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The Law of the Garbage Truck

I am going to post here a story that was a part of the farewell speech that my younger sister's school principal gave today at her Citation Ceremony. I would normally not take notice of the usual inspirational and motivational things that the school principals and teachers say, heck, they are all almost the same. As a matter of fact, I remember the day we had something similar in Modern Bk, but I don't think that it really meant too much to me and I don't remember a single thing of the speech that the dear principal had given. *Yeah, I was not interested coz I was not attached to the school, I was there for the last two years and that is one of my major regrets- Changing my school* Any way- I am very attached to Sister's school and the way her schooling has gone. Being 7 years younger to me, I had an opportunity to relive my school life all over again during her years in school. So today when her Principal bade their batch farewell and bestowed them with love, affecti

"The annual report 2010"

Dear all, This is the new chapter on wall-mag - Annual Report . its just the analysis of our page on a yearly basis ... Its actually needed as this page is heading towards slow death - no of posts n also comments r decreasing day by day. Break up of post : Raj - 28 (even i am surprised on this figure) Raths - 16 Sakshi- 15 Ankit - 9 karma -9 Shayon - 4 ayesha - 2 Rajorshi, Chiru , Samik , dion , dipayan - 1. During the first half of the year the page was more happening as more writers used to contribute. In the last quarter only me , raths n sakshi had written anything.. Surprising fact is that there was not a single post from Manvender n Atri the whole year ... and both of them are regularly reading the comments ... Karma and Ankit , we want u back ... Dion ,u ass hole , dont u have one hour the whole year to write three - four posts. Shayon, dude u are the blogger guru for us , we want more from u .. The new entries share more about yourself ... This wall mag is our dream n we all n

"A day without my Blackberry"

I did it ... in less than six months my Blackberry crashed .. Its OS got corrupted ... two days back , i was uploading a pic when my phone hanged ... I switched it off n after that it never started ... i got tensed , not because my phone is screwed up (its in warranty) but because how would i survive without it ... all these happens when you are not with ur best companion : 1) you start getting bad dreams if it takes more than a day to get fixed , how would you contact the work - all those social networking n status updates . 2) how would you chat with your friends especially the one living out of country . 3) while driving i saw something that should be clicked but the very next i realized i am not with my BB. 4) you gonna miss push mail n blackberry messenger . 5) when holding any other phone you will feel inferior . people will ask u , what happend to your blackberry 6) you will feel as if ur hands r cut . it was a tough 24 hrs without my BB . I have got it a few hours back and i a

I too have something to say !!

Hey every one !!! Initially i thought of putting it as comment but i guess it would eat up large space !!!! So in this way post pop up Well thanks for your sweet wishes for me sweety I hope they works !! BTW Uncle Sam seems not so pleased on seeing me on his land, throwing bunch of challenges towards me.Any way i will surely let you guys know about them. I thought a lot about relationship & money and i think i have gone through both of them and experienced enough to share my views!! I would prefer relationship , don't ever dare to loose it if you believe you got the perfect one !! Money can come to you anything when you work your ass off what about a reliable relationship which you always dreamt of !! Very slim chances of being lucky twice !! Well once i had a relationship, trust me i was on top of the world even though not enough money to buy house or go for expensive trip Still i had some one to depend on....i lost it Now i have enough money to do everything we could have th

Is it all about the Money, Honey?

Raj sent me a sms in the morning today, asking me to put up a post here. And later  realised that I had actually not written a post here for like the longest time.  But before I leap into the actual context of the Post, couple of things that I want to say *not related to the post* Aisha- Best wishes for your future in the country of Uncle Sam! I really hope that your new start brings in loads of hopes and loads of dreams that come true. Mannu- You have stopped posting anything barring the comments. Rathz, Dino & Karma- Same as above. Karma darling- you don't even post comments! Chaki- Man, you gave me such a huge nice cute little answer to the query about your honeymoon that I fell over! And better than Rajasthan, how about Rann of Kutch, Gujarat! Supposed to be Romantic, or so Mr. Bachchan says! ;) And now back to the post! Raj, your last post has inspired this post. It is such an inadvertent battle between being financially strong and being able to have THE

Relations, commitment , career and confusion !!!

friend 1 says me : I used to love a girl deeply n madly . She wanted to marry me . I said I had to build my career for next two years so you have to wait for me . She couldnt wait because its a long wait for a girl . Last year she got married . I thought I would get over her but I was wrong . Today is her birthday and I called her to realize that she is the only girl I had ever loved . friend 2 says : we both were into relation . one day she said me something that hurt me n i didnt talk to her for next one year . She tried to to call me a million times but i ignored her. Few months back I got a mail of her wedding invitaion. I called her up n got to know that she was trying to contact me to ask for marraige. friend 3 says: She was my best friend . We were together for long time n knew every minute detail of each other . She expressed her feelings towards me . I told I have never thought about you more than a friend .To my surprise she continued to love me and take care of me . I didnt

Road to becoming an UNCLE

My dear friends, this is my 1st post and hopefully not the last . I am really sorry that I couldn’t put this post on time due to my lack of knowledge in blogging. U must be laughing that a guy working in software doesn’t know how to blog? But that’s me who knows only how to do time pass in office. Mr. Raj Alexzander has been persuading me for quite sometime now to put on a post regarding my marriage which I hope you all are aware of. But trust me I tried my level best to live upto the expectation. I also requested Raj to put the post on my behalf and I would have approved it. Even I asked him if it was ok if I give him the typed matter and he would post it. But this fella rejected all my suggestions and finally I am bound to do it on my own L Ours is a Love, Arranged, Combined & even better keep it as a Complicated marriage as I call it. Also there is no particular order of which happened 1st eg: love followed by arranged or arranged followed by love. I leave this decision entirel

Happy New Year!

The end of another year.the starting of yet one more! Well, it's an opportunity to begin anew, it's a time to make new resolutions,think about the new goals to achieve and make the plans ahead. I wish all the members of our brotherhood a great and rocking 2011! May we individually and collectively be happier than we ever have been ! :)