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Is it all about the Money, Honey?

Raj sent me a sms in the morning today, asking me to put up a post here. And later  realised that I had actually not written a post here for like the longest time.
 But before I leap into the actual context of the Post, couple of things that I want to say *not related to the post*

Aisha- Best wishes for your future in the country of Uncle Sam! I really hope that your new start brings in loads of hopes and loads of dreams that come true.

Mannu- You have stopped posting anything barring the comments.

Rathz, Dino & Karma- Same as above. Karma darling- you don't even post comments!

Chaki- Man, you gave me such a huge nice cute little answer to the query about your honeymoon that I fell over! And better than Rajasthan, how about Rann of Kutch, Gujarat! Supposed to be Romantic, or so Mr. Bachchan says! ;)

And now back to the post!

Raj, your last post has inspired this post.

It is such an inadvertent battle between being financially strong and being able to have THE personal life which is nothing short of being perfect. The delicate balance between the right job, the right salary and the right person in your life is so delicate that even if one has a little more priority over the other, the other suffers the loss!

In my line for instance, the Supreme Court of India has many female lawyers, but very few are in the category of being 'great'. And 90% of those great advocates- Are either not married or are divorced. And the ones who are married are married to lawyers, so in that sense they are not really worried about the career aspect!
As far as my boss is concerned- She has the most convenient set up, she married a German. And he stays there, she here.
It is such a irony, that at the end of a hard days work, you have no one really to appreciate your hard work, or that someone to hold you when you have had a bad day.

On the other hand, I have no idea, why is it that a person who works very hard during the office hours and goes back to his family and refuses to do over time, especially when it is not required is labelled as incompetent.
And, I exemplify this. My grandfather and my father, both of them, never worked beyond 6-6.30 as lawyers. Yes, they worked on Saturdays and Sundays but only when it was required. But in my office, if I even think of stepping out at 6.30 in the evening, I am eyed like I have done a mortal sin. There are two other seniors who work under my boss but they never seem to have any social engagements. They stay alone. Without a family.
But, so does Shayon, and trust me, I know he has a million things to do once he gets back home apart from meeting me after office (which happens rarely). But they, they have no dinners, no festivities, and no personal life as far as I know. Not that they are not nice or anything but it amuses them, as to why would I be so interested in going for the family dinners, or the weddings... etc. And, I fail to understand that why would they not have a social scene. *I may be presuming, but if they don't get out of office before 10 in the night, and work on Sundays and holidays, my presumptions might be correct*

We all work our asses off just to have the comforts of our lives, but in working our asses off, in attaining the heights of our careers, we leave behind that very person with whom we want to share our success.
The money may satisfy the parents, and may buy us the house, but what is the point of all the money when that house will not have the people whose love and care would make it a home...??

I am going through a lot of this myself, in a bid to work super hard, I have been ignoring my relationship with Shayon. Not something that I am proud of.. but my confusion increases many fold when I sit back and realize that I am just 7 months old in my profession, and that this is my time to work. But then ignoring people, places especially my relationship is not ME. What do I compromise on? The best working years by taking a sub-standard unchallenging job? or Keep my relationship(s) as the lowest rung priority and fight with all my might at the job front?
To be honest- I am trying to create that balance- but the thing is- I am afraid that in trying to keep every one happy- I might just lose the person that I am, within me!


ABC said…
I'll read the post later..But feels good that posts are coming up on TWM page..

Today morning, while I was reluctant to leave the cozy bed; I actually thought/dreamed of a new post.. eeks.. :P

Hopefully after a long lull (barring aside the bday posts and some posts here-and-there), folks start writing..

ABC said…
It should not be always about the money. At certain point in life, some may have the money and some may have the people. Each set will yearn for other thing that they lack. So, we may all miss the balance, the perfect set up eludes us anyways.

In life, we keep trying to reach the perfect set up; understanding is important.

Sakshi at least you are thinking about it, so let's hope things get sorted out.

Aaah, life seems very complex and tough if we think big plans and expect too much..Need some tea now !
raj alakshendra said…

whn u didnt reply to my sms , i was a bit surprised as u always reply ... but after seeing the post, i undrstood this was the reply to my sms :)

dont get too much confused ... just do what ur heart says ...
Sakshi said…
When you say that, I am atleast thinking about it- You have no idea where you've hit the nail.
I am so stressed, that I am actually having severe hairfall because of it.

But yeah, I know that soon the 'right' combination is going to come along and life will turn for the better. It is the wait that is killing me, patience never was my forte. But never the less, I am trying.
Sakshi said…

Chalo, aap naraaz toh nahin hue! :)
Portrayed your thoughts pretty well. Sometimes life does seem to be too difficult a juggling game. Thousand different things to manage/do and so much little time to handle them.

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