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New Year resolution...

This breaks my heart... after putting up so many posts, I have not been able to ruffle any feathers in any caps...
In hindi/ punjabi it is said- 'kaan pe joon (lice) nahi rengna'

The past year was marked with loads of ups and downs in our personal lives... as well as rofessional lives... (I am assuming this...)
But one of the greatest thing that happened to all of us (atleast that is what I think...) was/ is THE WALL MAG... this beloved page of ours... it became a .net page and we have been having so much of fun reliving the colege days that you guys had... and ofcourse bitching about the jobs that we have had.

So, when all of us have made our new year resolutions, about quiting smoking.. (that one is for Shayon...), being more healthy and health concious (this one is for me...)... meeting more often (this one is for Gandhi)...... pursuing music... as a career (Mannu, sweetie this is for you...) .... getting a lil less angry... (Raj ji...aapke liye) and ofcourse using engl…

Merry Christmas...

Oh! You better watch out,
You better not cry,
You better not pout, I'm
telling you why:
Santa Claus is coming to town!

He's making a list,
He's checking it twice,
He's gonna find out who's naughty or nice.
Santa Claus is
coming to town!

He sees you when you're sleeping,
He knows when you're

He knows when you've been bad or good,
So be good for goodness sake!
So...You better watch out,

You better not cry
You better not pout,
I'm telling you why.
Santa Claus is coming to town.

Little tin horns,
Little toy drums.
Rudy-toot-toot and rummy tum tums.
Santa Claus is coming to town.
Little toy dolls that cuddle and coo,

Elephants, boats and Kiddie cars too.
Santa Claus is coming to town.

The kids in Girl and Boy Land will have a

They're gonna build a toyland town all around the Christmas tree.
Oh....You better watch out,

You better not cry.
You better not pout, I'm
telling you why.
Santa Claus is comin'
To town. .......

I hope that santa brings in lo…

Life as we know it

This article was written by one of our batchmates H.Raajesh-a freakin' genius & one of the most carefree guy I ve ever see in my life.It was supposed to be personal but I somehow got my hands on it from his computer & instead of his insistence that I delete it,I somehow duped him & it's been with me for the last 3 years.I have found it to be one of the best pieces I have ever read .It's a topic which, at least,I am constantly thinking about.Maybe the band Kansas had an answer to this topic in their immensely beautiful,philosophical & heart-breaking song "Dust in the wind"-All we do just crumbles to the ground but we refuse to see.For all we are all dust in the wind.Anyway,here goes the article in it's original form.


What is life? The ability to breathe, grow, reproduce, etc. which people, animals and plants have before they die, the state of being alive as a human, an individual person’s existence…

With Love, From Mumbai!

Monday morning, 9:47am, I have a deadline to meet, 4 blog posts to publish, and here I am, on The Wall Mag, writing after ages.
Well, last few weeks have been an absolute topsy-turvy ride for me. It all started with a little fiasco with Raj, my examinations in college, my resignation from WAT, my trip to Mumbai, meeting up Sakshi after a whole fucking year and loads more.
I was reading a book by Anirban Bose, named "Bombay Rains, Bombay Girls". The book is so much alike typical Chetan Bhagat novels. But, there was one thing in the story that caught my attention. The protagonist, an aspiring doctor, talks about some ritual among the chimpanzees. Apparently, the males always fight among themselves for the mates. However, just so as to enable them to live within the pack, in peace, they, apparently, kiss each other at the end of every single day as an act of making up. I do not know but is that where the "kiss and make up" phrase came from? Anyway, the reason why I men…

hey wassup?

The sleep phase has swept our dear page again....I know, mannu and dion are busy getting ready to land here in Mumbai... I am busy with my internship, and Shayon is busy with me.
Yeah, Shayon n I are romancing f2f after a whole... and wow, he has been a real Gentleman... 
Rest all is great, work is fun, what with loads of people chattering around us.
Nothing more really to write abt... Guys... update please...

We will see him no more.........

Well, I cant express how bad I am feeling while I am writing this post but I think though it's bitter everyone of us should know this news......... "Soumyadeep Da", our beloved senior in college is no more with us.

