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The Wedding Contest

"Will you Marry me" I think these words are more magical than "I love you" .... In next three years many of us will be tying the knot so why not start a contest ... The idea came last night whn me n raths were talking on phone .... The contest goes like this : The couple who gets married first among us will get a honeymoon trip air tickets sponsored by other members of wall-mag .. the rules & regulations of the contest are as follows: 1) Register urself for the contest that means comment on this post & u r registered for the contest. 2) The winner can choose any destination within India only .... 3) There is no backing out from the contest .... All the registered members have to pay for the trip of the winner ... 4) Kids fare wont be paid by the members ... 5) "couple" word includes all types of relations - male-female, male-male, female-female ...Dion, i know u must have got happy on this point :) 6) Registration is open till 31st octob

Ringing Bells?

It seems the 'Master' is in demand, eh? Nah, it isn't that life in Delhi has put me to sleep, rather life is on a roll. Working for 2 major publication houses, Hindustan Times and Wall Street Journal, plus the fact that my house is more than 1 hour away from the workplace, doesn't really leave much juice to come up with anything worthwhile. Anyway, since people seem to be all eager to get updated about my life, here's something that just might equate to a bombshell for you all. On the 4th of this month, I proposed marriage to someone. Seriously, no points in guessing who it could be. But you know what? I still haven't gotten any answer :-P So, I guess you kinda realize now the state I am in :) Adios!

Sojourn in the Hills

Hi TWM, My name is Rajorshi. This is my introductory post in any blog site.I'm not much into blogging but then I followed TWM for quite sumtime now and I must admit that the posts here are not just a good read but an amalgamation of creativity,knowledge and fun. Had you been following Raj’s tweets in his FB acct in the past 3 days, you must have known by now that the 3 idiots hit the hills once again! And this time, as per the sobriquet, it was the ‘Land of peace & tranquility’. As per the itinerary, we whistled out of Sealdah on Thursday night, Darjeeling Mail and reached the next morning at NJP. After a grueling bargaining with the touts, we finally managed to get a shared sumo and reached Gangtok after a well over 4 hours drive maneuvering the 125 kms. However, we quickly felt that we left the the hustle bustle of Siliguri behind us and by the time we reached the outskirts of the city, we completely forgot the heat and dust. The roads were not the usual twisters (snak

Exploring Shopping 3

& The shopping bole toh FuN continues .... She had to buy " A dress " ... Ya , planing was for one dress but see how it turns out to be ...,ahem...ahem!!! So, we were passing by a shop when my shopping girl stopped & pointed towards a skirt that was unfortunately on display ... Now i understood how dangerous can be window display .... instead of asking she informed me thats the one!!! well it was really very nice ... next is what ?? we got inside the shop ... Inside the shop , My GoD !! there were numerous ladies of all shapes & sizes & color (not skin but on there skin) .... I was just wondering how lucky these shop keepers are to watch so many different ladies on daily basis ... & unlucky to hear their "chick chick" (well none of them were "chick" :( Anyway shopping lady asked for that skirt .... Both of us liked it & I thought shopping is over .... But hold on Guys , its not the end, its the start I fear this ques which girls as

Happy Birthday "Sakshi"

By rule this post should be put by Shayon but he is a lazy ass .... So, the responsibility has been transferred to me by him ... "Happy birthday Sakshi / saxi/ sakchi" .... for past 10 min I am thinking what more to write ... I asked my "shopping girl" too & she after doing some deep thinking said this - "happy birthday to u" .. Anyways have a blast ... I pray u never grow old & fat .... U keep on improving shayon .... U become a great lawyer & give justice to many people .... I request you to bring some hot north indian girls (preferably singles) to this page ... we need some more glamour ... And we are waiting you & shayon to tie the knot soon ... I hope u remember the bet ... I am eagerly waiting to dance in the wedding .... k .. u can shout at me on reading this line but u knw it wont have any effect on me .... I am trying to upload a birthday cake too but net is too slow ... so enjoy the wishes without a cake :) :) .. have fun ...


"You must take that thought out of your mind".   But how could I while being in this miserable condition. The situation could not become far worse. I kept on counting the number of idlis I gulped in my mind to fall asleep, but I just could not have a decent sleep. I remained in a transient state of sleeping, counting and of course feeling pain. I have always thought I could handle pain, but this time it's different. I was hurt, from deep within.   People say, "I can understand your pain". Does that help the one who is experiencing the pain. In my case, such words do not bring comfort. I tried distractions like music, movies and even social networking. The emotionally happy and emoticon-ally happy moods from the distractions were of no help. Friends are a wonderful support for bad times but this time the pain did not let me speak. A friend who was in a similar situation suggested I visit a doctor urgently. Mentally I was exhausted trying to keep the thought of