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Dilli ki Jhaanki, Dilli-walon ke Dil Se!!

The Dhak & the pandals..

Durga Puja wishes to everyone. Celebrations have already started in Kolkata. People rather than vechiles have swarmed the roads as gangs of friends, families and love birds go about puja pandal hopping. In the evenings, various song and dance events are held. The performances include classical and traditional themes as well the new age moves and sounds. Age too is no bar, yesterday I saw a performance by a respectable old man, singing a Bengali traditional song. The enthusiasm and joy is everwhere to be seen. Today I woke up early, to the sounds of the 'Dhak'. I am feeling good today. :) May this season of devotion and celebration bring joy and happiness to our lives.

The flag of success flutters,finally!

Camera,Lights,action: Yo!Meminem is here to share his moment of happiness with you all for achieving a big breakthrough in his life . Folks,I appeared for the GMAT yesterday and scored 720 on the exam .Honestly speaking,I wasn't expecting this much .A String of failures over the past few years,disappointments after disappointments, finally culminated in an awesome success! Unlike other times when I could write a whole big article on some damn topic,today I'm really out of words to express the sense of relief ,euphoria and victory coz no words can do justice to the level of contentment and elation I feel.I appeared for the exam yesterday and till now I'm still telling myself "Oh man! Did you really score that much and that too in the first go ?Damn!"And what makes me more happy is that I had a lot of plans on hold coz of the exam,and finally I'd be able to execute them now.Anyway,soon I'd be kicking off with the application procedure for the universities in

Life of Freedom...Life of Choice...

Its 9 am & the ph rings... Me: hello X: Good Morning ... are u sleeping ??? Me: no ...good morning X : I have received my products ...Can u plese tell me how to use it?? Its one of the call that wakes me up ... From the day i left my job i have permanenetly switched off my alarm..every morning some or the other call wakes me up ... it feels so good.. Il get ready to meet few of the people or do net or whatever i feel ... no more pnching at 7.30 or giving infinite nos of excuses to take a holiday ... Recently my dad gifted me a lappy on reaching the next level in business.. I encouraged him saying keep growing like this so that we can get more gifts.. Now i can daily see movie ...infact any damn movie...My count of watching LOTR series has gone to 10 times ... I donno why but whenever i see it , i feel something different from inside ... While writing now , i am feeling to see it again ..probably il start tommorrow.. Life has changed a lot after job ..Now when people ask me wht I am

A girls life- In a Messy situation...

Your's truly i.e. Me, has been having quite a few close shaves with destiny/ fate or whatever else that you may call it. Yeah- life may not be super exciting. But yeah it has its moments. Shayon and I almost got caught in my bhanaas, that I give at home when I am out with him. It so happened that that I had to go to college on Monday, last date for filling the examination forms etc. And, well, Shayon got stuck in traffic, got late for work, thus, chucked office for the day. Yeah, that meant we could meet. So, I made the usual excuse back at home, that I am going to office from college (I have used this excuse before as well, and it works just fine); but I had forgotten a HUGE thing, that on that day my sister had her dance practise and her dance class is like 5 minutes from my office, so it was decided, that I would go pick her up from her class and come back home. (Simple straight plan, Shayon and I had decided, that we would go and pick her up) Both Sis and Me forgot, that the ti

This is the power of Social Media

My City..My Life.. 2

Part 1: ‘Yes, please provide the snapshots of the various scenarios by next Monday. Asok will then be able to provide an analysis report and then we can discuss and frame the roadmap for the project’, said he. He sees Peter nodding in the screen in front of him. It's the weekly status meeting after which everyone cuts away from the office for the pursuit of everything and nothing; some just sleep, some do sports, some read, many go for dates and movies and also few do come to office on weekends occasionally. 'Yes, I'll provide the inputs. Anything else', said Peter. He's all ears and concentrating to decipher the English accent. He replies, 'That's it, so have a great weekend'. At the back of his mind one George Bernard Shaw's quote crosses his mind, "It is impossible for an Englishman to open his mouth without making some other Englishman hate or despise him". Peter. "Tha

Does anyone remember the incident !!

Boastful avatar..

Hello folks, I reached a new height in my non-illustrious quizzing career :) . The Tata Crucible, Kolkata round was organised last saturday and me & Rajneesh Kumar(tronix) made it to the stage round.. The link: Njoy..

The princess celebrates her birthday...!!

I know, I am the birthday girl... and some one else should put up this post.. and that someone has actually puit up the post... but on my own page. By that I mean MY VERY OWN DOT COM page. Shayon bought me a domain name for my birthday- Here is the link to the post that he put up. Its cheesy and its mushy- but it is DIRECT dil se...

Just Like that

Even though I have never written an entry I have always followed it since the past couple of years. Its been quite sometime since I have been planning to write something but laziness comes in my way.Let me try talking of my stay in UK for the past 8 months or so. Its been a wonderful experience and I enjoyed every bit of it. Was a bit wary about the 'not so friendly' britishers initially, but to my surprise that did not seem to be the case. I do admit that they are very formal and polite and would never speak out their mind and that would mean that you would end up spending a lot of time reading their mind rather than concentrating on work. But all the people whom I have met have been very helpful and kind to me. There are a hell lot of cultural differences which probably most of my Inidan colleagues do find a bit odd at times, but having been NIT Jamshedpur for 4 years meant that this was just nothing. In fact I love it. There are lots of work culture differences but I am sure

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This a distress call to all TWM folks. This has been the longest duration of inactivity for TWM. So is it that we are all too busy or have all of us hit the writer's block. Let's break the spell of inactivity....HOW?? WHAT SHOULD I WRITE ABOUT?? I have an incomplete draft, shall I post that? May be I will do a recap of the past few days..No mood to write paragraphs.. Connect the dots yourself.. * Kaminey - Movie was good, the ending could have been better..The bong mafia coming with a long gun to the fight scene was really comic..Fahid Kapoor ki acting mast thi..waifey aap log ye movie dekhey kya?? * Books - Finally I read the book Love Story by Erich Segal..Hmmm the story is good but the effect of the classic book has not yet got into me..Meanwhile I am also reading 'The Great Indian Novel' by Shashi Tharoor..I will surely recommend this book..Tharoor has splendidly blended the tales from Mahabharata into the modern Indian history.. *Movies - I watched 'Little Miss