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which car to buy ???

Many of u must have got an idea from my fb status that my family is in plans to buy a car probably during Diwali ... And we have got so much confused having so many options . Anyways, we have finalized a few . Petrol options : 1) Volkswagen Vento 2) Hyundai Verna fluidic 3) Honda city Diesel options : 1) Volkswagen Vento 2) Hyundai Verna fluidic First of all I would like to know petrol or diesel ... The car will be in nagpur and running will be more ... Now read some funny discussions that is going on in my family regarding the car .. The biggest problem is we all are engineers and all from NIT (including dad) so everybody starts talking of technology... My youngest brother who has joined Maruti few months back, talks of Maruti tech ... Initially my dad had plans for Honda city but the other day our neighbor bought it and he decided not to buy that ... Oh !!! male ego .... Also my dad swings the budget non & then ... One day he says 10 lac and the other day he comes down to

Let the Festivities BEGIN!

MY most favorite part of the year has officially begun! The Navratras and Durga Puja, kick start the festival season... and Oh BOY! Ain't I in my usual, festival spirit! :) Even the stupid economic crisis that I talked about in my previous post can go take a hike. Because, even if I am not celebrating the festivals, the whole spirit of the festivals just gets to you. It is the time to be happy and thankful for all that we have got in life. And, the happy spirit that these festivals infuse in all of us, makes up for the crappy times that have gone behind. So here is wishing All of You- A VERY HAPPY NAVRATRAS and a VERY PROSPEROUS DURGA PUJA!!! May Maa Durga, bring us all lots of Happiness, Prosperity & Peace! 

The great Indian Middle Class dream- Broken?

I The great Indian middle class dream is slowly turning into a night mare where the common man, as the middle class and the upper middle class is known, is not only being taxed like nobody's business but they have to pay the brunt of the poor, who are not tax payers! There are no subsidies or the tax benefits for us! Of course there are the ads but in all how much can a salaried middle class afford to really save? Back in 1991, when the man who was is our PM now, liberalized the economy and made the middle class realize their dreams,  is the very person who is shattering the dreams of this middle class! Ironic. Full circle of life- whatever you may want to call it! As the petrol prices reach almost 70 Rs/liter, and beyond in other states, it is hard to imagine what it would be like to run a house! If at all I am ever able to buy a house! The stark reality that, Metro cities and living in them is going to be as good as impossible unless, I stumble upon a lost relative who out o


The Sunday before the last Sunday, I was getting bored and feeling guilty  for being indoors on a day of glorious sunshine. After I had put some shine on my office shoes and ironed the cloths for a week of tidy and smart looks; I called a taxi for the train station. I took the first train out of town towards the South. Bad luck it seemed was hovering just outside the small town, no sooner I crossed the familiar roads, bridges and houses; it started raining. I could hear a lot of curses aimed at the weather gods; I just wished by the time I get off, the sun comes out. There was a couple sitting diagonally opposite. They were carrying an infant, probably a baby boy. There was a genuine good feeling inside me seeing them. People passing by them would bless the baby and share a smile. The couple too looked very happy and it seemed from their talks they were taking the baby to some relative's place for the first time. I was thinking of the delicious food one can relish on in such a fa

Happy Birthday to Me!

I was really hoping, that minus the FB reminder, if nothing, and no one, at least Raj would put up a Birthday post for me! But, I forgot, that this blog is mostly no, 99.99% is populated by men, and they do not remember Birthdays. So, after waiting the whole day.. finally, I am putting up my own Birthday post. So, here is wishing Happy Birthday to me! I am getting older. But age they say is only a number.. so, it is not entirely depressing that I turn 25. Actually, on a brighter note, now, I am officially of drinking age!  I am sure that you guys are thinking about me, and wishing me Birthday. So therefore, I am closing the comments on this post! Thanks in advance for all your lovely wishes!

Metal is here-Metallica is here!

Inviting all members of the TWM living in Delhi/NCR to join me on this once in a life-time opportunity to see Metallica live in Gurgaon on 28th October. Remember that you may get a chance to see F1 next year, but who knows that whether we'll again get an opportunity to see one of the greatest bands in the history of rock music! Seeing Metallica live is almost like a dream come true for me as you all know my level of craziness for metal!Hope to see other fellow TWM members banging their heads there. Let's rock because nothing else matters in the world!