I got this new just few hours back and I am completely shattered. I don't know how many of you remember him but he is known to be the most coolest and calm guy among all the Bengal seniors. I have put his picture here for any body who is not able to recollect him......

May GOD Bless his sacred soul.........

Well, karma here....I know Dip would be incensed seeing me edit his post..But I just couldn't imagine myself in the confines of the comment section..sorry Dip
So much happening in such a dizzying pace that its hardly sinking into me.....few days back I lost one of my school mate and now Soumya-da!!

I guess my iconoclastic life-style has left me comfortably numb and aloof of the things around me...things that are more important...the glossier things in …

Yesterday once more.........

Just about time !!
Yeah what a great pastime than to to head for a net cafe after u have ur ass rot in the rickety chairs of office....not an ideal course of action for karma who would rather have a steaming cup of hot,muddy tea in his home.
but i guess he is not in ease no a days...what he has seen or heard for last few days has really got him worrying....worrying so much that he has chosen to rush to post something that would stall the forthcoming predicament...confused as u may be..but right now he has no clue what is going on around him,something he is not a part of but still cannot deny that its an irrefutable part of him..what can a man of such low-stature and feeble psyche could do to stop two frenimies (nope its not a typo error,click and see the fun)from biting ones another's head off. One seems to have chosen this portal to unleash his wrath and other seems to write things which are neither articulate nor an attempt for self-redemption.
Anyway I guess lodsa line has been …

The Internship story... so far...

I wanted to write about my experiences in office in my last post, but, as soon as I started the post, Mumbai came into my mind. And I couldn't help but to write about it.
I have been at work for like four days... and each day has been an experience in itself.  I'll start at the beginning, Ok, I dunno what do you guys know about Law firms, but, I was also blown out of my mind when I saw the firm. Overlooking the Marine Drive, bang opposite the Trident, is the Indian Express building. On the 23rd floor is the office of AZB & Partners. (Just incase you are wondering what the short form is for, then,: A- Ajay Gupta, the Managing partner who sit in Delhi. Z- Zia Mody who along with the B- BehramVakil sits in this office). The firm is spread over the entire floor, which is HUGE by a law firm standard. It employs over 100 associates and partners in addition to the interns and the paralegals that work here. I have my own desk with my own computer (Internet is not der... :() . But the…

Remembering... the dark hours of Mumbai....

Alright ppl all over the world... the gal is back.... Ok, I just wanted to give the article a very VVIP start.... Anyways, the thing that I want to talk about in this post is, about the 60 hours of sheer madness and terror in Mumbai. It was something that is going haunt me, at least all my life. no, not because I was stuck there or was even remotely near that area. But, seeing the heritage of the 'city that never sleeps' being ruined at the hands of a bunch of young guys, just because they have been misguided by assoles was scary and numbing. (Ofcourse, this whole fiasco was threatening to kill my mumbai trip... that too was scaring me...) After the action, its the reaction time. With everybody blaming everybody. But in that all, we forgot a very important lesson.  India is a huge country with so many religions and states and what not. What binds the country together is the fact that we are proud of having such distinct cultures in one. And, even in one family no two people are …

My last post ... its time to say goodbye ...

Dear all ,
This is my last post on this blog. Sometimes in life u have to take some harsh decisions. In the past few days some incidents took place which forced me to take such a step .
1) firstly, Shayon - this guy is the biggest bluffer ( i donno if this word exists) i have ever seen . wo jis thali mein khata hai usi mein ched kar deta hai ... he bluffs his parents, his girlfriend and all his other friends . n the best part is that he gives a perfect reasoning for all his mistake ,sorry i should say blunder . I know after reading these lines he will give a perfect reply using some classic words . i would like to warn everyone that never trust him . he is very mean n lives for himself. everytime i open this blog it recalls me of him n what he did to me. u all must be anxious to know what happened . i wont disclose it . if someone wants to know then give me a call . n if u want to hear a distorted version then give shayon a call. 2) secondly , the cancellation of goa trip has really brok…

New Bike PICS

Raj, as per your request my gladiator pics have been uploaded.