec I went to rathin, sam and shanoob's flat at kolkata. shanoob was not present at that day as he went to his home. Sam made sexy recipe of chicken for all of us including Raj who was there that day at kolkata. here are some photos of that day. open the following link to see the photos.