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Ringing Bells?

It seems the 'Master' is in demand, eh? Nah, it isn't that life in Delhi has put me to sleep, rather life is on a roll. Working for 2 major publication houses, Hindustan Times and Wall Street Journal, plus the fact that my house is more than 1 hour away from the workplace, doesn't really leave much juice to come up with anything worthwhile.

Anyway, since people seem to be all eager to get updated about my life, here's something that just might equate to a bombshell for you all. On the 4th of this month, I proposed marriage to someone.

Seriously, no points in guessing who it could be. But you know what? I still haven't gotten any answer :-P So, I guess you kinda realize now the state I am in :)



Unknown said…
That's great..all the best :)
Sakshi said…
Am I allowed to comment.. since I don't believe in Kiss and tell!
Sakshi said…
And for all those who are thinking that this is another hoax, it is not. I have the ring to prove it!
@ Shayon,
Finally! Great to see you back online and even better news!

@ Sakshi,
You can't wear the ring if you've not given an answer! And don't string the poor guy out this long (it's been 11 days!)!

@ All,
Finally someone's got the nerve to get married! What about the rest of you?

Sakshi said…
I gave him an answer there and then. Go ask HIM for clarification.
raj alakshendra said…
Here I am with my expert comments .
Before that I would like to say that I got so excited when Shayon 1st told me about this . In fact I got motivated to do something like this . To all the girls : a guy can propose a 1000 girl but he comes down on his knees with a ring to say "marry me" to just one girl . Yes ladies ladies u r the one . Just look into his eyes , it will be ful of love . Actually he is saying that "I am ready yu take care of u for the rest of life .

I donno if I'll get a chance to propose in this way . But guys this life is incomplete if u haven't proposed like this . N girls ur life is also uncomplete if u haven't got a proposal like this .
For the female population :If he’s interested in you, and if you feel the same way then respond. Don’t keep the guy waiting too long."

@ Shayon n Sakshi
Don't think too much that career , settlement n then wedding . Life is a journey n everthing goes parallelly . Its not a book that u finish a chapter n u move on to next one .
All the best . If u to hear more from me call me :)
@ Raj
Sahi hai.Tu toh poore philosophical mood mein aa gaya. But sahi bola sab baatein.
...@ish@... said…
Great !!!
Congratulation to you both.
Please don't let it go, sometimes something never come back to you.
Unknown said…
Thanks a lot, buddy!

@Saxi & @Dino
The lady did wear the ring, but never gave a definite 'yes' or a 'no', in words. Not sure what to make out of it.

Don't speak of nerves. You just might end up daring Raj.

Dude, the mark of the dirt that I got on my jeans, it still stays :)

Thanks a lot for the wishes. And who's talking of 'letting go', here? :)
Sakshi said…
That was a philosophical comment.. totally cute.

Dude, you could have at least congratulated us.. instead of putting up a comment for RAJ!

Thanks girl.. and like Shayon says, who is talking about letting go!

@Shayon & @ Dino
I did give a definite answer.
raj alakshendra said…
whnevr it comes to love i am in full form ...

ya dont dare me ...

some of dirt can never be removed ...

@shayon & sakshi
wht is this "letting go" thing ...
Unknown said…
@Mannu (@Sakshi)

Bhai congratulations bol dey varna tu adalat mein kchicha chala jayega.. hehehe..
Oh didn't I say "Congrats"? I probably got engrossed in Raj's philosophical musings.

@The couple here
So sorry guys. Many congratulations to both of you!
Have you revealed your plans to your parents ? Just curious :D
Sakshi said…
Thank heavens you realised. But I agree, Raj's philosophy is engrossing! :P
And no, am still in process... You will hear it first here only. If not from me then from Shayon.

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